Top 10 Best 👍 Ways to Fight 👊 Jealousy 😠 in Relationships 💑 ...

There are instances where how you feel is completely valid.

You’ll know because you’ll have evidence and solid reasons to feel jealous.

101 Words 💭 Your Vocab Needs 💯 to Have You Being the Smartest 🤓 Person in the Room 🏢 ...


a long list or recital (of excuses, reasons, etc.) Example:

Meagan had a litany of excuses for her miscalculation — many were valid, some were not.

7 Valid Reasons to Leave Your Job ...

In the movie version of your life, the heroine (you) always has valid reasons to leave your job.

While standing on your desk yelling to a room full of co-workers that you quit seems like a great idea every Monday morning, it might not always be the best way of handling things.

Before you bash the printer in and tell you boss where they can stuff it, take a look at these valid reasons to leave your job.

If you started a job to move up the ladder, and you haven’t moved anywhere

7 Valid Reasons Not to Have Cable TV ...

Living in such a technology savvy age, it's hard to imagine the reasons not to have cable TV.

There so many fabulous shows, news broadcasts and cooking channels that are not only entertaining but also beneficial for various reasons.

However, there are plenty of valid reasons not to have cable TV while still getting the entertainment and current event info that you desire.

Here are 7 reasons not to pay for cable that are pretty sound!

One of the best reasons not to have cable TV

7 Essential Tips for Girls Who Feel Abandoned 🚫 by Their BF 💏 ...

One of the best things you can do when you are feeling ignored is to simply be up front about it.

Just ask them what happened and why they are ignoring you.

Is it something that you did or do they have another valid reason for behaving this way?

8 Ways to Decline a Wedding Invitation ...

With the increasing trend for couples to get married in exotic locations, if they choose to invite guests it’s even more expensive for the guests to attend!

Even if they don’t pick a tropical island, distance may still make it difficult.

That’s a perfectly valid reason to decline.

7 Essential Hacks for Girls Who've Already Lost Weight and Want It off 💪🏼 ...

It seems bizarre to suggest avoiding snacking on fruit, but there is a valid reason.

Fruit has been known to cause bloating and slight stomach upset, so a good piece of advice is to wait a couple of hours for your main meal to digest before you reach for a healthy piece of fruit.

8 Reasons Why I Collect Stamps ...

Stamp collecting can be a profitable venture.

There are many enthusiasts today that will pay top dollar for a rare or extremely old stamp.

Some get sold for thousands of dollars in prestigious auctions.

This is a valid reason why some people take up this hobby.

It is a wise investment with prospects of excellent return.

Potential 💁 Things That Make You Feel Insecure 😬 in Your Relationship 💑 ...

Maybe your partner has given you valid reason not to trust him, or maybe you just find it hard to trust in relationships.

Either way, this is something you need to talk about and work on as a couple, or you’ll always feel insecure and unable to move forward.

8 Reasons to Stay Happily Unmarried ...

Even though times have changed, and living together is socially acceptable, people still choose to get married.

There’s no reason why they shouldn’t, if it’s what they really want.

However, choosing to be in an unmarried relationship is equally valid.

Here are 8 reasons to stay happily unmarried.

Unless you have particularly strong religious feelings (which I don’t), an unmarried relationship is just as valid morally as a marriage.

How can anyone say that your relationship is not serious because you haven’t been through a legal ceremony?

7 Reasons to Become a Stay at Home Mom ...

There are many reasons to become a stay at home mom and all of them are very valid.

If you are trying to make the decision about becoming a stay at home mom or not, these are some of the top reasons to become a stay at home mom.

You can weigh them and make the best decision for your family.

I have been both a working mom and a stay at home mom so I know the values of each side.

One of the top reasons to become a stay at home mom is because you want to watch them grow up.

I couldn’t

5️⃣0️⃣ Intriguing Reasons 👏🏼 to Start Running 🏃🏼 Immediately ...

It's too hot out.

It's too cold out!

You're tired.

You're busy.

You just.




These are all very valid reasons to stay home and NOT RUN today, but I counter with these 50 reasons you should run RIGHT NOW.

7 Reasons to Be Less Judgmental ...

The tables can quickly turn in life, which is another valid reason to be less judgmental.

Put yourself in the other person's situation and think about how you would feel if others were making judgments about you.

Everyone has a story and there is a reason why everyone is the way they are.

This is why it's best not to listen when people are gossiping about someone.

It's Time to Stop Caring about What Other People Think of You ...

There are several reasons why you shouldn't care what others think about you that I would like to share.

As much as we may tell ourselves that we don't care what others think, deep down, we really do and we're always seeking validation from others when we should be validating ourselves.

If you're someone who spends their time agonizing over what others think about you and the way you're living your life, here are some valid reasons why you shouldn't care what others think about you anymore

7 Reasons to Be True to Your Feelings Instead of Denying Them ...

There are some very valid reasons to be true to your feelings.

Many times we deny our feelings or shove them aside.

This is not a good response and can actually be harmful to us.

These are some very good reasons to be true to your feelings.

Many times our reaction to a hurtful situation is to say that we don’t care.

But the truth is that we do care.

Saying that we don’t care is a cover up.

It doesn’t make you feel any better to say that and can in fact make you feel worse.

This is one of the reasons to be true to your feelings, because you do care and you shouldn't deny that.

8 Great Reasons to Go on a round the World Trip ...

Isn’t this just the best reason of all?

Does anyone actually need a reason to take a trip around the world?

Anyone with an appetite for travel wants to see as much of our world as possible.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, escape or experience, a round the world trip will ease those hungers.

Well, there you have it;

8 reasons to go on a round the world trip - some goofy, some practical, some spiritual, but all perfectly valid.

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7 Reasons Not to Be Affected by People's Comments ...

There are many valid reasons not to be affected by people’s comments.

A comment from someone can ruin your day if you let it.

The comment may be made thoughtlessly or maliciously.

Either way, it isn’t worth being upset over.

The following are some great reasons not to be affected by people’s comments.

One of the reasons not to be affected by people’s comments is that they could just be having a bad day.

Their comment could be a reaction to what they have dealt with that day.

Maybe their fuse is a little shorter than normal.

Maybe they missed their morning coffee and are really feeling the effects of that.

Realizing that their comment could be the product of their bad day is a very healthy decision for you.

7 Reasons to Kiss and Tell ...

Experts often say this is the number one reason why people kiss and tell in general and I can definitely see why.

After a night of serious kissing worthy of telling, most people need a friend or family member to tell them that they have done/are doing the right thing.

So this is probably the most rewarding and useful reason to kiss and tell, so don’t hesitate to have someone validate you.

But don’t worry you did the right thing!

9 Tips on Getting Your Child to like School ...

Photo Credit: It could be that a colleague upsets your child or your kid doesn’t get along with the teacher.

Many kids say they don’t like school but they don’t offer a valid reason for this.

Talk to your treasure and find the bothering thing.

9 of the Most Important Terms in Trip Insurance ...

unwelcome surprises.

At the time of checking the terms in trip insurance, it is important that you pay attention to all covered reasons.

You can have your policy cancelled only if you come with a valid reason, and the valid reason should be from the list of occurrences mentioned in the list.

As the list differs from policy to policy, you have to check it completely before signing on the dotted line.

Sicknesses are one primary reason for cancellation, but different insurers will have