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41 Awesome Little Boy Bedroom Ideas to Make His Room the Best One in the House ...

Via Decorate your boy's room This Dr.

Seuss theme would be perfect for a toddler or preschool.

9 Inspiring Quotes about Relationships to Spark the Fire ...


Seuss has some of the best quotes out there that many of us have been inspired by.

I really love this one.


Seuss knew quite a lot about love, actually;

just look at how the Grinch turned out in the end.

7 Awesome New Movies I Can't Wait to Come out ...

While I have not always been a fan of Dr.

Seuss's movies, I will be a loyal fan of his forever.

The Lorax is totally one of my favorite books and I think that the movie is gonna be awesome.

If you like Dr.

Seuss and like 3D animation – this is the move for you in 2012!

Around the 50 States in Bizarre Buildings ...

The Dr.

Seuss House, Willow

20 Most Amazing Quotes for Inspiration ...


Seuss maybe known for his wonderful children’s books, but his books include so many quotes for inspiration that can impact our adult lives.

21 Absolutely Amazing Books to Read in Your 20s ...

This Dr.

Seuss classic should be read by everyone in their 20s at some point!

In this beloved story, Dr.

Seuss addresses graduates from preschool to grad school, offering up plenty of motivation for moving forward.

It's a great (and colorful) book to flip through when you're feeling lost to remind you that everyone does!

You will find what you want to do in life eventually, so don't worry!

8 Children's Books to Read as an Adult ...


Seuss books are the wildest, craziest, and most imaginative books I read as a child.

He uses such unique languages (considering half of them are words he made up) and all of the illustrations are so vivid and creative.

It doesn’t even matter which Dr.

Seuss book you choose, all of them are amazing.

9 Brilliant Examples of the London Book Benches ...

The London Book Benches aren’t just celebrating British literary heroes and characters.

We know good authors over here so Dr.

Seuss is honored with a colorful seat featuring some of his famous characters.

How many can you name?

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Via Dr.

Seuss House Unfortunately you can only view this eccentric house from the road as it is a private residence.

19 Dazzling Decorations for Book Lovers to Buy ...

What’s not to love about Dr.

Seuss, right?

This quote on reading holds true for people of all ages and this wall decal would look good in a children’s room or a book corner!



7 Tips to Help You Overlook Your Guy's Flaws ...

There’s a lovely little quote by Dr.

Seuss that’s appropriate here.

“We’re all a little weird and life’s a little weird and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” Very well said, Dr.


There’s not anyone out there who isn’t quirky or flawless.

So, why not learn to appreciate his weirdness?

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Via Dr.

Seuss Themed Baby Shower ...

Whether it's a baby shower or themed luncheon, the striped bows and straws add a fun element.

7 Whimsical Ways to Create a Dr. Seuss Baby Shower ...

If someone you know is having a baby, how about celebrating the event with a whimsical Dr.

Seuss baby shower?

In the spring, my sister was expecting her first baby (whom she just recently had) and I wanted to throw her a super awesome shower.

Since she chose Dr.

Seuss as the theme for the nursery, I thought it was fitting as the theme for the shower.

Well, turns out it was so easy and so much fun to plan a Dr.

Seuss baby shower!

Here are some of the elements that I incorporated to pull

Inspirational Home Decor: Quote Throw Pillows ...

burlapandgrain on Etsy Price:


7 Books That Have Defined This Generation ...

On Amazon at:

amazon.com What would childhood have been without Dr.


He was probably the most influential writer for this generation, until about ages eight and nine.


Seuss’s book Oh the Places You’ll Go convinced this generation that dreaming big was not a waste of time.

Partially because of this book, teens and young adults pursue dreams of unforeseen heights and have an adventurous mindset unique from past generations.

Must-Go Destinations for Book Nerds ...

Springfield, MA, USA catinthehat.org

7 Aisles of the Bookstore to Peruse ...

How many times have you said in your life that Dr.

Seuss really had it going on?

Is Shel Silverstein still one of your heroes?

There are many lessons that can be learned and remembered by looking at children's books.

Not only are they short reads, but many are worthwhile morals of the story, often with absolutely beautiful illustrations.

Five Books

In the Wall Street Journal, First Lady Laura Bush has listed the five books that inspired her to champion literacy.

They are:


Hop on Pop by Dr Seuss 2.

The Little House Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder 3.


7 Unbelievable Facts about Dr. Seuss That'll Blow Your Mind ...

One of the most prolific authors of children's books and cartoonists of the 20th century, Dr.

Seuss has practically reinvented the genre using clever and unique characters, terms and rhymes.

His illustrations have captured the hearts of millions and have been adapted into various films, animations and even a Broadway musical.

His perfectionism was astounding, and close sources suggest that sometimes Dr.

Seuss would scrap over 95% of the content and start over, until he was completely pleased