5 Simple πŸ‘Œ Ways to Train πŸ’ͺ like a Dancer πŸ’ƒ ...

The muscle most important for a dancer is the abs.

You derive power from your abs to perform all dance moves big and small.

If you want to train like a dancer you have to get creative and make sure to target the abs to gain strength in your entire body.

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Our bodies are amazing, in particular our muscles.

We can move up, down, forward, back, left, right… take advantage of that when you’re working your abs!

This will improve your ab work-out, so move in a lot of different ways, in a variety of positions, not just laying on your back!

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Your abs are going to be on full display when you wear a bikini, so it makes sense to spend some time focusing on them.

You don’t want to neglect your other muscle groups, but pump up the abs moves before summer gets here.

Add a few sets of several new moves and you should seeing your middle looking trimmer and slimmer in no time.

Planks, twists and balancing moves are ideal choices.

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Create your tightest snow balls by rolling hard and have a snow ball fight.

Move your body into your throw to work your shoulders and engage your abs.

And make you have some fun!

Revisit your youth as you have a snowball fight with laughter!

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The abs aren’t done just yet.

This move is HARD!

However, this will pull that belly in and give you the best abs on the block.

Just like the plank, I’m asking for 3 sets of failure for this movement!

You got this!

That all year summer body is right around the corner if you add these moves to your routine.

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The great thing about strength training is that it builds lean muscle mass, which boosts your metabolism, helping you burn more calories.

Instead of just focusing on ab moves, include those that target your entire body for a lean and proportional look that will showcase your six pack.

Do this twice a week, with plenty of ab moves, and you should start seeing good changes in just a couple of weeks.

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Once your doctor approves exercise, include some abs moves in your routine.

Choose a mixture of exercises that target the various areas of your core so that you can start working those muscles and getting your tummy back.

Just a couple of sessions each week is all you need.

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Your "girls" add extra weight to your upper body, so you'll need to work your core to strengthen your back and abs to support this extra weight.

Do back strengthening moves and elbow planks at least three times a week, as this will help keep back pain at bay.

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Do not mindlessly move through your workouts, think about what and why you are doing this!

Pushups are a great exercise that works your upper body and core, with focus you can engage your abs and arms to get an even better workout.

So do not just go through the motions, get into it!

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Via 25 Ab-Toning Moves β€” No

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Trim your waist down by moving those hips to your hula hoop.

Hula hooping can be a great exercise to strengthen the muscles of your abs and back, especially if you can move quicker.

Note that the smaller the hoop you use, the more challenging it is

7 Tips for Forming V-Line Abs ...

V-line abs are about as sexy as it gets.

Whether you walk around the beach in your two-piece or stroll along the boardwalk in your crop top, everyone will be staring at your beautiful body.

What's sexier than a girl with a great personality who takes good care of herself?


That's why you should follow these tips for forming V-line abs:

If you want V-line abs, you need to work for them.

Exercise will be a big part of your routine, but don't just do any old workouts.

You need to make sure to focus on the type of workouts that will exercise your lower ab region.

Leg lifts and reverse crunches are two of the best moves to learn how to master.

7 Underrated 🀐 Moves That'll Burn πŸ”₯ a Bunch of Calories βš–οΈ ...

If you want to burn some calories, then there are a bunch of different exercises that you can try.

Forget crunches and pullups.

There are some underrated moves that work even better!

Watch the video down below to learn some new moves that you've never tried before.

They include the "rolling supergirl abs," the "one leg bridge," the "burpee," and "down dog abs." If you do them daily, then you'll get fit in no time!

The video is right here, so you might as well watch it:

7 Great Kettlebell Workout Moves to Try ...

Since the kettlebell was created in Russia, it makes sense that we would have at least one workout on this list with its namesake.

Russian twists are another one of those great workouts for burning calories and toning the core.

This move is sure to give your lower abs and oblique abdominals a major toning.

To increase the workout, you can also try lifting your legs off the ground or bicycling them while doing the twists.

Man, my abs are hurting just thinking about it!

If you are looking for a great 15-minute workout, do each of these move in this order, completing twenty of each or ten per side.

The whole thing should take 15 minutes or less but give a massive workout.

What are some of your favorite kettlebell workout moves?

Miracle Workout Moves πŸ’ͺ🏼 to Give You Better Posture 🚢 and Strengthen Your Core πŸ‹οΈ ...

Inhale and exhale your stress, engage your abs and get ready to strengthen your body with these super core strengthening moves.

These moves will help you to stretch your body out and work your total body.

Lift your shoulders, tuck in your chin and follow along to these moves.

Release the stress as you improve your posture.

Thigh Workouts πŸ‹οΈ for Your Routine πŸ”„ for Girls Slimming Their Legs πŸ’ƒπŸΌ ...

Not only does this move help create lean, sculpted thighs, but it also benefits your abs at the same time.

You’ll need a stability ball to perform this move, but you’ll love how effective it is once you add it to your routine at every session.

The move isn’t too hard so it’s great for beginners.

7 Hot Body Workouts for the New Year ...

Thirty minutes of an ab workout at your local gym will do nothing more than disappoint.

To get to the hard abs you are dying for, perform plyometrics and advanced abdominal exercises for the New Year.

These exercises will have you seeing definition and feeling stronger in a short time, so get moving!

Workouts πŸ’ͺ🏼 You Can do in 1 Minute πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ for Super Busy Girls ⏲ ...

When you work your abs, you must work every single muscle in your stomach, which requires doing more than just crunches.

That's why this video makes so much sense.

Each of the moves activates the muscles in your lower abs, which will help you carve out the six pack you crave.

And you can do it in only a minute.

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Instead of focusing on just your abs or just your arms, it’s important to include moves that target every single muscle group in your body.

That way you create the perfect silhouette you want and balance the strength and appearance of your entire body.

Your workouts should work your legs, arms, butt, back, abs, shoulders, chest and arms.

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lomokev When you swim in a pool or the ocean, you are using tons of different muscles in your body.

Your arms and legs might do the most work, but the abs steady the body as you need to reach and move back and forth.

Swimming is the one exercise that’s fun and easy to do.

However, not many people live near the ocean or a swimming pool.