7 Ways to Draw Him Closer ...

When a guy works hard, they enjoy hearing that they work hard.

So, I believe it would be a good idea to tell the guy how hard they work.

17 Nicki Minaj 🎤 Quotes 🗯 That Are a Little Too Real ✌🏼 ...

Don't ever be lazy, which is hard in this day and age.

7 Life Lessons from Rudyard Kipling ...

Hard work and diligence are two things that will allow you to achieve almost anything, but sometimes you do have to put in a lot of work before you can enjoy the outcome.

Kipling understood this when he stated, “Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.” Just like a garden is made by intensive labor, goals are achieved by hard work.

So, when you are working hard to achieve your goal, remember that you will be rewarded by a beautiful garden in the end.

9 Ways to Avoid Muscle Soreness after Exercise ...

Your muscles have worked hard and need to have a chance to recuperate.

Resting will mean that your muscles can fully recover and be ready for your next work out.

Inspiring ✌🏼️ Fashion Model Quotes for Girls Needing a Boost ⬆️⏫ ...

10 Hysterical Jokes You Will Love ...

#8 What do they call a woman who works as hard as a man?



The 17 Best Comebacks for Being Called Lazy ...

You don't want to be the first person to die from hard work, do you?

That would be devastating.

7 Things I Learned from Hello Dolly ...

"If you have to live hand to mouth, you better be ambidextrous." Dolly Levi is one of the the hardest workers of any female character from the 1960s.

But, better than working hard, she knows how to work smart.

Working with brains is always better than working our brains out.

7 Empowering ✌🏼️ Quotes from Oprah Herself 💭 ...

What's the key to success?

Hard work.

7 Signs You're Obsessed with Dieting ...

Only once in my life have I ever worked out so hard I threw up, and I will never do that again.

My personal trainer and doctor have both been clear — it’s okay to work yourself hard, but not to the point of physical punishment.

5 Most Interesting at the 2010 Grammy Awards...

Isn't she just adorable?

It shows that this girl works hard and that she is perhaps one of the nicest in the industry today so this award is well-deserved.

Work 💰 at Home 🏡 Websites 💻 with Newletters 📰 for Women on the Job Hunt 🔍 ...

Tired of the bumper to bumper?

Why not find a work at home position and work in your jammies?

It is not hard to do!

There are many work at home websites with newsletters that send out job opportunities on a daily basis.

Telecommuting is the "in" thing.

There are quite a few trustworthy work at home websites with newsletters sent to your e-mail inbox every day featuring fresh jobs.

Here are a few...

Holly Hanna's website is loaded.

Very up-to-date with a little of everything and one of the best work at home websites with newsletters.

7 Careers That Could Take You around the World ...

If you've got your sea legs, working on a yacht can be very well-paid.

You'll need to be capable of anticipating the needs of your employer, who may be very demanding.

You'll also be working long hours and doing hard, physical work.

But for the very adventurous, crewing can be a fantastic way of traveling.

8 Tips on Returning to Work after Maternity Leave ...

If economic considerations have forced you back to work when you would rather be with your baby, don't be hard on yourself.

It's outside your control, and a lot of mothers have to work.

Try to focus on your work when in the office, and enjoy every minute with your child when at home.

7 Things to do to Live Longer ...

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4PIZON Finding the balance between work and play, so to speak, can be rather difficult but it is necessary to not overwork yourself.

In my opinion you do not want to immerse yourself too much in your work so that you become stressed and ill.

7 Best Things about Being a Taurus ...

Good work ethic is a trait that many people don’t have.

But if you’re a Taurus, you most likely have this valuable trait.

You aren’t afraid of hard work and doing what it takes to get the job done right.

You may have been described as a go-getter by those that know you best.

Thankfully, you know how to play as hard as you work.

7 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism ...

Drinking a cold glass of water on a hot day does more than cool you down, it uses energy.

Your body must work hard to bring the water’s temperature up to the temperature of your body.

Drinking enough water is vital because if your body is dehydrated, your metabolism won’t be working at full capacity.

So drink 8 cold glasses a day to keep your body hydrated and working hard.

8 Ways to Get over an Unhealthy Obsession …

You don’t need to fill every minute of every day, but you do need to keep yourself occupied so that the obsession doesn’t take over.

Find a new hobby, go out with friends, work hard (but not too hard), plan a trip – anything that stops you from sitting around moping.

17 Signs You're the Type of Girl 😁 Men Want to Take Home 🏡 to the Parents 👪 ...

You don't need to have a high paying job.

As long as his parents can see that you're a hard worker, they should be impressed by you.

New TV Couple Alert

Since Megan Mullally's daytime talk show is dunzo, she is comin' back to primetime with a guest role on "Boston Legal." And guess what, she'll be one of Alan Shore's Ex's.

Should be interesting to see what the on-air chemistry is like.

I for one dig on this show--nothing like a little male bonding over a stoogie and a scotch at the end of a hard day's work---right they work so hard--- they work at propositioning every female in the law office.

No set date for when this particular episode will air.