30 Motivational Health and Exercise Quotes ...

"Exercise and temperance can preserve something of our early strength even in old age.


17 Ways to Stay Sexy during a Dry Spell 🤐😖🙏🏼 ...

Your old college sweatshirt just isn’t going to cut it.

Silk is the word here.

Treat yourself to some super sexy pajamas and you will feel a real self-confidence before bedtime.

Why Bridget Jones is a 💡 GENIUS 💡 for Keeping a Diary 💻📓🖊 ...

Everyone should start doing this, when I was fifteen, I wrote a letter to my first 30-year-old self.

Last week, I read it back and was so surprised and it was so cool to see what I would write when I was fifteen.

What would your younger self say to your older self?

Jot it down in your journal!

7 Facts about Self Harm: Read up! ...

>One of the most searched facts about self harm is who actually does it.

Recent studies have suggested that between 13 and 25 percent of teenagers and young adults have a history of self harm, although the real number could be higher.

Many people struggle to admit to injuring themselves, whether they did it in the past or are still doing it now.

The average age for people who self harm is between 14 and 16 years old, although people do self harm at all ages, and it affects both men and women.

10 Tricks to Boost Your Self Confidence ...

If your friends put you down, make you feel bad about yourself, or generally are just rude, they may be hurting your self confidence, and not helping it.

You need to be around people that support you for you.

The right friends might be just around the corner, but you’ll never find them if you’re constantly around the old ones who hurt you instead of support you.

Good friends can make us feel more self-confident by boosting our self-esteem, encouraging us, and being there for us.

They also make us laugh, which is important for self-confidence.

7 Things I'd Tell My 16-Year-Old Self ...

I’m sitting here trying to think of things I’d tell my 16-year-old self, and I realize there’s so much she needs to know!

She was so shy, so self conscious, and she didn’t have much love for herself.

While this is a tough topic, I thought it may be helpful not only to me, but to some of you who perhaps had the same feelings I did as a 16-year-old.

We’re all different, yet we’re all the same, aren’t we?

Once you’ve read my list of things I’d tell my 16-year-old self, I hope maybe it will have

The Best 😎 Underwear 👙 Style for Your Zodiac Sign ♉️♊️♒️♈️ ...

You like to feel self-assured and sophisticated, and the kind of underwear that is going to help you achieve this is a good old-fashioned pair of high waisted underwear.

The little extra bit of security that high waisted provides can feel really great.

8 Astonishingly Easy Ways to save Money This Holiday Season ...

Another extortionate expense, why be forced to buy rolls of this stuff every Christmas when you can just use coloured paper which looks just as good?

Self-explanatory really, old wallpaper, coloured paper, maybe even get your children to draw a picture on it, the possibilities are endless!

8 Reasons to Ditch Facebook in 2014 ...

Facebook promotes competition.

The number of friends you have, the number of likes on statuses and photos, and the "winning" or "losing" of a breakup.

This type of competition is unhealthy and fosters negative thoughts about our self-worth.

Comparing yourself to others will never be a good thing.

The best thing to do is be the greatest version of yourself and compete with the old you to see self-improvement in 2014.

No amount of Facebook popularity can compare to that.

7 Reasons Why Not Caring so Much is Life Changing ...

Your “I-care-too-much” self will not allow new opportunities to come into your life unless you tell that other self to quit being a whiney b*tch.

Those “well I can change him” or the “well let me just stick it out one more week” or even the “I’m going to wait for the perfect moment” sayings need to be erased from your mind.

Learn what old needs to leave your life to allow the new to come in!

8 of My Favorite TLC's "What Not to Wear" Style Tips ...

As Clinton once said, “Nothing ages you more than being a 40 year-old woman dressing like a 13 year-old girl.” Don’t associate childish clothes with youth nor make the mistake of dismissing age-appropriate clothes as “matronly.” Your grown up self can be sexy, fun and youthful, too!

10 Beauty Secrets Every Teen Should Know...

Photo Credit:

JamesDPhotography Yes, I know and even the best ones smell.

It would be a good idea to applyself

7 Must-read Tips on Removing Makeup Stains ...

The only thing more annoying than self-tanner stains on your hands is on clothes or sheets.

To remove pesky self-tanner stains from clothes or sheets, start by rinsing the stain in cold water.

Next, grab a sponge and dishwashing detergent and start working on the stain from the outside in by gently rubbing and rinse.

If the stain is old or just won’t come out, mix an oxygen-based bleach like Oxiclean with water (check the bleach bottle for directions on how much water to use) and soak the entire garment for 8 hours.

If the stain is gone, rinse and wash as usual.

If it remains, make the mixture again and resoak.

10 Inspiring Quotes from Classic Old Movies ...

inspiring quotes from old movies to share with us!

“Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.” This is so true!

The people in our lives who instill confidence and self-reliance in us are definitely people to treasure and value because they are rare and very hard to find in this world!

17 Uplifting Books 📕📙📗for Women Who Need to Turbo-Charge 🔋 Their Mood 😃🙃 ...

The old saying is true that you need to love yourself before you can love anyone else, and this book is a vital resource in teaching the reader how to be kinder to themselves and find their self worth and personal value.

Buy at:


Duchovny to Star in New Showtime Comedy

David Duchovny, who starred as special agent Fox Mulder in “The X-Files,”

will return to television in a new Showtime comedy about a self-destructive writer.

The 46-year-old actor will play Hank, a novelist whose “obsession with truth-telling and self-destructive behavior - drinks, drugs and relationships - are both destroying and enriching his career,”

the cable network announced Thursday.

7 Ways to Get the Most from Self-Help Books ...

Finally, you've got to be prepared to put in some effort if you want things to change in your life.

It isn't enough to read a book and expect automatic change.

You need to put the lessons into practice.

It takes time to shed old habits and acquire new, better ways of thinking and doing things.

Self-help books can be useful but you do have to be very selective.

Just because a book has been published doesn't mean that it's any good.

Anyone can write a book.

The self-help genre is saturated because authors know there are millions of people looking for answers.

So look for one that resonates with you and has an approach that you like.

And put the work in!

Are you a self-help junkie?

7 of My Favorite Body Lotions ...


$28.00 at philosophy.com While I loved the old version of this marvelous lotion, I’m okay with the new one, too.

It smells a little medicinal, which is odd for a Philosophy product, but there’s no denying how smooth and gorgeous it makes my legs look!

The self-tanner evens my skin tone and the firming ream, well, firms those slightly-squishy areas on my thighs.

7 Wedding Traditions to Skip ...

Yep, get rid of this part too.

If you love history, the story behind this is simple.

The rhyme comes from around the time Queen Victoria was on the throne, and originated as:

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” The something old, new and borrowed are self explanatory.

Blue was chosen because it’s the Virgin Mary’s color, and a symbol of purity.

The sixpence was for the groom to prove he had wealth, and was financially secure.

Chances are, none of these are relevant for you anymore.

If you’d like to wear them anyway, go ahead, but don’t shuffle round in a scratchy blue garter for the sake of it.

It’s really not necessary!

10 Essential 🙏 Tips Every 💯 Dog Owner 🐶 Should Know 👍 ...

Instead of getting an expensive bed, why not take a look around your household and see if you have any materials laying around that you could use to make one?

There are many ways to make your own dog bed.

Here is an easy one:

All you need is some towels, a long sleeve shirt and some stuffing or old pillow.

Slip the towels into the sleeves of the shirt.

Next, stuff the shirt with stuffing or an old pillow and sew it shut.

Twist the towel-stuffed sleeves so that it circles the stuffed shirt and sew it together.

Now, you have a self made pillow for your dog!