7 Powerful Properties of Cucumbers That You Ought to Know about ...

Because cucumbers are high in potassium and fiber, they are great for leveling blood pressure.

So, if you feel like your blood is starting to boil, or your doctor has told you that your blood pressure is a little concerning, try adding these green veggies to your diet a few times a week and you'll start to notice a drop in that blood pressure.

7 Ways Smiling is Good for You ...

Even the fakest of smiles can help you lower your blood pressure.

A study at the University of Kansas examined around 160 men and women.

This study found that those who forced a smile experienced lower blood pressure.

So next time you feel your blood boiling, smile and experience the cardiac benefits.

Maybe try doing this in private though, because angry smiles can look a little scary...

7 Cunningly Subtle Ways to Initiate Sex ...

If you really want to get your man's blood boiling, just start the dirty talk.

While most of the time, it's saved for behind closed doors, why not bring it out into the open when it's just the two of you?

Let him know how much you want him.

7 Amazing Looks That Drive Men Wild ...

The sexy librarian is fun and easy to pull off.

Everyone has their own variation of this look.

I prefer a men's dress shirt paired with thigh-high stockings—and of course, the black frames.

The eye-wear is the key attribute of the entire look.

It's guaranteed to get a man's blood boiling.

7 Beauty Tips According to Your Blood Type ...

Beauty tips by blood type AB emphasize the use of natural products for skin care.

Try to avoid using hard water when washing your face or boil tap water, allow it to cool and use it to wash your face.

Apply a quick egg white mask to nourish your skin and help delay the signs of aging.

Bright nail polish and using color correcting concealers are suggested for beautiful AB blood typed lasses!

7 Ways to Relieve Muscle Stiffness ...

Sleep positions usually boil down to preference and what helps you to drift into sleep most easily.

Some people love to sleep on their back while others prefer to sleep on their side in the fetal position.

However, the best sleep position for reducing aches and pains is to lay on your left side as this increases blood circulation.

To avoid stress on your hips and lower back, place a pillow between your legs.

9 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure Quickly ...

Walking to lower your blood pressure comes with long and short-term benefits.

I read about a Korean study that demonstrated how a 40-minute walk a day can lower your blood pressure.

However, more recent research has shown that just 20-minutes a day can lower it!

That’s good news for those of us that are busy.

Walking is also a great way to de-stress and take yourself away from whatever it is that has made you boil.

Try making a playlist of empowering songs to go with your walk!

8 Sexy Songs to Get You in the Mood ...

youtube.com Placebo is sex on a stick for me (okay, really, Brian Molko is sex on a stick for me).

His voice is so sexy and I love, love, love the beat.

The lyrics to this song scream sexy.

Come on ladies, listen to it and tell me this isn't one of the sexy songs that gets your blood boiling!

7 Necessary Things to Know about MRSA ...

You aren’t going to just wake up one day and have a raging case of MRSA.

It generally starts as a small bump or boil that looks like a bug bite or pimple.

As the infection progresses, the bump gets worse and may end up turning into a deep abscess that can lead to infections in your bones, blood or internal organs.

That’s why it’s important to get a possible case of MRSA treated right away for the best results.

7 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure ...

I love sweet potatoes – I’ve got friends who can do amazing things with them!

But whether you eat them in a traditional Thanksgiving meal or mix them into a curry, sweet potatoes will do you some good.

They are another potassium packed food, and they support the kidneys by causing excess sodium to be excreted.

Reduced sodium levels often equal lower blood pressure.

Make a quick sweet potato snack by boiling them with sliced apple, celery and scallions, and dressing with olive oil or honey.

How to Deal when Your Man Stares at Other Women ...

Even though your insecurities may take over and there are times when you feel like your blood is boiling when you catch your significant other looking at other women, try to stay calm and see it for what it is.

Don’t waste your energy on this because the essence of that situation is that it means nothing.

It’s just a fleeting surge that happens in the mind of a man.

7 Tips to Remember when Joining Your First Yoga Class ...

Performing yoga on a full stomach may make you feel uncomfortable.

If you prefer to eat a main meal, eat it at about three hours before a yoga class.

A light snack may be preferable to keep your blood sugar at a good level and to keep your energy levels up.

You can do this at least an hour before your yoga session.

Here are some good snack ideas:

a bowl of cereal or soup, a boiled egg, fruit salad, or yogurt.

9 Devastatingly Disastrous Movie Remakes ...

youtube.com Now this is a movie remake that really gets my blood boiling.

Mess with an Ealing comedy at your peril!

The original Ladykillers truly is a classic, with exquisite performances and a wonderful script.

The Coen brothers (usually good filmmakers) murdered it and totally missed the point by changing the character of the sweet old lady into a tough no-nonsense woman.

Watch the original and toss the remake in the trash.

Eliminate These Stressors Today for a Worry-Free Week ...

Whether you're on your way to class or work, sitting in rush hour traffic can make your blood boil and this gets your day off to a bad start.

There's nothing you can do about traffic, but if you're always running late because of traffic eliminate this stress by getting ready earlier in the mornings and leaving the house sooner.

Even if you're caught in a traffic jam, you're less likely to stress over arriving late.

9 Interesting Facts about Anger and the Body We All Should Know ...

If you have ever been so upset that your blood boils, then you have experienced the interconnectedness of anger and the body.

Anger happens - maybe you were cut-off in traffic, heard something offensive, or perhaps your trash was not collected on trash day.

Sometimes it feels as if anything can send you over the edge if you let it.

Check out a few important facts about anger and the body to know.

When we are angry our stress hormones increase, blood pressure rises, and blood vessels

8 Stomach Turning Dishes from around the World ...

Warning – don’t read this one if you are a vegetarian!

Baluut is a dish from the Philippines which you could call a boiled duck egg.

Except, the egg that is boiled has been fertilized and the embryo allowed to grow.

When the baby duck is only partly formed, it is boiled alive and eaten.

You know how horrid it is when you crunch on a bit of shell that’s accidentally crept into your egg mayo sandwich;

imagine what it’s like when you bite down on a bit of beak, feather or tiny baby duck bones.

10 Foods 🍴 to Absolutely Avoid 🚫 if You're Looking to Get Healthy 💪🏼 ...

Yes, donuts are delicious and they make a fast and easy breakfast with your cup of coffee.

However, donuts are fried, which means they are full of fat and calories, not to mention all the sugar they contain.

Starting your day like this sets you up for a blood sugar crash, which will totally interfere with your energy levels and productivity.

Have a fruit smoothie and a hard-boiled egg instead.

9️⃣ Spot-on Foreign Words to Replace Swear Words 🙊🙉 in Your Vocab 📚 ...

It's hard to remain ladylike when someone makes your blood boil.

However, if you're in a room full of easily influenced children or adults who will reprimand you for saying naughty things, then you should find new words to replace your favorite curses.

Since cussing in another language could get you in just as much trouble as cussing in English, here are a few foreign words to use when you're angry that aren't all that naughty:

This is a word used to describe an ugly person in Japanese.

However, you could trick anyone into thinking that you're cursing at them by yelling this at them.

The pronunciation of it is just as satisfying as saying the "F" word.

11 Easy and Effective Ways to Deal with Anger ...

While dealing with anger, sometimes it’s best to just walk away from the situation.

Create a mental or physical escape from what’s angering you so you’re not stuck with your blood boiling.

Try to get your mind and/or body away from the stressful situation and help you see things more clearly.

Are you stuck in a long line at the store?

Pick up a magazine, catch up on Facebook or read emails while you wait.

If you’re stuck in traffic, try taking a detour, sing along to the radio or call up a friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with - on a hands-free device of course!

13 Foods to Keep Your DENTIST, DOCTOR and Mouth Happy ...

Quinoa was the It food in 2013 and I imagine it'll continue to be one of the top superfoods in the future.

It's one of the few foods that contain complete protein with all nine essential amino acids, it's rich in fiber, iron, magnesium and manganese which all work to help keep our blood cells healthy , relaxed and even helps reduce migraines.

You can enjoy them fried, baked, steamed or boiled!