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Chapstick is a standard in my makeup bag, just because not only does it hydrate your lips, but chapstick will make them kissable soft and oh-so-tempting.

The only problem with chapstick is that it does not make your lips shine and shimmer.

Instead, if you are looking for that, see the next tip!

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This ChapStick is so good, even Katy Perry sang about it!

ChapStick is one of the original masterminds behind lip balm, which is why we sometimes refer to all lip balms as ChapStick.

ChapStick has many flavors and kinds of lip balm, but there is just something about Classic Cherry.

It heals and prevents chapped lips all while softening your lips for a silky feel.

You can find this amazing ChapStick at your favorite drugstore.

Reader's Week Spring 2007: Use Chapstick as a Budget Lip Primer

I have a small beauty tip.

With the new red lipstick trend that has become all-the-rage on and off the red carpet, chapstick is a great, inexpensive way to keep the color from flaking and fading.

The chapstick acts...

7 Ways to Prep Your Skin for the Winter ...

My least favorite part about the winter is how chapped and dry it can make your lips, and that’s why I always keep a Chapstick handy!

Applying Chapstick to your lips frequently throughout the day creates a barrier between your lips and the harsh elements, and keeps them moisturized throughout the day.

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You want your lips to be soft and smooth for him.

That's why you need to apply Chapstick before the kissing starts.

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Don't underestimate the importance of Chapstick.

The softer your lips are, the better.

8 Essentials for Your Makeup Bag ...

I can never leave my house without Chapstick.

I apply it generously throughout the day to keep my lips healthy.

I also use it as a base for my lipstick.

Or you can just buy tinted ones and use those instead.

Which ever you prefer, you should always have a Chapstick on hand.

Great πŸ‘πŸΌ Ways to Keep Your Lips πŸ‘„ Soft and Smooth All the Time ⏰ ...

If you’re going to wear a lipstick that you know is drying, apply a moisturizing product first.

This can help protect your lips from the drying effect of the lipstick.

A simple Chapstick can work wonders.

Just give your lips a light coat of Chapstick or your favorite moisturizing lip balm and you’re all set for lipstick application.

This’ll also make your lips appear fuller since the lipstick isn’t sinking into the crevices bare lips have.

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Forget the lipsticks and lip glosses;

leave them at home.

Chapstick is going to be your new best friend.

Still want some color on your lips?

Try a tinted chapstick for a hint of color and sun protection.

Burt's Bees makes a great lip balm, and so does Philosophy.

Make sure that there is a good amount of SPF in it, and slather it on!

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It doesn't matter if you're going out on a first date, or if you're meeting your long-term boyfriend for dinner.

Either way, you should come prepared.

In order to do that, here are a few things that you should be carrying in your purse:

You don't want to kiss him with flakey lips.

That's why you should always have Chapstick on hand.

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One of the most important things that you can do is make sure that your lips are nice and soft.

Invest in a good brand of chapstick that you'll be able to rely on.

You don't want your beautiful lips to look flaky and feel rough against his.

Applying some chapstick is an easy fix to an irritating problem.

It'll make the kiss so much better for the both of you.

7 DIY Skin Care Remedies ...

If your elbows, knees or heels are rough and cracked, there are several different products already in your home that you can use to help heal the skin.

Slathering the problem area with Vaseline, wrapping it in plastic wrap and leaving it on overnight works wonderfully.

If this sounds a little too messy for you, don’t worry, you can scale it down a bit.

What you need:

ΒΌ cup Brown Sugar 1/8 cup Olive Oil Chapstick **What to do:

**First, you

Bring in the Fall Season with These Pumpkin Scented Beauty Products ...

Give your chapstick the fall upgrade with Burt's Bee's new pumpkin-spice flavor!

It's only $3.30 on burtsbees.com.

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The best kisses involve lips that are soft and smooth.

You don't want flakiness to ruin the moment.

Chapstick is of the utmost importance when you're in a relationship.

You want him to want to kiss you.

If your lips are too dry, neither of you will feel like locking lips.

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How To Make Your Own

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No one likes chapped lips.

If you're going out on a date, make sure to apply plenty of ChapStick so that your lips are nice and soft.

You wouldn't want to ruin a kiss by having them be rough and cracked.

This is why you should never leave your house without a make-up bag.

9 Things to Pack for Childbirth in Your Hospital Bag ...

You will be glad to have something to keep your lips moist, so make sure you take chapstick to the hospital.

During labour, one does a lot of mouth breathing.

Your mouth will be quite dried out and so will your lips, so keep that lip balm handy.

7 Beauty Staples Every Girl Should Own ...

://img.allw.mn/content/2013/11/18095939_6247.jpg" alt="Chapstick" title="" class="aligncenter size-full" /> No matter the season, Chapstick is one of the ultimate beauty staples!

Nowadays, there’s so many kinds to choose from, it's easy to find the one that best suits your needs.

Whether your lips tend to become chapped like mine in the winter, or you’re just looking for something with a little SPF in it during those hot summer days, Chapstick is your go-to product.

I apply my Chapstick continuously throughout the day to keep my lips hydrated, moisturized and super soft, and the best part about it is that its super affordable and can be found at nearly any store for around a dollar!

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Nobody likes flaky lips.

That's why you need some Chapstick with you 24/7, just in case.