15 Inspiring 🌈 Quotes to Remind You 💭 That Everything 👐 Will Be Okay 👍 ...

And sings the tune without the words And never stops at all.” -Emily Dickinson

7 Writers to Look at for Inspiration when You're in a Rut ...

Emily Dickinson is especially important for all of the poets out there.

Even if you aren’t a poet, you will be so inspired by simply indulging in the beauty of Emily Dickinson’s words.

One of my favorite poems by her, especially when I’m in a rut, is “Success is counted sweetest.” Believe me, it will inspire you even in the lowest of lows.

21 Top ⭐️ Women Writers 📖 Who Literally 👌🏼 Changed the World 🌎 for Girls Needing a Push 🤚🏼 ...

An influential Victorian poet, Emily Dickinson experienced a lot of success in a time when it was men who ruled the word of literature.

Her unconventional style is much more respected now than it was back then.

7 Most Popular Girls Names and What They Mean ...

This enduring name descends from the Latin word for ‘Eager.’ Made famous in the 19th century, and the name of celebrated poet Emily Dickinson, it was the choice of John McEnroe, Chevy Chase and Gloria Estefan when it came to naming their daughters.

7 Inspirational People to Look up to ...

I was a born writer, I've been writing since I can remember, whether it was little stories and fan fictions of my favorite band (Hanson!) or if it was poems.

Poetry has been a huge influence to me and it's made me who I am today.

So of course, Emily had a huge influence on not just my writing style, but my entire life.

She's an amazing poet, an incredible woman and she went through a lot!

7 Reasons to Stay Strong when You Want to Commit Suicide ...

Suicide doesn’t end the pain, it eliminates the possibility of things getting better.

It’s a permanent action that affects not only you but also those who love you and care for you.

Emily Dickinson writes that you can never lose hope.

It’s always there burning brightly.

Sometimes we can’t see it, so it’s moments like those that we need to ask for help in finding hope.

Because it’s out there, I know it is.

7 Small New England Towns That You Must Visit ...

Northampton is located in the Pioneer Valley in western Massachusetts.

It’s a college town, and only 15 minutes away from the Connecticut River and Emily Dickinson’s house!

This town is incredibly LGBT friendly, and offers a wide array of vegetarian and vegan-friendly foods.

And there are five schools in the Pioneer Valley, so it’s a great town to stop by if you’re checking out colleges, too!

8 Myths about ADHD ...

This is definitely untrue.

Did you know that photographer Ansel Adams, statesman Benjamin Franklin, poets Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson and Microsoft founder Bill Gates all had ADHD as children?

They’re just a few of the millions of famous people who had ADHD, and it doesn’t seem to have hindered their success at all.

Must-Go Destinations for Book Nerds ...

Love to read?

Love to travel?

If you want to combine your two passions there are plenty of literary sites around the world for your attention:

Amhurst, MA, USA emilydickinsonmuseum.org

20 Most Romantic Love Poems ...

by Emily Dickinson A charm invests a face Imperfectly beheld.

The lady dare not lift her veil For fear it be dispelled.

But peers beyond her mesh, And wishes, and denies, Lest interview annul a want That image satisfies.

7 Female Authors to Add to Your Reading List ...

After three successful novels, I thought Messud was ready to rest on her laurels but rest she did not, and the publication of The Woman Upstairs proved that.

In this book, we meet Nora, an elementary schoolteacher who seriously needs a damn good time after decades of being the “good girl”.

This is a novel for women.

For those who love the classics, you'll be happy to read about Nora referencing Emily Dickinson and Virginia Woolf.

7 Amazing Female Poets I Love to Read Again and Again ...

and rhymes?

Here are some amazing female poets you should definitely read.

Oh how I love the enigmatic Emily with her blatant disregard for grammatical convention and love affair with the dash.

Emily Dickinson is one of the finest American poets and was certainly ahead of her time.

So much so that very few of her poems were published in her lifetime and even when they were, her editors felt the need to edit them within an inch of their lives, ruining their bizarre beauty.

Now though, we

9 Convincing Reasons to Embrace Your Flaws ...

Want more motivation to embrace your flaws?

Ok, think about this, has having a flaw ever stopped anyone from achieving their goals or living the life they want?

There are so many musicians, scientists, business people, models, actresses, etc.

that had doors slammed in their face due to having a perceived flaw, a problem that someone else had with them and perhaps they were aware of too, but they still moved forward and achieved their goals.


Rowling, Marilyn Monroe, Emily Dickinson

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