7 Amazing Baking Blogs for Baking ENTHUSIASTS ...

or how to properly frost a cake.

Zoe Bakes is a site to check out if you are looking for simple ways to adopt more advanced baking skills.

I definitely learned a couple of great baking tips here:


7 Helpful Tips for Mailing Baked Goods in Care Packages ...

Tips for mailing baked goods are great to have on hand if you’re planning to send a care package soon!

Receiving a box of home-baked cookies in the mail is a fun surprise for anyone, but only if they arrive fresh and tasty.

Below are a few ideas for ways you can ensure that your treats arrive to their destination nearly as fresh as you sent them off!

Please keep reading to learn my fabulous tips for mailing baked goods!

One of my best tips for mailing baked goods is to make sure you

7 Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink in a Jiffy ...

One of the first, and best tips for cleaning your kitchen sink, is to use one simple ingredient:

baking soda.

No toxic or pricey cleaners needed.

They actually don’t work as well as baking soda anyway, surprisingly.

Sprinkle baking soda across your whole sink and around the sides.

Then, leave it alone, and go do your makeup, or have breakfast!

Keep Your Feet Smelling 👃🏼 Sweet All Summer 🌸 with These 👇🏼👈🏼 Tips ...

Baking soda is well known for its ability to absorb odors.

Don’t just tip the baking soda into your shoes though.

Put it into a pair of socks and place them in your shoes when you're not wearing them.

Be sure to use thin socks and tie their ends with something to keep the baking soda from spilling out.

21 Skin Care Tips I Learned from YouTube ...

Beauty and fashion guru BeautySplurge’s skin care tip is to use baking soda as a cheap and easy exfoliator.

Grab a handful of baking soda, make a paste with warm water and gently wash your face.

Baking soda will clean your pores helping to minimize them and exfoliate away all your dull and dead skin.

Perfect Baked Potatoes

A baked potato is a simple yet super-versatile dish.

Delicious as a side, or wonderful as a meal, they are filling and a great source of vitamins.

While you could throw any old potato in the oven, there are some do's and don'ts when it comes to baking potatoes.

For my tips on perfecting the baked potato, read more

7 Healthy Cooking Resolutions to Make in 2015 ...

Have you made some healthy cooking resolutions for 2015?

If so, that’s a great thing.

It’s always good to be interested in how to eat healthier.

But if you’re not sure exactly where to start, use these tips to help you keep your healthy cooking resolutions.

One of the easiest healthy cooking resolutions to keep is to bake more and fry less.

Baking is a much healthier alternative to frying foods.

You can bake many meats as well as baking things like french fries and onion rings.

It takes a bit of adjusting to get used to foods that aren’t fried, but in time you may find that you prefer them baked.

There are also many recipes that can give your food the breading you’re craving while still being baked in the oven.

9 Ways to Make Your Cookies Healthier ...

One of the best kept secrets in baking is using canned pumpkin instead of butter.

You can substitute up to half the butter content of a recipe with pumpkin.

Make sure you buy canned natural pumpkin—NOT pumpkin pie filling.

Because ultimately, who wouldn’t love a chewy and rich pumpkin flavored cookie?

Making your cookies healthier doesn’t require five-star baking skills or knowledge of complicated baking ratios.

Swapping ingredients is one of the easiest ways to make and enjoy a healthy treat.

What are some of your healthy baking tips and tricks?

7 Tips of My Favorite Tips to Use in the Kitchen ...

If I’m not outside piddling in the yard, then I’m usually in the kitchen baking, copying down new recipes, or reading a recent email about cooking that my aunt has sent me.

Here are 7 tips of my favorite tips to use in the kitchen.

I hope you find these tips useful, and possibly even interesting enough to pass on to someone else!

8 Rules for Baking Perfect Cookies ...


Soft, warm, chewy and just the way everybody likes them!

These tips will get you delish cookies-whether it's for your child's birthday party, your neighbor's backyard grill-out, or just because you wanted fresh cookies!

It doesn't matter whether you're baking chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, or butterscotch cookies.

These 8 rules for baking perfect cookies have got you covered!

This is the most important tip when it comes to knowing how to bake cookies.


7 Easy Cheesecakes ...

This isn’t so much a kind of cheesecake as a tip to reduce your cooking time.

It’s become pretty popular to use a crumbled biscuit and butter base instead of going about baking your own short crust pie-shell, and, for me, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

If you’re looking to minimise effort, I’d definitely recommend breaking out the cookie jar – pastry requires quite a bit of work and involves several steps, which include both resting time and blind baking.

What Should You Know about the Hand Diet?

I love butter on toast and baked potatoes, but it’s so easy to glob on way more than is healthy.

Scoop a portion that is about the size of the tip of your pointer finger and stop there.

You’ll get the taste you love without all the fat and calories that you take in by piling on more than that.

10 Simple Ways to Have Lots of Fun with Your Kids ...

Sounds crazy, but its lots of fun!

We always try to bake “pretty” cakes, well why not bake an ugly cake?

You can go all out, and even let the kids decorate it with their own flair.

If you’re not a cake person, this tip works with cookies too.

Get the pre-cut ones for less work on your part.

Simple Tip: Use Two Cookie Sheets

How many baking sheets/cookie pans do you have?

If you answered one, then you may want to make your life easier by investing in a second one.

When making cookies, a quick time-saving tip is to use two pans.

While the first pan is in the oven, you can place the dough on the second pan.

When the first pan comes out of the oven, pop the second pan in!

While the second pan is baking, allow the first pan to cool

8 Tips to Reduce Bad Fats Intake ...

Photo Credit:

Betty Crocker Recipes Instead of frying food, why not try baking, grilling, roasting or steaming?

These cooking techniques are healthier ways to prepare food without using too much fat.

7 Fab 👌🏼 Hair Detoxes for Girls Who Want to Re-Amp Their Locks 💆🏽💆🏼 ...

Now that you have some tips for starting your detox, you need some ideas for instantly improving the health of your hair and getting back to looking beautiful.

Baking soda is one of your best choices because it does a great job of removing build up and excess grease from your scalp and and hair.

All you have to do is add a tablespoon of baking soda to your regular shampoo and wash as usual.

Easy, right?

8 Tips for Once a Month Cooking ...

Another great once a month cooking tip is to prepare after school snacks.

My daughter likes corn dog muffins.

They are so simple to make;

just add chopped hot dogs to cornbread muffin mix before baking.

7 Easy Ways to Cook Healthier Meals ...

This one might seem obvious, but it’s not as straightforward as you think.

Baking or grilling meat is a much healthier choice than deep-frying… unless you slather the meat in butter or white sauces before you bake or grille!

Cooking healthy, delicious meals at home doesn’t have to be difficult!

Just keep these tips in mind before you rush into the kitchen, and you’re sure to make amazing, nutritious meals!

Do you have any other healthy-cooking tips to share?

Please let me know!

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7 Daily Relationship Tips for Your Mom ...

Wednesday seems like a great day to bake cookies.

It's a pick-me-up half way through the week!

This relationship tip for your mom is easy and fun and you get to enjoy all the benefits.

A warm cookie with a glass of milk at mom's-it doesn't get much better than this!

8 Dieting Tips for Winter ...

Okay, so walking past the sweets table without overeating is hard.

So here's a dieting tip to remember:

Have as much as you want of the Zucchini and pumpkin baked goods!

These sweets are usually made with reduced sugar and other organic ingredients, plus, how can you go wrong with fruits and vegetables?