Pretty Pocketbook Trends for 2015 ... $85.00 This fabulous handbag is perfect for your next night out on the town.

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Fab Sugar has the answer to dressing like a stylish urban mom for playdates with my two year old son.

Here's a tip for savvy shoppers on fall's trend-setting handbags by Bag Snob.

The fabulous Beauty Addict discovers the prettiest...

10 Commandments πŸ“œ for Women Who Don't Know What to Wear to Work πŸ‘—πŸ‘”πŸ‘  ...

Great handbags are also part of the Coco Chanel commandments of a workwear wardrobe.

1920s ladies in Coco's day may not have needed a tote to carry their laptops, but they knew enough to invest in a small clutch to carry their powder compact, hanky and lippy that would complement and enhance their entire outfit, not wreck it with garish design or color.

Congratulation: Balenciaga Bag Winner

October 25th, 2007 Congratulation:

Balenciaga Bag Winner Round of applause...

and the winner of the fabulous brand new Balenciaga handbag in giant silver hardware is...

tbf’er FashionDiva!

side note:

another giveaway to be announced shortly

8 Great Handbags for Spring ...

What woman doesn’t love a great handbag?

Some of us need an actual storage solution just for our enormous collection of purses!

Purses and shoes go hand in hand with us girls and they are as important as our clothing!

I've composed a list of fabulous handbags for this spring.

I think you are going to love them as much as I do!

Congratulation: Balenciaga Bag Winner

October 25th, 2007 Congratulation:

Balenciaga Bag Winner Round of applause...

and the winner of the fabulous brand new Balenciaga handbag in giant silver hardware is...

tbf’er FashionDiva!

side note:

another giveaway to be announced shortly

First There Were Shoes - Now Bags

Michel Tcherevkoff appeared here on Designers Block last year with those fabulous shoes made from leaves.

LOOK now there's handbags.

Limited Edition Giclee Prints are now available to buy online for $900.

Oh and he has written a book also.

8 Things That Make You Look Older ...

Photo Credit:

Couture TriniStyle Oh goodness, grandma always carried around a huge pocketbook.

It makes her look so old!

Definitely, avoid carrying around a handbag the size of a suitcase for as long as you can.

Unless it's a fabulous Louis Vuitton or an equally stylish designer shopper bag.

The Hottest Chanel Handbags for This Fall

This is the moment wherein you need to heave a big, heavy sigh and murmur, β€œBe still, my heart.” Because with these hot off the press Chanel handbags, I’m sure you’ll feel a merry mixture of wonderful emotions.

Check out these ultra fabulous Chanel handbags for fall!

../wp-content/uploads/2008/09/chanel_bag_1.jpg Perfect bag for everyday use!

We Have a Zac Posen Handbag Winner!

A big congrats to AnnieTater who won this Zac Posen Abbey Satchel!

It's a beaut.

Hope you enjoy your belated Christmas present and thanks again to eLUXURY for supplying the fabulous handbag.

Happy New Year.

Be sure to expect lots more handbag giveaways in 2008!

Name That Bag: Paris Hilton

Somebody’s stepping up her style game!

Paris Hilton finally ditched the trashy glam handbags and was seen with this much improved and oh so ladylike quilted white clutch.

It looks totally adorable with her blue dress (which isn’t so ladylike, but hey, one step at a time).

Combined with the long gold necklace and white sunglasses, this is a fabulous look for spring.

Keep it up, Paris!

Do you know who designed this bag?

Other Designers Anya Hindmarch Neeson Handbag | Jessica Alba

photographs printed onto a handbag.

The Anya Hindmarch Neeson shoulder bag in black woven patent leather is available at and

Retail tag is $865.

Celebrities and Their Handbags Celebrity | Jessica Alba | Anya Hindmarch Neeson Handbag Spotted:

Jessica Alba strolling the streets of LA with the Anya Hindmarch Neeson Plaited Leather shoulder hobo in the fabulous color bronze.

The Neeson in bronze is sold out right now, but if you really love the color, preferably over the black then check out the Sydney - go!

The Neeson is not my favorite.

I like the color of Jessica Alba's bag (bronze), but not the shape.

I would rather get the Sydney.

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Classic Bags from Bown Designs

I'll be the first to admit I have made some big handbag mistakes in my time.

In all the years I have been buying handbags I have never come across any that have been so well thought out as these from Bown Designs.

Judy Bown is the founder and designer of this fabulous range of accessories.

The work that she puts into just researching is admirable.

I love this tote bag and the icing on the cake is that it comes in a colour called Rhubarb that is just delicious.

The packaging is even beautiful.

These are bags with class that will last forever.


Sportsgirl's Teal Tapestry Clutch Bag


You thought you'd escaped teal, didn't you!

Thought we'd had enough of featuring such a fabulous shade of greeny blue!

Tough luck, I'm afraid, because it's not going anywhere soon!

This beautiful over-sized tapestry clutch from Sportsgirl Australia is stunning, and even more so in person (I'm hugging mine tight, as I type this!).

Big enough to make a statement, and perfect for Winter or Spring, it's a teeny $34.95AUD.

Slouch tassel bag from Sportsgirl | Krista Raak's handmade chenille tapestry handbag | Per Una floral brocade handbag

Cheap & Chic Handbags: Target Goes Hollywould

October 22nd, 2007 Cheap &

Chic Handbags:

Target goes Hollywould Creative Director of the fabulous Hollywould label, Holly Dunlap, recently came out with another fashion line that you’re able to score at any Target store.

The new limited edition collection includes everything from daytime and evening handbags and shoes include clutches, purses, totes, shoulder bags, boots, pumps, heels, etc.

Price range of this new cheap-chic line retails for no more than $50.

The shoes are priced at around $30 and handbags range from $20 to $50.

The Limited Edition Hollywould Target items are available through Dec.


Check it out.

Pucci Lava Handbag

up a severe color palette.

I wouldn’t carry it to the office, but it’s fabulous for evenings and weekends.

Available for $420 at Diabro.

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Hermes Ahmedabad Tote

The Hermes Ahmedabad Tote is an attractive tribute to the Indian city it’s named after.

This unique handbag features a multitude of neutral hues - beige, ivory, olive and brown - on a luxurious woven wool exterior.

Pebbled leather trim and minimal silver hardware accent the bag.

This is a fabulous piece to carry into the cooler months - it’s lightweight and simple, yet it boasts a wool coat that’s sure to add some warmth and coziness

Pucci Plume Print Beach Hobo


One sexy white bikini to wear with this fabulous and colorful Pucci Plume Print Beach Hobo.

A handbag this bold shouldn’t be upstaged by a swimsuit.

The large terrycloth tote is a dazzling swirl of blues, black, pink, purple, and butter yellow, with white patent leather trim to give it an upscale twist.

The open top makes it easy to throw in your towel, sarong, and book.

Summer is all about Pucci, whether you’re

Miu Miu Quilted Leather Hobo

It’s no wonder Anne Hathaway is practically always spotted with it.

The fabulous Miu Miu Quilted Leather Hobo is one of those perfect bags that boasts a timeless appeal partnered with an always-trendy design.

The ruched leather is gorgeous, and it contrasts well with the smooth, supple leather on the flap closure.

With hints of gleaming gold hardware and a stunning color to boot, this roomy purse has everything going for it - including a hefty

Accessories for Your Handbag - Handbag Hooks

Many indie companies have made attempts to market this relatively good idea - handbag hooks, for those ladies who deign not to dump their handbags upon a dirty floor.

But...I'm having trouble finding one that isn't too tool-like or frumpy looking!

The most stylish hook I've found is the D&D handbag hook but its currently out of stock at Bluefly.

Alternatives range from;

Flo's 'Fabulous Purse