Usefull 👍 Christmas Gifts 🎁 under $5.00 💰 for Girls Tight on Cash 💸 ...

Is your hometown known for a certain item?

Share that item for a unique and memorable gift.

Nicole Looking Chic

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boots, jeans, top, bag

Reader Request - Jessica Simpson

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shoes, jeans, bag, sweater, sunglasses

The Bride-to-be in Black

Links to each item:

shoes, pants, bag, top, sunglasses

Casual Michelle Trachtenberg

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shoes, jeans, bag, tee, necklace

Christina's Simple Elegance

Links to each item:

shoes, dress, bag

Christina Goes Simple

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shoes, dress, bag

7 Simple Ways to Be a Better Gift Giver ...

Sometimes when you’re browsing the many stores of your local shopping mall, you’ll see something unique;

maybe a novelty item or an item so delightfully outlandish, that you just know so-and-so will appreciate.

Even if the item isn’t entirely practical or expected, I say that you go ahead and pick it up.

Chances are, that if you saw the item and immediately thought of a person to go with that item, they’ll appreciate it.

Amy Morris' ‘Alice’

Handbags and Gladrags are selling items from the Amy Morris AW05 range for half price.

Don’t be put off by the age of the items

Dress to Impress - Tips for Choosing the Perfect Outfit for a Special Event ...

If you want to pick something to wear with an item or items you already own, be sure to take them when you go shopping.

It's important to try on pieces you may buy with your own items, or you risk buying something that doesn't look right.

5 Grey Things That Will Make Your Day ...

Wondering what fashion items look great in this color?

Wonder no more because College Candy is here to guide you.

I think I want all items featured here.

Even the gloves.

8 Exceedingly Simple Ways to Care for Clothes ...

Most modern garments don´t need special treatment in the washing machine, but some items should be washed with care.

Delicate items should either be handwashed, or put in the machine safely enclosed in a net bag.

5 Warm Posts to BlogStalk...

Want to keep warm in black, leather, and metal?

Check these items.

The best part:


7 Ways to Make Money if You're Too Young for a Job ...

There’s probably plenty of items in your closet that you no longer wear.

Rather than let these items take up space, sell old clothes, electronics, jewelry or purses and earn money.

You can take these items to a resale store or list them for sale online.

If someone's interested in buying your old items, never invite this person to your home.

Schedule a meeting at a public place with your parents.

Jessica at Recent Event

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shoes, jeans, bag, white tank, metallic tank, bracelet, necklace

Reader Request - Hilary Duff

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boots, jeans, jacket, shirt, earrings, hat

Realistic ✌️ Ways to Achieve 🏆 10,000 Steps 👟 Daily 📆 for Girls Improving 👍 Their Fitness 💪 ...

Walk around your house and put away items needing to be picked up, one thing at a time.

Reader Request - Rachel Bilson

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boots, bag, tights, sweater, dress, sunglasses

Gisele Does Casual Friday

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boots, jeans, shirt, bag, jacket, scarf, sunglasses

Penelope's Inspi(red) Look

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shoes, jeans, jacket, belt, tee, bracelets, sunglasses