Perfume by Patrick S

Sweet Spot Eau De Spot

We've talked about many a perfume before.

But this is no ordinary perfume.

Oh no, this is perfume for a very specific purpose, or rather, a very specific area.

If you feel you could be a little sweeter in your...

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Spraying your hairbrush with perfume will leave your hair smelling really good after you have used the hairbrush.

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Perfume can instantly revitalise you at the end of a long-haul flight.

But you do need to be aware that others around you may be allergic or sensitive to the particular scent of your perfume.

There is a solution:

roll-on perfumes.

They’re light, travel-friendly, and they won't overpower your neighbours on the plane.

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Some people spritz perfume into their hair before going out and while it may be an effective way to keep your hair smelling good, there are lots of harmful chemicals in general perfumes that might damage your hair.

So as an alternative, try out hair perfumes that were specifically made for your locks!

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Even though there are tons of different perfumes out there, did know that a lot of the perfumes can actually be found in lotion form?

This is actually a less expensive but still effective way to wear your favorite perfume!

They also last a lot longer too.

Maitre Parfumer Et Gantier: Perfume and Leather Gloves

Perfume and gloves might seem like an odd combination but that's exactly what they sell at Maitre Parfumer et Gantier.

In fact the name translates as glove and perfume master.

It dates back to the days when a stock pair...

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Go to the tester counter, spray on perfume until you get that eureka moment!

A study found that 90% of women who wear perfume feel more confident than those who don't.

7 Ways to the Best Perfume for You ...

Best Perfumes are different for every woman.

This is because every woman has a different chemistry and her skin will mix differently with each perfume she tries.

So if you want to know ways to the best perfume for you, you need to decide which category you fit into.

There are different categories of perfume, and I've made a list with different ways to the best perfume for you.

If you have been wanting to try wearing perfume, but aren't sure which scent is right for you, keep reading!


7 Ways Science Has Found to Help Endangered Animals ...

For a long time now, zookeepers have been using perfumes to entice big cats into mating.

Apparently, the scent of the perfume results in an increase in the amount of time cats spend in exploring their territory and in social interaction.

This social interaction is vital in reproduction and perfumes have been enabling it quite well.

Perfumes like Calvin Klein's Obsession have really helped improve the love lives of Sumatran tigers and many other endangered big cats.

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The secret to great smelling hair doesn't mean you have to be fresh from the shower.

Simply spray a couple sprays of hair perfume, or even body perfume on the back of your neck to overpower post workout hair.

This doesn't mean you have to bring the entire bottle--buy travel sized perfumes to slip in your bag.

Problem solved.

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Who knew that keeping perfume in the refrigerator helps to keep it fresh?!

I like to keep my Chanel perfume as fresh as possible, so I definitely do this.

Another way to make sure you get the most out of your perfume is to apply moisturizer, either an unscented or the same scent, before you spray perfume.

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Trade in your spray on perfumes for a roll on style during the warmer months.

Roll on perfumes tend to leave a more subtle scent and are also quite practical for stashing away in your handbag.

Choose a roll on perfume in a light scent to take you through the season.

10 Tips on How to Seduce a Man on a Date ...

Men prefer lighter, less heavy scents.

Find a perfume or lotion that compliments you, and wear it.

7 Tips on How to Make Perfume Last Longer in Winter ...

Make the most of your fragrance by taking note of some handy tips on how to make perfume last in winter.

Just like reassessing your wardrobe or adjusting your beauty routine, it’s worthwhile to think about your perfume in as each season progresses.

Your favourite summer perfume might not always translate well come winter as the colder weather has been known to dull the effect of perfume.

Want to know how to make your perfume last?

Then take a look at these tips on how to make perfume last

This πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘ˆπŸΌ Chart Will Help πŸ‘πŸΌ Find the Right Perfume 🌺 for Your Personality πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ™‹πŸΏπŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ™‹πŸ½ ...

You're not going to wear the same perfume in the morning and at night.

You're not going to wear the same perfume in winter and in summer.

So why should you wear the same perfume as your best friend?

You have different personalities, so you should wear different perfumes.

According to RedBook Mag, the chart down below will tell you which perfume fits your personality:

Now you know what type of scent will work best for you, so it's time to head to the store!

What perfume do you usually wear?

What perfume did the chart tell you to wear?

10 Must-Know Tips for a First Date ...

Here's one of my best tips for a first date-be careful about the perfume selection you wear.

I LOVE perfume and wear it everyday, but too much perfume can be overpowering, especially in close spaces like a dinner table.

Wear something light, like a body spray or scented lotion and don't smother yourself in it.

He may even have allergies to some perfumes!

7 Fabulous Ways to save Money on Perfume to Keep Your Piggy Bank Full ...

Ladies, I've got to tell you, perfume is expensive – very expensive, but there are ways to save money on perfume that you might not have thought of.

I brought my very first full perfume bottle not too long ago and I was amazed at how expensive it really was, that's what led me to thinking:

what ways to save money on perfume are there?

Let's take a look ladies, so you can stop splurging and start saving!

Ah, the top way to save money on perfume is discount websites!

I actually found

8 Classic Perfumes That Still Rock ...

No matter what new scents come out, there are still classic perfumes out there that are totally amazing and absolutely some of the best!

If you're looking for the perfect classic perfumes to try on for a night or two, you've got to take a look at my top 8 perfumes that are timeless but still rocking!

These perfumes range from CK One all the way to Miss Cherie!

Sage Perfume in Sage

I seem to come away from La Creme with new perfume oils each time I visit Autumn.

One day I asked her to show me something clean and I'm so glad she introduced me to this perfume.

What I love about this perfume is it's fresh scent, it reminds me of fresh cut flowers.

It's not overly floral, it features a middle note of sweet pea but it is very soft and does not overpower the rest of the notes.

The top notes in this perfume are white