7 Ways to Speak Your Mind ...

Use facts, not theories or connections or examples.

When speaking your mind, somebody will need to understand exactly what you mean, and facts are the simplest way to communicate something to another person.

Everybody will have their own thoughts about something, but with facts, you have communicated solid details that are understandable to an outside party.

Using facts will reflect the best on you as well.

Respect the facts!

Givency Black for Light Mask

I don't know what I find most exciting about this new mask from Givenchy;

the fact that it has the consistency of foam, the fact that it comes in black individual mini milk-like pots, or the fact that it comes...

Did You Know? Fact on Tod’s D Bag

November 16, 2007 Did you Know?

Fact on Tod’s D Bag Fun designer handbag fact of the day

Helpful 🙏🏼 Infographics for Girls Struggling to Handle 😔 Their Anxiety 😰 ...


Thoughts Are Not Facts

Mistakes to Avoid ❌ when You're Buying 💵 Gold Jewelry 🔑 ...

Fact-finding is so crucial to find the best fit for you.

Research about carats, facts about the store, their insurance policies, and the purity to get the best value.

Did You Know? Fact on Fendi’s Signature

November 21, 2007 Did you Know?

Fact on Fendi’s Signature Fun designer handbag fact of the day

7 Pros and Cons of Bariatric Surgery ...

Another plus side to this is the fact that you could reverse the borderline diabetes.

8 Tips on Packing for a Hiking Trip …

Some hikers suggest cotton clothes, others don’t.

Some are in favor of light colors, others vote for darker ones.

Well, what can I say?

It’s up to you.

I’ll just give you some most important facts.

Fact number one:

cotton is comfy although it takes forever to dry.

Fact number two:

Light clothes will keep insects away.

Fact number three:

Dark clothes dry faster.

Daria Werbowy, Half of GQ's Couple of the Year

Besides the fact they're both Canadian, Lanc

Details Unfold Surrounding Anna Nicole Smith's Death

At the press conference held just moments ago.

Officers confirmed the following facts:

Joanna Krupa Goes Naked for PETA


So far this is the only PETA “I’d rather go naked than wear fur”

ad that makes sense.


Joanna Krupa posed for the advertisement at least 100 yards away from me.


The restraining order should be lifted soon.


A new one will take its place after my raging boner pokes her in the eye.

7 Healthy Reasons to Drink More Tea ...

Tea speeds up your metabolism, particularly green tea.

This is an added bonus to the fact that it contains no calories.

30 Ways to Live Life without Regrets ...

Allow yourself to laugh.

It enriches your life and it’s a proven fact happier people live longer.

8 Signs of Anorexia ...

One who is dealing with anorexia will wear baggy clothes.

This is to hide the fact that they have lost an excessive amount of weight.

20 Bizarre and Interesting Facts ...

I love interesting facts!

It’s so cool to learn something new, and be able to see things, places, and people with a new and knowledgeable perspective!

Below are 20 bizarre and interesting facts that you probably don’t know!

Keep reading to find out what they are!

This is one of my favorite interesting facts of them all!

When I was growing up, I only remembered what an ostrich was because I knew it was the bird that buried its head in the sand!

I can’t believe that not 1 in 200,000 ostriches in 80 years buried its head!


8 Wonderful Love Tips for a Capricorn ...

One point that you'll have to take on when you are dealing with a Capricorn is the fact that they are very, very shy.

In fact, in many cases, they are a bit introverted.

That isn't a bad thing at all, but it can make them a little more difficult to get to know.

Once you do, though, it's do worth it!

7 Ways to Deal with Girls Hitting on Your Man ...

Always keep in mind the facts.

Was he the one starting the flirting?

If not, then you really can't blame him!

If you trust your boyfriend, then just ask him for the facts, ask him what happened and just how often (or how long) he'd been getting hit on.

8 Things That Inspire Me to Write ...

There are so many facts stored away in my head that I love sharing with others.

Some people might find these random facts useful and others might simply pass them by.

I like sharing my knowledge about anything that someone else might be able to utilize.

Major Red Flags 🚩He's a Jealous and Possessive 😠 BF ...

Does he always just hide behind the fact that he loves you whenever you accuse him of being over the top with regards to jealousy?

That makes it seem like it’s your problem when in fact he might have boundary issues.

5 Reasons to Love November...

Nature sure is photogenic in the fall.

I also love the fact that the cooler days make taking photo walks less exhausting.