7 Reasons Why You May Not Identify with the TV Show Girls ...

This is one thing that I really hate about the show - when the lead characters experiment with drugs.

Yes, some people do that.

Lots of people expressly do not and I don't think this is the message that comes across.

7 Reasons Social Networking Sites Need to Chill ...

I don't have a Twitter account.

I talk too much for character limitations.

Why, then, must I be subjected to other people's tweets on my Facebook?

Why are they everywhere?

Go away!

What's Your Hair Color Say about You? ...

Whether it’s true or not, research shows that people tend to put a lot of stock in a brunette’s brain.

They're viewed as smarter, as well as levelheaded and great judges of character.

Do those traits fit you?

The Truth πŸ’¬ behind Why πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ Women Watch πŸ‘πŸ‘ More True Crime πŸ™Š TV πŸ“Ί than Men πŸ§” ...

Many of the characters featured in these dramas appear to be typical friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors.

But they are not.

Women want to understand the dark side of regular people.

7 Best Pysch Episodes That We Can Watch over and over ...

This is the second episode of the first series and actually is slightly more relevant than the first.

While the first sets up Shawn's character, the second episode sets up everyone else which includes reintroducing Shawn to the new characters.

In the first episode Shawn reveals information that gets a cop fired so in the second episode, the new cop is introduced and she is a very important character.

A lot of people have actually skipped the pilot altogether and just watch this instead.

7 TV Show Techniques That Have Been Overused and Abused ...

It happens to Michelle on Full House, Sarah on Chuck, and tons of other shows.

When a character loses their memory, it gives the show a whole new perspective.

The character never likes the same people that they used to, and it messes up the romances and friendships on the show.

Memory loss has become an extremely overused cliche that rarely makes viewers happy.

Why have a character forget about all of the wonderful things we've seen through the seasons?

9 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching General Hospital ...

One of the things that I love about this show is that each character has a distinct personality and background.

From Connie Falconeri and her feisty "take no prisoners" attitude or Damian Spinelli and his inquisitive yet loving nature, this show focuses on people with a diverse set of character traits.

Kelly Sullivan's deliverance of a plot line that involved her character Kate/Connie being diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder is proof of that.

It's interesting to note just how well-developed each character is, a feat that never fails to amaze me!

Literary Halloween Costumes for Every Bookworm ...

Read some fairytales and you'll find no end of characters to choose from.

People forget too easily that the perfect Disney cartoons of our childhoods are actually based on much darker characters from literature.

It's Halloween, so explore that darker side in your costumes.

9 Reasons to Start Watching the Mindy Project ...

day two people meet, and then are acting like old chums in the next episode.

With The Mindy Project, you see each character’s relationship with the other characters evolve in a natural way.

Do you watch The Mindy Project?

Which is your favorite episode?

Let me know in the comments!

How Many is Too Many?

I write screenplays with a lot of characters.

Can't help it.

It's a requirement of the story premise choices I make.

I haven't figured out how to write an orphanage, City Hall, golf tournament or tribe of natives with only five characters.

I'm sure it can be done and done well, but not by me.

The core of my stories does always involve only one to five primary characters but as yet, I haven't written a story where everyone outside of my circle of "agonists" are extras or prop people

7 Tips to Make an Awesome Halloween Costume ...

You could go with the traditional costumes that people have been wearing for years.

Or you could take something modern and fresh and turn it into a costume.

Try a character from a recent movie, or a political figure from the election.

Whatever people are talking about, turn it into an ironic and hilarious costume.

7 Reasons Why Integrity is Important ...

Integrity shows your true character.

It reveals so much about you without you ever saying a word.

People always appreciate actions that are born of integrity.

I think that deep down we all want to have good values.

We also appreciate them in other people.

8 Useful Means to Identify a Toxic Relative ...

Some toxic relatives show their character by the way in which they constantly criticise you.

There are people who have to make themselves feel better by being rude about others, even people that should be close to them.

Who needs relatives who are always critical and never have anything nice to say to them?

7 Reasons to Watch Downton Abbey and Love It ...

Another of the reasons to love Downton Abbey is that no character is superfluous.

Each character has their own story running along the main plot lines.

We have love affairs, births and marriages, brides to be jilted at the altar, scandals, intrigue upstairs and down, personality clashes and people seeking revenge and retribution, births out of wedlock and accidents to cause a miscarriage.

We have characters from past lives pop up suddenly, usually with some ghastly consequence, we have times when characters we thought we knew surprise us and then we have the deaths.

9 Ways to Tell That You're in Love ...

Love has this way of making people glow.

You know like the way cartoon characters look when they’re an angel.

When you’re in love, others can see you’re glowing without the help of an animation team.

They will just look at you and know.

People will be able to tell that you are happy and content.

7 Important Reasons to Take an Interest in History ...

Like us, most people in the past led ordinary, undistinguished lives.

This in itself can still be interesting.

But there are also many remarkable people who stand out for their personalities or achievements.

History has many intriguing characters such as explorers, heroes, kings and villains.

It can be interesting to find out that some people did not deserve their reputation - history is as much the story of the people who wrote it as what they wrote about.

7 Motivational Quotes from John D. Rockefeller ...

Rockefeller believed very strongly in having a good reputation and character, which is evident through his assertion, β€œThe most important thing for a young man is to establish a credit…a reputation, character.” Obviously we can extend this quote to include young women as well.

Having a good reputation can take you very far in life.

If people trust and respect you

7 Easy, Everyday Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing Skills ...

Listen to the way the people around you speak.

Even if you live in a small community, there will be variations in language.

Listen closely for any slang words or odd sayings.

You can’t have all of your characters speak with the exact same tone and diction.

Some people are serious;

Some people are lighthearted.

Every one of your characters, no matter how small, should have their own distinct personality.

7 Life Lessons from Downton Abbey ...

Downton Abbey's world is one where equality doesn't exist.

The lower classes exist to serve their masters.

But some of the staff know how unfair this is and want more from life.

Treat everyone as your equal - none of us are better or worse than anyone else.

And don't think that you're not as good as others, either.

Dramas can be all the more enjoyable when we are able to identify with the characters.

In many ways, the people of 1914 weren't really that different from us in 2014, and we can find important lessons in the way the characters behave.

Which of the Downton characters is your favorite and why?

7 Awesome Reasons to Love Jake Johnson ...

Nick Miller has become my favorite character on TV.

Often times, I wish I knew a real-life Nick Miller.

He doesn't have it all together but I gotta give him props for trying.

His hilarious 'panic moon-walks', irrational mistrust of fish (and people), and bartending skills are just some things that make you love him.

Honestly, Jake's the perfect guy for this character.

I don't think anyone could have done it better!