Check out 👀 These 👉👇 10 Free 🆓 Food 🍕🍟 Games for Android 📱 ...

Want some free food-themed games for Android?

These 10 free food games could be the solution to both short and long-term boredom.

If you've finished lunch a little early, or are stuck waiting to be called back for an appointment or want something to do on your droll morning commute, the Play Store is chock full of fun games and puzzles.

Here are some of the best free food-themed games for Android.

The Emoji King demands sustenance!

Sustain the Emoji

How to Get Free Chips and Guacamole from Chipotle ...

You have until the end of the month to score yourself some free Guacamole from Chipotle.

According to Food and Wine, all you have to do is head over to Guac Hunter and play the game on the website.

If you make it through three rounds of the game, which asks you to "spot the five differences in each photoset before time runs out," then you'll win some free guacamole!

Of course, even if you don't win the game, you'll still get a prize!

Go try the game right away to see how well you can do!

Were you able to beat it?

13 Weight Loss Commandments ...

The more green foods you eat, the less junk you’ll eat.

Almost immediately you should start eating more green foods if you’re serious about losing weight.

Use spinach and romaine in your salads, eat broccoli, green beans and asparagus with your dinner and throw in some green onions and spinach in your morning eggs.

Green smoothies are also wonderful ways to sneak greens into your day, and one of my personal favorites!

Veggies are free foods, but the green ones give you extra points!

You can

7 of the Best Paleo Blogs out There to Check out Today ...

If you’re not sure what eating Paleo is, not sure about how to eat this way, or if you should, let me introduce you to some of my favorite Paleo blogs.

Eating Paleo is about embracing a gluten-free, grain-free, refined sugar-free, processed food-free, legume and bean-free, and dairy-free diet.

Okay, so what can you eat exactly, you might ask?


The Paleo Diet (the most modern version) is comprised of all fruits and vegetables, grass fed meats, wild fish, game meats, nuts, seeds, eggs

14 Romantic Ways to Say "I Love You" ...


Free Perfect timing:

Dating for three months or more How romantic:

Very romantic Baby, it’s cold outside!

So stay in!

Plan a weekend in, and try your best not to leave the house or flat for the entire time.

Stockpile DVDs, board games, video games, and all of his favorite food

Hot off the Virtual Press - the Latest Tech Headlines

- UK teenagers are to get free texts and voice minutes in return for listening to adverts, thanks to Blyck.

Lucky, lucky, lucky them.

[The Register] - One in eight UK internet users were a victim of online fraud last year, and the average loss was over £800.


[Tech Digest] - Australian sport watchers can now text their food order in at games, and have it delivered

7 Delicious Bread-free Dinner Ideas ...

My boyfriend and I are embarking on a one month challenge to not eat bread and see if we drop any extra weight, so for any of you who have considered a breadless diet, we’ve compiled a few bread-free dinner ideas to help make things a bit easier.

No, we’re not jumping on board the gluten-free train, but rather trying to cut out white flour and unnecessary carbs.

As two NYC residents, we’re both big on bagels, tacos, and pizza, but these foods are definitely not doing our waistlines any

Herbal Teas for People Who Feel Constantly Stressed ...

you've ever been. $3.00 This blend of cinnamon and black tea is perfect for what ails you.

The flavor can't be beat, but the tea and the cinnamon both have health benefits that can't be beat.

There's also a bit of ginger and vanilla in there to make this tea taste really indulgent.

7 Sultry, New Lipsticks to Add to Your Makeup Bag ...

="" class="aligncenter size-full" /> If you only purchase one lipstick this season, make sure it’s one of Bite Beauty’s new lipsticks.

All of Bite’s products stay on extremely well, and offer gorgeous color!

The Deconstructed Rose Lipstick in Crimson is a beautiful muted dark purple that is pigment-rich, hydrating, and sultry.

Not to mention, Bite’s lipsticks are made with natural food-grade ingredients that are gluten-free!

Gossip Girl Fashion Quiz: Episode 5 (Dare Devil)

The tensions were high on last night's episode of Gossip Girl.

Blair Waldorf had one of her infamous sleepovers and Jenny replaced Serena as the guest of honor.

Does anyone else think these two are going to be the best of frenemies soon?

But for all the drama that ensued, the sleepover definitely had its perks.

The cocktails, the food, the free swag.

Yes please!

The only downfall was that tedious game of truth or dare.

Meanwhile, Serena

7 Apps to Help You Diet ...

more of a game and less like a chore.

For instance, dieters can log in their food entries, and are also given motivators and challenges such as “Give up soda for a week.” If they complete the challenge, they can be entered to win a special prize, such as $100 giftcard to, as an example.

This app keeps track of your fitness and exercise routines, keeps track of your calories and diet plan, gives you meal ideas, and provides you with challenges.

It is simple to use and the cost is free.

What Happened 😱 on My Nightmare 👹 Date 👫 ...

I had no interest in this fellow but being a sport enthusiast how could I turn down a free game of America’s favorite pastime?

So I waited at my house to be picked up looking as casual as I could for a friendly hang out.

Everything started out so well, he picked me up on time and was all for going to Taco Cabana to eat (my college favorite).

Sadly things took a turn once we were at the restaurant ready to order.

I ordered my usual giant beef fajita taco cabana bowl and he proceeded to order

7 Basic Things about an Elimination Diet You Need to Know ...

your body during this detox time so you don’t suffer energy crashes or low blood sugar.

They also help to fight detox headaches that can occur as well.

Feel free to load up on veggies during this time!

All are game and sweet starches like sweet potatoes, squash and fresh fruits can cure your sweet tooth when it kicks in from sugar withdrawals.

You’ll also need to avoid alcohol, legumes, all processed foods, added sugars of all kinds, corn, and citrus fruits.

These foods aren’t

Why Grown up Gaming Isn't Anywhere near as Much Fun

types 'PlayStation').

But the fact is, I felt compelled to get this off my chest.

You see, while the rest of the gaming community has been squabbling over whether the PS3 is any good or not, I've been happily playing with my newly obsolete PS2.

Yes, Final Fantasy has made its usual claim on my life, which means that I can kiss goodbye to any plans of doing something useful or self-improving in my free time.

Instead of learning a new language or reading enlightening books about

7 Steps to Find Your Happy Weight ...

feel the need to own one.

Many people fear not knowing what they weigh, but for me, it can be one of the most freeing things to experience.

I love not knowing what the number says, because I quit the comparison game.

I know that I exercise daily, eat healthy, unprocessed foods and I have great energy.

I don’t need a number to tell me my body is happy.

I feel it and see it daily.

If you’re addicted to your scale, throw it away!

I’m not kidding, or at least donate it if you don't want to be wasteful.

It is time you focused more on the quality of the foods you ate and being active.

That is what your body desires, not to be forced into a weight it isn’t happy at.

Sexy 😘 Ways to Spice up 🌶 the Bedroom 🛌 on Valentine's Day 💘 ...

to your Sweet Tarts?

Get that role play going, the fireman saves the trapped damsel, make him chase you or whatever fantasy you have in your head tell him to work for it and get your Fifty Shades of Grey on.

No need to try so hard with those kinky outfits, try some games instead where there are no clothes involved.

Are you limber?

Go with naked Twister.

Little on the less bendy side?

Next time you hit the store for your normal shopping, grab some foods that get a little messy and take a trip

7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Habits and Start Doing Things Now ...

.Not to mention you might have an iPad, laptop, TV, video game console,or any other entertainment fulfilling electronic

.You really want stop those bad habits and stop procrastinating

?Well, then, get rid of them-- from plain sight that is

!Try hiding them from your view or moving them to another room so that you can do the necessities

.When you’re done with your task, then you’re free to go back to your ways

!It’s one of the most effective and easiest ways to stop procrastinating.

5 How-to’s of Losing Weight and Staying Healthy …

are in the store.


Eliminate grains, potatoes, cheap vegetable oils, junk food, and excessive fibre from your diet.


Eat liberal amounts of organic coconut oil and natural butter - you need them for your youthful skin and alert mind.

Eat more ‘non-animal’ based oils like coconut, olive, walnut, flax, and hemp.

Fats from game animals are acceptable for all of you hunters out there.

Fish oils (high in Omega 3 fatty acids) have also

Can You Live with Less? the Compact is Inspiring Change

games, street fashion and the power of the almighty buck to fill our houses and minds with junk?

Can we?

I’m going to try.

I’m off to a good start today.

A friend got a free coffee at the locally owned, wonderful coffee shop, Murky Coffee, and she gave it to me.

I went to the grocery store and only bought food, and all of it was on some kind of sale, mostly buy one get one free.

I walked all over the place.

I used

Well Kitty

was a teenager (yes, another one!

I have read a lot of books), The Good Soldier by Ford Maddox Ford.

I loved it then and I hope I love it now.

I own a copy and it will go with me to Israel.

After book group, I biked home, fed Tabby more baby food and fed myself lunch.

Then I biked to my first Ultimate Frisbee game.

Guess who my captain was?

None other than fellow blogger Travis!

I had an inkling it was him—and I was right.

What a pleasant surprise