7 Good Reasons to Start Keeping up with Current Events ...

Keeping up with current events lets you know what is going on around the world, and therefore lets you learn about different cultures.

News stories teach you what is acceptable in some cultures and what is not.

They also teach you how different daily life in other cultures can be.

8 Ace Reasons to Learn French ...

Learning a language allows you to get closer to the culture and appreciate it much more.

Language and culture are so closely intertwined that not understanding the former keeps you at a distance from the latter.

Learning French gives you closer access to the country´s rich culture and history.

7 Sincere Answers from Creator of Immoral Matriarch Blog...


San Francisco.

The culture, the style, the weather, the variety, the everything.

I belong in San Francisco.

9 Ways to Ease Constipation and Feel Yourself Again ...

There have been some studies which show that consuming yoghurts containing active cultures can help with constipation.

7 Ways to Be an Interesting Person ...

Engage in some type of art or entertainment.

Attend plays and sports games, go to museums and concerts, or movies and cultural festivals.

Culture is what ties people together.

With culture, one thing - food, a song or a cheer - can connect you with someone else.

It’s a fantastic thought.

So amongst all of the malls, bars and parties, don’t forget to check out something cultural as well.

Work Skills 20 SMTHs Need to Have Successful Careers when They're 30 SMTHs💻📋📊 ...

A future employee needs to be able to operate in a different cultural setting.

Plus, you have to be able to communicate in the stale and uniform environment that exists between two cultures.

There are few occasions where social and business formalities are not in place.

In most cases, you have to learn about another culture, and the formalities set up between two cultures that exist to make business communication and dealing easier.

7 Positive Words to Describe Yourself to Help Boost Your Self-Confidence ...

You don’t need to explicitly describe yourself as “cultured,” but rather let your words speak for you.

To clarify, cultured doesn’t mean you’ve traveled the globe.

Referencing movies or historical events without harping upon the genius comparison demonstrates how cultured you are.

It’s also the admiration for different cultures when it does come to traveling, and viewing your trips as a traveler and not a tourist.

9 Hilarious Leslie Knope Quotes That'll Make You Love Her ...

Leslie's just as clueless about youth culture as we all are.

She's always trying to stay "relevant" with the lingo and it's so funny to watch her do it!

If we're being honest, the youth culture is actually really complicated.

I mean, everyone's always changing their mind about everything!

It's hard to keep up and I'm actually a part of today's youth culture.

25 Fun and Festive Christmas Activities ...

Christmas celebrations are not the only celebrations occurring at this time of year.

Take a moment this season to learn a little about other cultures around the world.

Learn about their cultural traditions and practices at this time of year.

This is another opportunity for children to begin learning about different cultures and to gain a greater appreciation of diversity around the world.

9 Reasons to Start Watching the Mindy Project ...

Being a pop culture fanatic, the amount of pop culture references that make their way into every episode are one of the reasons I kept watching at first.

Does anyone else remember Beyoncé Pad-Thai?

The pop culture references are becoming more prevalent as the show goes on, and I couldn’t be happier.

7 Tips for Getting the Most out of Foreign-Language Books ...

It often helps to be able to put the book in context so that you can get the most out of it.

Can you really appreciate Russian literature if you understand nothing of Russia's history or culture?

The story will make much more sense if you have at least a passing knowledge of cultural references.

7 Important Perks of Public Schooling ...

Due to the level of diversity in public schools, students will be exposed to various cultures and different walks of life.

This is important to build up more tolerant and understanding citizens of the future.

Without exposure to the beautiful differences in the world, your child may grow up to be unintentionally ignorant of the global culture they live in, simply due to underexposure.

57 Sights of Australia That Will Make You Yearn for a Trip down under ...

The Australian city of culture.

7 Ways to Be More Well-Read ...

If you're something of a 'culture vulture' like me, culture guides are also a great way of becoming more well-read.

It's not just about reading books.

Art, literature, theatre and music are all inextricably linked and like a wonderful web of works, you will be able to find links between many of them.

Here Are 48 Wonderful Weight Loss Quotes to Get You Motivated ...

Via The Will to Power

8 Wrong Reasons to Have Children ...

In some cultures it's the norm to look after your parents when they get old.

In our culture I think it's unfair to have kids assuming that they'll be your carers one day.

They need to live their own lives.

So don't let this be a factor in your decision to start a family.

60 Most Fashionable Accessories for This Spring-Summer ...

img.allw.mn Chemirik - Gold ring with cultured Tahitian pearl.jpg

8 Things You Need to Know about 🐉Chinese New Year 🏮📅 ...

Red is an auspicious color in Chinese culture.

It is a symbol of luck and prosperity.

For New Year red envelopes with money are given to children and single members of the family.

9 Puzzling Facts about Time ...

The way we perceive time differs considerably from culture to culture.

For instance, people in the Middle East think about time in 15-minute increments, while Americans tend to do so in 5-min.


13 Questions to Ask when Evaluating a New Neighborhood ...

Everyone needs a little entertainment every now and then and it's worth investigating whether there are some accessible cultural entertainment facilities like cinemas, theaters, sports arenas and museums.

Cultural hubs are usually sought after so in terms of property value, it's a worthwhile investment.