Myths about Cooking Pasta That No Italian Mama Ever Believes ...

Do not throw your spaghetti at the wall!

The only result is a wall you have to clean.

As stated above, taste it to test it.

If it’s gummy enough to stick to a wall, it’s probably overcooked.

7 Exercises for the Housebound ...

Wall push-ups strengthen the arms and shoulders.

They require a person to face a wall with his or her arms pressed against it.

In slow, moderate intervals, the person leans forward towards the wall then pushes the body back.

It is not required to touch the wall to complete a push-up.

A 7 Minute ⏲ Workout 💪 to Get You Moving 💃 for the Day ☀️ ...

Stand with back to the wall.

Walk feet away from the wall as you slide back down the wall, lowering body until hips, knees, and ankles are at 90-degree angles.

Engage core to keep low back pressed against the wall.

10 Fantastic Home Office Organization Tips You Should Try ...

I like wall pockets.

Not sure what a wall pocket is?

It’s like an inbox that hangs on the wall.

When working in a home office some things need to be close at hand and in view.

Instead of cluttering up my desk I use these nifty little things to keep files on the wall.

8 Terrific Reasons to Visit Tallinn ...

History fans have many reasons to visit Tallinn, and the City Wall and Towers are among them.

The original defensive wall was constructed in the 13th century and was known as the Margaret Wall.

In the following centuries, the wall was upgraded and enlarged, and it became one of the premier Northern European fortification systems of its time.

Although approximately only half of the wall and the towers remain perfectly preserved today, it is a still huge and quite awe-inspiring sight.

7 Creative Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month ...

If you like the idea of decorating with poetry but want to make a bigger statement, try decorating a wall!

I know I will.

Now that I am a grownup with my own walls, the possibilities are endless!

If you do not own the property you occupy be sure to get permission before you paint the walls.

Little Things Every Woman Needs in Her Apartment ...

It might be a rental, but some landlords allow tenants to incorporate their personal styles, which means you might be able to paint a wall.

White, empty walls are boring and cold.

But if you add color, even if it's only one wall, this can create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere, and you'll love coming home.

7 Simple Ways to Spice up You Room without Too Much Work ...

Painting your walls is time consuming and expensive, but there are alternative options to sprucing up your walls.

You can purchase wall decals with inspiring quotes or creative images, add an intricate mirror, hang up wall art, and even make your own collages and hang them up on your bare walls!

It's a great way to improve your room and add a nice view for yourself to enjoy.

24 Fun 🤗 DIY Ideas 💡 for Your Advent Calendar 🗓 This Year 🎄 ...

A wall hanging advent calendar is perfect decor for your living space.

5 Great Ground Covers for Your Spring Garden ...

This plant is a nice one to place along the edge of a rock wall.

The evergreen-like foliage will cascade down the wall and continue to bloom as it grows.

Butterflies also love the fragrant blossoms on this easy to grow ground cover.

21 Ballet Portraits That Anyone Who's Danced Can Appreciate ...

9 Inspirational Quotes to Get You Running ...


When running, you hit this wall that makes you feel like you need to stop.


Once you over come this wall, running will feel like walking on air!

Escape with Command Key Wallclocks

If you take technophile to extremes then cladding your walls with computer related style is surely for you.

This Command Key Wallclock isn't just geek chic, it'd look great on the walls of any funky digs...

15 Funny Reasons to Date a Musician ...


They spend hours practicing playing in different positions and it them who make the walls shake.

12 Must Have Mustache Items ...

Wanting to decorate your walls with mustache madness?

Then get a wall decal!

There are tons of decal variations on that have all different funny phrases like this one.

Show your love of mustaches to everyone who comes into your room!

Who says you can't add a little bit of humor to your home decor?

7 Steps to Redecorating Your Bathroom for under $100 Total ...

There are a lot of really creative options for wall décor.

You can purchase some for a low price or make your own.

Pinterest is full of ideas for cheap wall décor.

If you go that route, you may very well be able to have new wall décor for mere dollars.

It will also have a uniqueness factor that your guests will love and envy.

7 Beautiful Art Pieces for Your Home ...

If you're looking to create a more unconventional space, then think about hanging colorful, abstract, 3D wall art in a room.

Make it even more creative by finding metal or wood pieces that don't look like normal canvas wall hangings.

3D abstract wall art is an instant conversation starter for your home!

Plus, 3D art pieces are great in that they allow you to feel your art as well as see it!

7 Nifty New Devices You Need in Your Home ...

If you have cracks in your walls but your spackling and painting skills are lacking, have no fear!

Turn that crack in the wall into a piece of art!

These pretty decals will fit around the crack and make it look like a vine or tree branch.

Don’t try to hide that wall blemish, embrace it!

Get them at Molla Space for $6 each.

7 Ways to Achieve a Beautiful Butt ...

Photo Credit:

FortBraggParaglide Lean against a wall, feet apart, one foot from the wall.

Slide down the wall until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

10 reps are all you need, but feel free to double the reps.

7 Effective Yoga Poses to Add to Your Routine Today ...

Legs up the wall pose is another of my favorites!

Lie down with your butt resting against the wall and your legs extended up toward the ceiling and resting on the wall.

Stretch your arms out to your sides at about shoulder height.

That’s it – just lie there for a minute while you breathe.

This pose is ideal for stressful days and it works your legs too.

As you hold them in the air, you activate the muscles, even if they are resting slightly on the wall.