10 Fresh Face Mists to Make Sweating More Bearable ...


$14.66 at amazon.com Another best face mist that I constantly have in my makeup bag is The Body Shop vitamin E face mist.

This mist is ideal to seal in makeup and also will give you instant refreshment, instant moisture and instant protection!

It's seriously one of the best face mists that I've ever tried!

8 Beauty Products That Make Your Skin Glow ...

If you want to know how to glow like a superstar, try a shimmer body mist.

Most shimmer body mists have a lovely fragrance and can be used to add instant glamour and just enough sparkle to your body.

Great places to add shimmer are your legs, neck, chest or arms.

Don’t worry, a few spritzes of shimmer spray won’t have you looking like Ke$ha’s body double!

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The Second Most Simple Essential

7 Differences between Body Mist & Perfume ...

If you are a perfume lover like me, you probably have always wondered what the differences between body mist and perfume are, right?

I know that I have!

I wondered why body mist doesn't last as long and why I am able to get body mist but the scent is never as strong.

If you're curious about the differences between body mist and perfume, take a look below!

I've got all of the top differences!

Period Must Haves Every Girl Needs in Her Bag ...

A lot of women feel concerned about not being totally fresh during their period.

Even if you shower daily, a little bit of unfreshness can still occur.

Deal with it by carrying your favorite body mist.

Body mist is a good choice because it’s enough to give you a hint of fragrance but not so strong that you can’t reapply throughout the day.

I picked up a new body mist called Angels Only at Victoria’s Secret and it’s a lovely, light fruity-floral that’s perfect for when you’re on your period or any other time.

Top 10 Skin Care Products for New Moms and Babies ...

This calming mist is one of the skin care products for moms and babies that is great for all ages!

If you or your baby have sensitive skin or just like to freshen skin up after a day out, you’ll love this all-natural, lavender-scented mist.

Use this after you spend some time out in the sun, to calm irritated skin or just to moisturize!

7 All Things Red Velvet You Need to Get Your Hands on ...

For those of you who just can't resist the smell of red velvet, now you can smell like its sweet seduction.

Calgon Red Velvet Body Mist has a similar scent to that of vanilla scented body products, and it's available on takemeaway.com or Amazon.

Layer Your Fragrance for a Long-lasting Signature Scent ...

Body mist is a type of fragrance that you can spray on.

It’s usually a milder form of fragrance than a perfume or cologne spray.

It’s also usually a heck of a lot cheaper.

You can get by with wearing a bit more if you’re using a body spray.

You may want to put your perfume on in the morning and refresh your fragrance throughout the day with a body mist.

7 Tips for Choosing a Body Mist ...

I can’t wear perfume because it gives me a major headache, so I use a body mist instead because I can still get a good scent without being miserable.

The great news is that a yummy smelling body mist is a lot less expensive than perfume and you can find them at drugstores all over the place.

With scents that range from fruity to floral, these tips should help you find the body mist that works best for you.

Everyone has their own unique body chemistry, which means that body mist might

11 Crystal 💎 Infused Beauty Products 🛍 for the New Age Girls 🔮 ...

Never underestimate the power of aroma.

This body mist is designed to activate and balance your root chakra — which, according to the ancient healing art of Ayurveda, is how we "ground" ourselves in the world.

Aveda Chakra™ 1 Balancing Body Mist, $30, aveda.com

7 Lush Skin Care Products with Cocoa Butter ...

If you’re hooked on Soap &

Glory’s Mist You Madly scent, then this is the body butter for you.

First, it’s scented with Mist you Madly’s gorgeous bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla, and musk.

But what’s more, it also contains a dollop of rich cocoa butter, for hydration to go along with the heavenly scent.

7 Jasmine Scented Perfumes That Will Blow Your Mind ...

If you are a fan of floral scents, you have definitely come to the right place.

Not only is Avon's marvelous body mist aesthetically pleasing, it will also leave you feeling refreshed.

I hope that they will expand their fragrance line with more phenomenal scents in the future.

7 Ways to Cool Your Skin down in the Summer Heat ...

I love a good body mist because they are so cooling, but they smell great too.

The spray cools your body and leaves you looking summery and glowing at the same time.

Look for sprays that contain mint, coconut, lime, grapefruit, cucumber or aloe because they are super cooling and refreshing.

11 Easy Ways to Make Your Perfume Last Longer ...

Finally, you'll want to layer your fragrances.

A body mist, a perfume and your shampoo or body wash can all be mixed in together on your skin.

Now, the biggest mistake that people make when it comes to this particular tip is that they layer too many fragrances on.

Just a couple fragrances should be good!

Priceless Products 🛍 Your Skin Will Thank You for 🙏🏼 under $25 💰 ...

amazon.com $9.00 Mist this product on your skin to boost hydration and give your body a great fruity scent at the same time.

7 Summer Body Products That Are Calling Your Name ...

This is the body mist I’m wearing now and I love it.

It’s a yummy mixture of coconut water and vanilla.

It’s a light summer scent but is still enough to be noticeable to others.

I’ve received so many compliments while wearing this fragrance.

It retails at $18 but can often be caught on sale at 2/$25 or 3/$30 and you can mix and match with other body products in the line.

7 Amazing Hair Mists for Your Best Smelling Hair Ever ...

Bath and Body Works knows what girls like and you can’t go wrong with one of their fragrances, especially when it’s called Endless Weekend!

This wave and shine hair mist not only smells amazing, it also helps enhance your hair’s natural waves and adds shine.

When you smell this, you’ll think of exotic fruits, vanilla and sugar.

Available at Bath and Body Works for $12.50.

9 anti-stress Products to Help You Unwind after a Stressful Day ...

When I think of Aveda, I think of all-natural products with calming fragrances and nourishing ingredients.

They have an awesome body balancing mist in their Pure-fume collection that they say takes you on a sensory journey and helps you find a balance.

There are seven different chakras, each designed to address a different area of need.

Go to Aveda.com to learn more about these soothing sprays!

Get it at Aveda for $30.

Unexpected 😯 Yet Totally Legit 👌🏼 Ways to Wear Fragrance 🌸🌼 ...

Philosophy makes some of the best multitasking products around and their Satin-Finish Body Oil Mist is another one to add to the list.

This fragranced body oil mist can be used as a moisturizer and a fragrance.

Slather it on after your AM shower and fresh scent will linger all day.


$27 at sephora.com

11 Amazing Smelling Body Mists to Try ...

If you aren't someone that is super into perfumes, but you still want something that smells good on your skin, have you ever considered any body mists to try out?

Body mists are light, they are airy and they aren't nearly as heavy as a perfume – the best part though?

They are cheap!

So, if you're looking for body mists to try, but haven't found the ones that work for you yet, give a look to my top 7 amazing body mists!