Yea or Nay: Kylie Minogue Swimwear Line for H&M

Kylie in a piece from "H&M Loves Kylie" The latest entrant in the celebrity-turned-designer is breast cancer survivor and Chelsea boy favorite, Kylie Minogue.

The Australian pop star is designing (ummm, yeah) the limited edition "H&M Loves Kylie" swimwear line...

8 Reasons Why I Collect Stamps ...

Some stamp collectors enjoy pursuing this hobby because it gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment as they put together a comprehensive collection of varied stamps from different parts of the world.

They enjoy browsing through their philately books and reviewing some of the entrants they have collected over time.

The Chap Olympiad, a Spiffing Affair!

The Chap, esteemed purveyors of panache, hosted an Olympiad in London's Bedford Square sponsored by who else but Hendrick's gin.

There was of course a dress code, forbidding sportswear so all entrants looked very dashing.

The event consisted of various trials and races, all of which were very much in the spirit of uber-gentlemanly-ness.

The 7 Best Fashion Trends of the Decade ...

Photo Credit: Spanx provided thousands of women this decade oodles of confidence.

Well designed to discretely hold in all the unsightly bulges that we hate to see, Spanx is probably the most successful entrant of the decade.

It made men too start rethinking their gut, something that has hitherto seemed virtually impossible.

The Dirty Dozen: Foods You Should Always Buy Organic ...

Grapes, particularly those that are imported, are another permanent entrant on the Dirty Dozen list.

Raisins, not surprisingly, also rank high on pesticide residue tests.

Makes you wonder about wine, huh?

21 Top Dangerous Places to Go on Vacation ...

Since the break up of the Soviet Union some of the independent states have done very well for themselves.

Naturally there are teething troubles.

One of the newest entrants to the list of dangerous places for a vacation is Ukraine.

As of December 2013, the people are at odds with the Ukraine President and unrest is growing.

The people want to forge greater alliance with the European Union but the President is in favor of stronger ties with Russia.

This is a place to keep an eye because all that Eastern European passion may well boil over.

Anti-government protests are never good news for tourists.

2007 Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition Opens for Entries

Thinking of entering the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition?

Why not snap a pic that shows how oil and gas companies are damaging the environment?

Friends of the Earth is urging entrants to consider entering topical images into The World In Our Hands section.

The deadline is 27 April 2007 so get snapping.

Pictured is last year's winning image titled Beast of the Sediment.

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7 Fancy Feline Destinations for Cat Lovers ...

of them begrudgingly dressed to compete for titles such as Loudest Purr, Longest Whiskers, Biggest Feet, Most Talkative, and Most Obnoxious (recognize your moggy in there?).

Don't stay content with going online to check photo competition entrants – be a part of this event, as it is best enjoyed up close and in 'purr-son.'

9 Interesting Things to Know about Your Hands ...

.With regard to injuries, did you know that one-third of acute A&E entrants are injured fingers/hands and that two-thirds of injuries to the upper extremities occur during our working years

?One-fourth of all the disabling work injuries in the US are hand and finger related and one-fourth of all athletic injuries involve the wrist and hand.

8 Thrilling Travel Adventures to Make Your Heart Race ...

This is one of the most hardcore, extreme and possibly insane marathons known to man.

With average temperatures reaching a whopping 50 C – if not more – runners (completely insane runners) head out for 6 entire days into the desert to conquer, well, their very souls.

One of the most hectic but thrilling travel adventures, this is not without its risks though – there have been 2 recorded fatalities.

Each runner needs to carry all their own supplies as well – and entrants spend years preparing for this totally insane event.

Geek Chic of the Week: Emoticon Jewellery

I'm not going to harp on about it, but it is about two weeks until Valentine's Day.

And so it's right about now that you should a) be dropping big hints to an existing partner or b) scanning the personal ads for some victim to convince that the ultimate way to celebrate a two-week relationship is with a diamond.

I'm in the latter camp, personally.

Anyway, this would make a worthy entrant to said list, conceptualising 'love' in the medium of emoticons.

There's actually a range of jewellery and emoticons to choose from, and even some stuff for the boys.

;) Product page:

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7 Events to Watch in the 2014 Winter Olympics ...

To see a human in full flight after launching themselves off a really high slope with nothing but a pair of skis attached to their feet is a beautiful thing.

It is probably the closest man will ever get to natural unassisted flight.

And just how do they glide to reach distances in excess of 100m?

Not only that, but then they land perfectly (99% of the time) and upright before gliding gracefully to a stop.

Many nations will have entrants but the BBC website says that the name to watch for is 16 year old Japanese schoolgirl, Sara Takanashi, in what will be the inaugural women’s Olympic ski jump competition.

Georgia's on Her Way - Hear Her Singing Now at 15

Just before Christmas I posted a song by my grand daughter Georgia here on Designers Block.

At the time of the recording she was just 11 years old, now she is 15 and has qualified in a talent contest here in the UK.

Chosen from 3,000 entrants she is in the final 20.

She has been taking singing lessons for the past year and her voice has matured and become even stronger but she still has that distinctive style.

The semi-finals are on 10th April with the final on 24th April and today she appeared on TV.

Fingers Crossed!

This is her singing the song she qualified with - One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston.

Official Rules of Invisalign Teen Contest at

reproduced entries permitted.

Proof of submission does not constitute proof of receipt.

Sponsor is not responsible for lost, late, mutilated, misdirected, incomplete, inaccurate or postage due entries.

If there is a dispute as to the identity of an online entrant, the prize will be awarded to the authorized account holder of the email address.

The "authorized account holder" is defined as the natural person to whom the email address is assigned by an Internet service provider, online service

THIS WEEK'S WIN-IT: Heidi's Necklace!

answer to 73268.

(For example, if you think the answer is choice A, text:

WIN.LWRA) Convenience fee of $0.50 and standard rates apply.

For full rules or free entry, click [here].

Answer by 04/02/07 for your chance to win.* NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

Open to current legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C.

Void elsewhere and where prohibited.

Entrants must be 13 years or older.

7 Benefits of Working for a Small Company ...

your career by becoming a large company stooge, check out these benefits of working for a small company.

At a large company, you may well be just a face in the crowd.

It might be hard to get yourself noticed and it also takes a while to find your feet and work out who might be able to help you through.

As a recent entrant to the world of work, one of the great benefits of working for a small company is that help and mentoring are more forthcoming and on-the-job training more easily

Nicholl Letters Due out This is the week.

Nicholl Fellowship entrants hold their breaths and call in sick so they can camp out at the mailbox and wait on that much anticipated Greg Beal letter in the envelope with a little gold Oscar on it.

Sadly, most of us 4800 or so writers will rip open the envelopes, exhale with the expulsion power of a rapid fire balloon fart and clutch the daggers of bitter reality that plunge into our

9 Things I Miss about Grunge …

got the message that you could be different and still live -- still thrive, even.

It was okay to be moody.

And we learned that it is so sweet and so fleeting;

that you can embrace your uniqueness and make it into something beautiful, but it’s a fragile trade off, and the wrong choices can take it all away.

We had our entrant into the 27 Club.

And I’ll tell you what, in my little group, those of us who learned the lessons are doing better than anyone thought.

Grunge maybe wasn’t the most

The Starter Wife Presented by Pond's: 40's and Fabulous Contest

in Hollywood, including a fashion/beauty makeover and tickets to The Starter Wife premiere!

Share your “Real Starter Wife Story.” If you’re one of the first 50 to submit your story, you’ll receive a “Just Because” flower delivery, a Pond’s prize pack and The Starter Wife novel!

The next 100 entrants will also get a Pond’s prize pack.

Enter Now!

Watched Mailboxes Never Deliver Nicholl Fellowship Letters

thought he saw a distress signal from the air.

Good to know if I'm ever stranded in my backyard, I can signal for help with rhinestones and cleavage.

Where was I?

Oh yes.

Maybe I just jumped the gun a little since my regrettably letter last year arrived on July 29th (yeah, I remember the exact day) -- ** "Quarterfinalist letters are mailed by August 1 of each year;

fellowship recipients are announced in late October.

All entrants will receive notification