7 Top TV Baddies We Love ...

Regina is a character that just looks out for herself;

she wants what she wants and won’t let anyone get in the way of it.

She is straight up evil and will not hesitate to kill.

Seeing as Regina is in a show called “Once Upon a Time,” it is no surprise that she also has magic.

Regina is also the Evil Queen in the story of Snow White.

I love Regina, she is so evil and seems to have no redeeming qualities, but for some reason I just can’t get enough.

Indiana Pacers Vs. New York Knicks Game

John McEnroe and daughter Regina King Soon-Yi Previn and Woody Allen

7 Fantastic Reasons to Love Rachel McAdams ...

Rachel's played many different characters in her long career.

However, there'll always be a soft spot in my heart for Mean Girls' Regina George.

I just think that movie is timeless and it's definitely one of the most quotable movies I've seen to date.

What was your favorite Regina George quote?!

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Forest park in Lithuania

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50 Greatest Female Movie 🎥 Characters of All Time 🕰 ...

Movie – Mean Girls (2004) Actress – Rachel McAdams A high school villain and a mean girl who fits all the stereotypes.

“Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George?”

8 Bits of Really Bad Diet Advice from the Movies ...

Mean Girls was a fantastic film, and Regina made a perfect ditz...

comments like this made her seem so realistic!

I'd love to know what she would classify carbs as...

and what a great excuse to go to Taco Bell!

Celebs Bare It All in Epic Naked Photo Shoots: Who Wore Nothing Best?

Think Like a Man's Regina Hall looked great in her shoot for Allure.

Time to Update Your Gym Playlist with the 51 Best-ever Workout Songs ...

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35 Types of Friends We All Have (or Have Had) ...

We all have that friend that can be a total Regina George when she wants to be, not to you, of course, but definitely to other people!

9 Girl Power Messages to Teach Your Daughter ...

Let your daughter know that liars never prosper, cheaters never win, and mean girls never make real friends.

Stress the importance of kindness, compassion, tolerance, and general niceness.

She doesn't need to become a Regina George, and she never needs to blindly follow the crowd just to be popular.

Hamilton & Hollywood Life Present the behind the Camera Awards

Sharon Stone (Looking SUPER SKINNY!) Bijou Phillips Greg Kinnear James Woods Rachel Miner Christina Applegate Regina King

9 Classy 👏🏼 Ways to Say You're on Your Period 🙊 ...

Even though Mother Nature visits every woman once a month, it can feel like she's obsessed with you when your time comes.

However, using this phrase might make you feel like Regina George, so use it sparingly.

7 Mean Girls References You Need to Be Aware of for Any Conversation ...

My friends and I always joke around with each other during our lunch period using this reference.

We all know that in the movie that was when the infamous Regina Gorge got kicked out from her own table for wearing sweatpants.

This quote is so highly praised that even today you may notice it on many high-end merchandise pieces.

This You Gotta Hear: Regina Spektor's Samson

I’m going to start a new little feature here on SG;

mostly so I can play on YouTube and make it look like I’m doing something.


Here at my house, we’ve listened to Regina Spektor’s "Begin To Hope"

like eleventy hundred times, and the best song on the album is Samson.

Here’s a live video of her singing it, it’s VERY annoying to hear the people singing along but couldn’t find a better version.



samson, regina spektor

Binge-Watch These Sitcoms Even if You're Not into Sitcoms ...

I used to live for "Living Single." I kind of wish they'd revamp this with the same actors because I would love to see what Khadijah Regina, Max, and Sinclair are up to.

21 Drag Queens Who Are Slaying the Game ...

@missfamenyc Miss Fame will snatch your hair, take your man, and insult your shoes without breaking a sweat.

And it will be like Regina George just punched you in the face.

10 Stunning DIY Fall Garlands ...

Making a garland using any type of rosette is perhaps one of my favorite craft projects.

I cannot wait to make something similar to this felt rosette garland that Regina created.


Who's Secretly Your Inner Mean Girl?

Do you have a mean girl inside dying to come out?

It ain't all about Regina George.

Find out if your weapon of choice is manipulation, blackmail, or even magic.

Do you, Queen Bee.

Test yourself now Please share what you've got ...

You Will Not Believe the Real Names of These Celebs ...

You would never have guessed that Shania Twain’s real name was so different to her catchy stage name.

Real Name:

Eileen Regina Edwards