7 Great Stamps for Collecting ...

It’s a common misconception that "philately" is the same as stamp collecting, but it’s not ù it’s just the study of stamps.

Stamps are a great way to learn about a culture, who and what it values and what its art looks like (and how much it costs to send a letter!) … I’ve collected them for years, and they’re fascinating!

If you’re looking to get into collecting, a great place to start is the U.S.

Postal Service, who issue new stamps all the time!

Here are a few of my recent favorites, 7

8 Reasons Why I Collect Stamps ...

Stamp collecting or the science of philately is one of the most popular hobbies in the world.

There are over 20 million stamp collectors in the US alone and many more worldwide.

Today it is a well-established phenomenon more than just a simple hobby with an entire industry existing to support this interest.

Here are 8 reasons why people collect stamps.

Some people enjoy the sense of satisfaction associated with collecting.

They pursue their stamp building collection as it gives them a sense of joy to know that they are adding to their hobby each day.

11 Unusual Hobbies to Keep You out of Mischief This Autumn ...

Whatever you decide to collect, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about.

Whilst some people are fascinated by stamp collecting, others love vintage perfume bottles.

Vintage typewriters are another popular thing to collect, and of course some people adore collecting cars or other motor vehicles that they can restore and bring back to their former glory.

Designers Start Menswear Season in Paris

Bad boys ruled as designers in Paris kicked off the menswear season on Friday with a nod to rebellious icons.

Superbrand Louis Vuitton referenced 1960s screen idols like Alain Delon and Terence Stamp with a sophisticated spring-summer 2007 collection that ran the gamut from velvet jackets to slim trench coats.

7 Fabulous and Colorful Art Prints to Brighten Your Walls ...

Carnovsky did a series of horsemen for a collection for Jaguarshoes Collective.

I love the bright colors and the way it looks like he stamped images over other images.

This is truly a unique design!

You can order your very own Horseman No.

3 (or perhaps collect all 4 in the series) by ordering a signed print from oldshoreditch.com.

7 Things That Are Easy to Sell when You No Longer Need Them ...

Speaking about those old dust collectors you probably can’t wait to get rid of – you might be interested to know that pieces that are old, but unfortunately not old enough to be antiques, are called collectibles!

And in some cases collectibles can match or even exceed the price of an antiqued piece!

Neat, huh?

Everything from old magazines, posters, postcards, records, bonds and stamps to toys, figurines, perfume bottles and watch boxes can help you pocket some serious cash!

Indulge Your Passion: How to Become a Collector ...

For most people these days, living space is at an absolute premium.

Have a think about your own living situation and the sort of space you have for a potential collection.

Assessing your space can help to determine exactly what it is that you might want to start collecting.

Limited space?

How about postcards or stamps?

Lots of space?

The world is your oyster!

7 Positively Cool Characteristics of a Virgo ...

Want to hear a bit more about interesting characteristics of a Virgo?

Well, in case you’re into collectibles, you’ll definitely want to know your Virgo friend or partner might be persuaded to join you in your hobby!

Virgos love everything that allows them to exhibit they neatness and perfectionism and will gladly help you build up your collection of stamps or even adopt a whole new healthy lifestyle or embrace alternative medicine with you.

7 Colors You Need to Start a Nail Polish Collection ...

While standard black might be perfect for stamping and other forms of nail art, there are plenty of ladies who would consider it too bold, teenage or Goth-like to be worn on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

Ah, but have you tried a glittery black?

It’s trendy and cool and even classy, not to mention how hard it is to say no to tons and tons of colored, glittery specks swimming in a black base.


YSL Black Collection or Essence Twilight Collection

21 New Hobbies to Try ...

.Find something you enjoy, and collect them

.All of them

.Every single one you can find

.Like dachshunds

?Collect them

.Love Pokemon or TokiDoki

?Collect them

.Holiday-themed gelatin molds

?Collect them, and display them proudly

.Also try traditional collectable items, like coins or stamps

.And once word of your new collecting hobby spreads, expect to get them as gifts from everyone you know and love.

7 Cool Video Tutorials for Christmas Cards ...

youtube.com Speaking about classically elegant cards, here’s a neat example on how to pull off an amazing DIY with just a handful of crafting tools!

After all, collecting different punchers, stamps and embossing tools is a long process and there’s no reason to postpone your DIYs simply because you don’t have everything experienced crafters use!

What are you waiting for?

Get busy making these fun, elegant cards right now!

Giveaway Contest: CupcakeTree Handmade Rubber Stamp...

have a new stamp!

I have always been interested in stamping.

I spent many years growing my own collection of rubber stamps, experimenting with ink and embossing, now I am able to carve them myself and see what all of my wonderful customers create with them.

The most popular stamps vary, sometimes it is the miniature cupcakes and sometimes it is the tree with initials or lovebirds.

My favorite stamp right now is the scooter, I really like how that one turned out (I had been thinking

20 Top Tips for First Time Travelers ...

Make sure that your passport has the right number of open pages as required for international travel, and calculate that during your time of travel as you collect stamps and visas along the way.

Make 100% sure that you have the right documentation and paperwork required for the country that you are entering, otherwise you could end up being sent home.

Recyclable Style

They say that fashion is known for recycling style….so perhaps that was the inspiration behind the collection of recycled acrylic jewellery from brand Jackie Brazil.

This gorgeous Acrylic Bangle (£45) like other pieces from the range is made from recycled glass and handmade for individuality.

Stamped with a signature multi-coloured finish and glitter detailing, its [...]

9 Great Websites with Free Shipping Worldwide ...

The most fantastic aspect of this store is that they have stuff for US$0.99!

It's not those cheapskate items you would expect to retail at such a low price.

You can get pretty decent stuff like dainty rings, cute necklaces, or phone covers.

Born Pretty Store is an ideal place to get nail art decos because they have a vast collection of nail stickers and nail stamping templates among other nail supplies.

All at seriously affordable prices!

7 Fun Fall Activities to do with Your Kids ...

After collecting pumpkins, apples, and leaves, get your kids set for an amazing day of Fall crafts.

They can make their own trees, paint or carve pumpkins, and turn apples into stamps with these fun craft ideas from writer Bridget, parenting.allwomenstalk.com.

I love taking my girls on a walk through the park during the fall to collect leaves and acorns.

There are so many creative crafts you can do.

The possibilities are endless!

7 'Cinderella' Inspired Shoes ...

These bejeweled ‘Cinderella’ inspired shoes prove that magic is everywhere –even at your local DSW store.

For a wallet-friendly $89.95, you can score these wedding-ready heels.

What better way to feel like a fashionista princess?

Each pair comes complete with a Cinderella coach stamp on the insole as a reminder of your royal status.

7 Things Billionaires Can do That We Can’t ...

Photo Credit:

Love is the key Art seems to be a popular way to spend money for billionaires.

Some collect cars, yachts, property, rare stamps,

6 Ideas for Making Lovely Homemade Cards...

">Stampin Upis the pefect thing to add to your collection if you don't like hand-writing your thoughts on your detailed homemade cards.

I don't really like my own hand-writing and I wish there was a stamp for every word I want to write so my beautiful cardsstay nice and clean!

Do you like to use clear mountor wood mounted stamps?

USPS Does Star Wars Stamps!

good evening!

so this morning there was a bunch of hoopla (aka traffic) in front of grauman's chinese theater on hollywood blvd when the united states postal service (gosh who doesn't love when the mail comes?!?) launched their new collection of star wars stamps in celebration of the series' 30th anniversary!

there's fifteen in all (pictured