5 Ways to Stay Motivated when Developing Psychic Abilities ...

There are many breathing techniques that you can practice, such as deep breathing.

These techniques always help me to stay motivated and on course of things.

9 Awesome Ways to Help a Mentally Ill Child ...

Relaxation techniques are beneficial to everyone, but they are highly effective in helping children suffering with a mental illness.

Some conditions lead to aggressive behaviors.

These techniques help them to stay centered and focused without becoming angry or frustrated.

7 Secrets to Long-lasting Curls ...

Even with the right size curling iron and the right brand, you’re not going to get the results you want if you don’t know the right techniques for curling your hair.

Again, this is not a one size fits all approach.

Different techniques will work best for different people.

One thing that can really help is to watch some tutorials on curling your hair to learn new techniques to try.

I learned the technique I use to curl my hair through watching a tutorial.

Video Tutorial: Professional Makeup Techniques

Join Elke as she demonstrates her professional makeup techniques, step by step in this 'how-to' video series.

Perfect πŸ‘Œ Ways to Overcome ✌️ First Date Jitters 😰 ...

A common and well-known stress reliever technique, deep breaths will keep you calm and happy.

Voice Exercises πŸ—£ for People Who Want to Have a Sexier 😘 Sounding Voice πŸ—― ...

Breathing is a technique you can use to relax, but it's also a technique you can use to make your voice sound sexier.

All you have to do is breathe smoothly and deeply.

The more air you breathe in and out, the more projection and resonance your voice will have.

12 Things about Liposuction You Must Know ...

#5 There are two types of liposuction. The first one is the tumescent technique.

This is when a saline solution is injected in the skin through slit incisions.

It will then allow the saline solution to diffuse through the fatty tissue.

This is best for in-office surgery.

This is the safest technique and will offer you the fastest recovery.

7 Natural Remedies for Anxiety That You Should Consider ...

There are a lot of mind/body techniques you can use to decrease your anxiety levels and to be able to enjoy more all the wonderful things around you.

You could try practicing meditation, self-hypnosis, physical exercise, yoga, tai chi or any other stress reduction technique.

8 Top Tips for Awesome Eye Makeup ...

Different techniques work with different shaped eyes, so always use those that are recommended for the type of eyes you have.

Another point to bear in mind is if you wear glasses.

If you think your eyes are too small, for example, a careful use of techniques can make them look bigger.

30 Ways to Live Life without Regrets ...

Try to find alternate solutions to your problems.

You might just find more effective techniques which preserve your positive feelings.

8 Ways to Help Your Child Deal with Bullies ...

One way to help your child with bullies is to understand the situation yourself.

A sound understanding of the exact nature of the bullying your child goes through is essential for coaching him about techniques to use against bullies.

These techniques are practical steps that help your child deal with bullies.

You can practice through role plays, where you play the part of the bully and guide him through the best technique to handle the situation without getting overly aggressive.

How to Stick πŸ€— to Your New Year's Resolution πŸ“° of Learning Something New πŸ€“ ...

If you focus on getting the technique of a new skill right instead of the outcome, you can practice without being stressed.

When you've mastered the technique, start setting yourself attainable goals, before finally asking and making use of feedback from trusted sources, such as a tutor or somebody who has already mastered the technique and has proven experience in the particular skill you've been learning.

9 Tips on Dealing with OCD ...

Photo Credit:

dontcallmeikke If you have OCD, then try practicing some relaxation techniques.

This includes yoga, meditation, breathing and other stress relief techniques.

These could help to reduce the symptoms of OCD.

10 Tips πŸ“˜ for Wearing Sexy Heels πŸ‘  All Day πŸ“† without Suffering 😩 ...

There’s a proper technique for walking in heels and if you aren’t following it then you could be causing your heels to hurt you more than they have to.

While no one would argue that walking in heels is as comfy as your favorite pair of slippers, it’s a lot worse when you don’t follow the proper technique.

Walk heel to toe rather than trying to put your whole foot down at once.

Taking your time helps too.

How to Separate ↔️ Yourself from the Negativity πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ in Your Life 🌎 ...

Because your breathing does clear your mind.

8 Ways to Tackle That Monster Migraine ...

In my opinion, this is perhaps one of the best ways to tackle that monster headache.

You can make use of numerous stress management techniques like yoga and meditation or guided imagery.

5 Cool Paranormal Facts ...

Ghost can make sounds that are vocal.

However, if you want to speak with the ghost and hear what he or she has to say, you need to have some special techniques.

8 Great Alternative Therapies ...

If reflexology doesn’t appeal to you, then try a head massage.

It really is amazingly relaxing.

You can also try some of the techniques on yourself – there is a very good movement for headaches, for example.

9 Tips to Prevent Workout Injuries ...

Photo Credit:

Phil Dowsing / eco-photography Do not put yourself at risk for injury by jumping into a workout without knowing the proper form and technique.

Consult a fitness expert if you can.

If not, then the internet is full of instructional materials that come in text and video format.

There are also fitness books and DVDs that can help you learn proper form and technique.

Avoid These 7 Late Night Activities so You Can Enjoy the Best Sleep Ever ...

If you find it hard to fall asleep or you wake frequently during the night, try some relaxation techniques, such as visualizations, deep breathing, or meditation, either prior to bedtime or when you are in bed.

Listening to binaural beats (to slow your brainwaves down to lower frequency waves) can help, particularly if you feel restless at night.

Remind yourself that rest and relaxation techniques help rejuvenate the mind and body, so even if you are not sleeping well, one of these relaxation techniques may help you feel better the next day.