7 Fab 👌 Ways to Deal 🙏 with the Valentine's Day 💘 Blues 😔 ...

The Valentine’s Day blues aren’t fun for anyone.

It seems they strike you the most if you’re single or in a relationship that isn’t as satisfying as you hoped it would be.

Thankfully, there’re some things you can do about the Valentine’s Day blues to help yourself feel better.

These’re 7 ideas to help brighten your Valentine’s Day.

Just because you don’t have someone to buy you something special doesn’t mean you can’t do the job yourself.

Treat yourself to something that makes your

7 Unusual but Fun Ideas for Valentine’s Day …

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Before you know it, many will be doing something with the one they love.

Some will be doing the traditional stuff, such as a dinner and a movie, while others will go for something that has more of a flare to it.

By flare, I mean something unique – something unusual.

Below, I am going to give you 7 unusual but fun ideas for Valentine’s Day … Sailing the ocean blue together sounds exciting, right?

If the weather calls for it, then this would be a great adventure for the two of you on Valentine’s Day.

7 Best Beaches in the USA ...

Hawaii is more than just a place to visit on a honeymoon.

It has an exotic landscape that is perfect for Valentine's Day, Spring Break, or any getaway.

Hawaii is know for its ocean side luaus.

You have to see it to truly appreciate the white sand and blue water.

38 Stunningly Fab 👏🏼 Metallic Nail Art 💅🏼 Ideas for Edgy Girls 👩🏻👩🏿👩🏼👩🏽 ...

16 Killer Valentine’s Day Nail

How to Choose Your Best Lip Color for Valentine's Day ...

The key aim is to brighten you skin tone as much as possible to give it that Valentine’s glow.

The ultimate goal is to choose something that is going to bring out the best of your undertones and highlights.

Fair skin is helped best by pinks and blue-reds, olive skin by warm oranges and corals and darker skin by plums, and berries.

8 Adorable Michelle Williams Red Carpet Looks ...

Michell Williams has been making the rounds lately, promoting her new movie Blue Valentine.

I heard it's a wonderful film and I cannot wait to see it.

That is, of course, if cinemas in my city bother to show it.

If they don't, I'll be unhappy.

I'll only have these red carpet photos of Michelle Williams to make me feel slightly better.

Take note:

not all looks are from Blue Valentine red carpets.

25 Things to do 🗺 on Valentine's Day 💕 if You Are Single ☝🏼 ...

If you really do feel like a love-filled day or evenings, there are plenty of guys online you could probably make a plan with for Valentine's Day.

Get swiping!

So if the Valentine's Day blues come around for you, make plans - quick!

Enjoy your day.

What are your plans this year?

Do tell!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

Is 🤔 Valentine's Day 💘 Overrated 📈?

"RED is synonymous with romance and love and all that fuzzy feeling that comes with being with another person?

Dope reasoning," laments Eva, a marketing professional.

Of course, we can all trace red and Valentine’s Day to history and legends but why not green or yellow?

There were years when establishments advertised Blue or Black Valentine but those didn't quash the ever-enduring red.

Not to mention all those couples wearing twin shirts or people who go red on this day.

No offense, but a lot of these are just way too much.

10 Things to Treat Yourself to on Valentine’s Day …

This is another stunning piece of handmade jewellery, featuring a wooden pendant on a silk strap.

The colours are gorgeous, especially the beautiful pink, and it looks blue from a distance.

Whatever you are wearing, this is the perfect mix

7 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Gifts from Victoria’s Secret …


$24.99 at victoriassecret.com Catch his eye and his heart this Valentine’s Day in this stunning halter nightie.

It’s available in stiletto red or bright blue, and features an open back, neck closure, and all-over stretchy lace.

There’s also a matching V-string panty… so hot!

Download These Valentine's Day Printables for Your Partner ...

This Valentine's Day printable pretty much covers two trendy things:

watercolor and calligraphy.

The color combo is great, too.

You can't go wrong with complementary blue and yellow.

Or gold, in this case.



Movies 🎥 for Girls 🙋🏽🙋🏼🙋🏿🙋🏻 Who Just Need a Good 👍🏼 Cry Fest 😭 ...

One of the more modern weepy classics, Blue Valentine is at times hard to watch but it is really rewarding.

Buy at:


37 Ingenious Eye Shadow Looks for a Night out ...

Via Valentine’s Day With Friends | ...

Who knew blue and pink could look so good together?

9 Compelling Movies Featuring Ryan Gosling to Look out for ...

Nominated for an Academy Award, this film follows two people's inevitably doomed relationship from beginning to end.

Blue Valentine displays Ryan Gosling's impressive acting range.

Watching the marriage between Gosling and Michelle Williams' characters fall apart is truly heart-wrenching.

IPod Shuffle Now in Color


Now you don't have to skin your iPod shuffle.

Apple has annouced the release of a pink, gree, blue and orange iPod Shuffle in 1GB capacities.

Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Now you can be a hero on the cheap.

Ahhh, look at all the pretty colors.

[Apple site]

5 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Promo Looks…

rounds for the movie.

Here are my favorites:

She always looks absolutely stunning in blue.

In fact, one of my favorite looks in the movie was the one of her in a Valentine's date with Topher Grace's character.

She wore a dress this shade of blue with simple black pumps.

She topped it off with a black clutch.

Back to this look:

let me just say that I may be drooling on my keyboard because those shoes are the epitome of sexy.

10 Photos from the 2010 Sundance Film Festival

Ryan Gosling (before he went tubing, I presume) and Michelle Williams promote their movie Blue Valentine.

Another movie I cannot wait to watch.

I read that it's VERY sexy.

5 Wedding Inspiration Ideas: a Colorful Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is about love, passion, and spending the time with someone who truly adores you on those other 364 days of the year!

Whether you're celebrating a wedding, marriage, family, children, or just a wonderful day, remember to smile knowing that someone loves you.

Be inspired by today and these 5 wedding inspiration ideas for a colorful Valentine's Day!

7 Dresses for Valentine's Day That'll Blow His Mind ...

With so many options for dresses for Valentine’s Day, it can be hard to know where to begin.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite dresses for the big day.

Choose any of these dresses for Valentine’s Day and you will blow your date’s mind!

Dresses for Valentine’s Day should be both sweet and sexy.

The Florence dress

21 Cool 😎 Valentine's Day Quotes 💬 ...

If you’re looking for a quote to put on a card for your loved one, see if any of the cool Valentine’s Day quotes I’ve listed below are of interest to you.

They were fun to find!

I’m always up for something that strays away from the traditional ‘Roses are red, Violets are blue…' Maybe one of the quotes below will inspire you to write your own lovely limerick.