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25 Corny and Hilarious Jokes for Pun Lovers ...

"When the cannibal showed up late to the luncheon, they gave him the cold shoulder." Giving someone the 'cold shoulder' means that you're ignoring them.

In this case, that cold shoulder is physically a piece of the human body.

13 Very Feminine Spots for a Tattoo ...

A shoulder is another choice that women typically choose for a tattoo placement.

They sometimes do it on the back of their shoulder or even on the top of the shoulder and trailing downward.

This tattoo would most likely not be as painful as some of the other locations mentioned, yet it is still a very feminine location.

This is especially true if the placement is on top of the shoulder and trailing downward.

8 Extremely Helpful Tips on How to Wear Sweater Dresses ...

An off-the-shoulder sweater dress is one way of making this look work during the evening.

Accentuate your bare shoulders by popping on a pair of statement-making drop earrings.

For a chic evening look, choose an off-the-shoulder dress with a more fitted design.

Finish the look off with a patent clutch and stiletto heels.

7 Moves for Toned and Sculpted Arms ...

Want to work your shoulders so that they are lean and sculpted?

Then perform the overhead shoulder press with dumbbells.

The overhead press is a resistance exercise that you can perform while standing, in which a weight is pressed straight up.

You should push from the shoulders until the arms are locked out above your head.

8 Metallic Bags to Tote This Season ...

Sling a small and simple shoulder bag over your arm this season for big impact in a small statement.

Mini metallic shoulder bags are practical and versatile style choices for all lifestyles.

Adjust the straps on a metallic shoulder bag to create a cross body look when movement and comfort is of importance, or throw over your shoulder for easy ladylike sophistication.

7 Tips on How to Rock Your Business Video Meeting with Proper Body Language ...

Learn to keep your head straight and square your shoulders!

This demonstrates assertiveness.

You will always look tentative if you tilt your head, round your shoulders, or just hunch while making statements.

Burberry Hermes Shoulder Birkin + Burberry Logo = Burberry Jermyn Leather Shoulder Bag

eBelle5 the bag blog Date Added:

February 13, 2007 Hermes Shoulder Birkin + Burberry Logo = Burberry Jermyn Leather Shoulder Bag Inspired by or just plain coincidence?

Check out the new Burberry Jermyn Leather Shoulder Bag - created by Burberry, this bag combines the Burberry house craftsmanship with the Hermes Shoulder Birkin hardware and the minor but distinct features, such as the wraparound belt and gold lock.


Jean-Paul Gaultier Hermes Shoulder Birkin Handbags retail for around $13,000 >

Burberry Jermyn Leather Shoulder Handbag retails for $710 Chat about this purse post in The Bag Forum

7 Major Muscle Groups to Work out without Fail ...

The shoulders are a major muscle group and they get no love.

The shoulders provide a wide range of motion, therefore making it a complex muscle group.

The shoulder muscles involve the area from your sternum, to the clavicle, to the deltoids on the shoulder, all the way to the rhomboid and trapezius muscles near the back of the neck!

This is a pretty important muscle group, and can easily be worked on by doing shoulder presses, lateral raises, front raises, and arm circles.

5 Strange Things That You Can Buy and Wear...

It's predicted that shoulder pads will go even higher (thicker?) this year.

I am not down with this.

Derek Lam Hildegard Hobo

To attach a shoulder strap or not to attach a shoulder strap?

The hobo bag certainly doesn't have as attractive a look to it when the strap is attached, but there are days when one more thing to carry isn't really an option.

But in that case, should a proper shoulder bag be used?

Or is an arrangment like this stylish?

Aside from the shoulder strap debate...

Hold the Phone! How Your Android or IPhone Could Be Hurting Your Health ...

Do you ever hold your cell phone between your shoulder and your ear so that your hands are free?

That's going to cause neck strain, and could also have a knock-on effect on your shoulders and back.

Be conscious of the position you're holding your head and shoulders in while you talk on your phone, and try to keep your head upright and your shoulders straight.

11 Winter Themed One-Liners for Pun Lovers ...

There's no better way to punish a snowman.

As much as he loves the cold, nobody loves getting the cold shoulder.

7 Trendiest Fall Bag Styles ...

For an edgy take on the shoulder bag for fall, opt for a long strap in metal or chain detailing to add a glamourous rock chic look.

These shoulder bags have become smaller and squarer and sleeker to create an urban uniform vibe.

Shoulder bags have reinforced the geometric shapes from the spring and continue to go strong for fall.

7 Serious Sale Shopping Tips ...

Take a small shoulder bag with you so your hands are free to rummage through everything.

7 Ways to Address Common Body Issues when Wearing a Bikini ...


Thick straps Traditional bikini straps are usually in the style of β€œspaghetti” straps.

However, such thin straps can accentuate the broadness of the shoulders.

Instead, look for bikini tops with thicker straps.

The wider straps will help to balance out wide shoulders, thus making the shoulders look less broad.

9 Stunning Statement Accessories ...


$1795.00 at This seemingly simple shoulder bag is given a statement-making hit thanks to an embellished shoulder strap.

The great thing about this statement accessory is that the shoulder strap is detachable, making it quite versatile.

While this version is quite pricey, you could probably get away with DIY-ing your own version at home.

9 Ways to Cure πŸ€• Tension Headaches 😩 for Girls Who Feel the Pain 😒 ...

Massaging your head, neck and shoulders can help loosen up these muscles, relieve the pain and prevent future episodes.

7 Tips for Flattering Narrow Shoulders ...

Not everyone who has narrow shoulders wants to show them off.

It's a purely personal choice.

Some girls are perfectly happy with having thinner shoulders, and that's awesome.

For those of you who aren't, however, here are 7 tips for flattering narrow shoulders.

I hope they work for you!

Fitted clothes are important.

Your clothes need to fit your body style perfectly.

If they are too large, your shoulders will look larger than you want them to.

If your clothes are too tight, however, then they can make your shoulders look even smaller and even more pronounced.

A fitted look will make your shoulders look the best they can.

8 Lessons We Can Learn from past Relationships ...

Relationships are not something that can be shouldered alone.

It has to be a joint effort between both of you to really make it work.

Ladies, this is absolutely one of the lessons to learn from past relationships.

After all, who would want to shoulder an entire relationship by themselves?