How do I Protect My Hair 👸 from Sun Damage 🌞? 17 Genius Hacks 💋!

Wet hair absorbs less chlorine than dry hair and keeps hair healthier.

14 Tips for Curling Hair ...

In wet hair, use mousse to protect hair and minimize frizz.

Wait five minutes for this to be absorbed.

7 Fab Ways to Avoid Falling Hair ...

I have a really hard time with this one!

When your hair is wet, it's more prone to breaking, so when it's wet, use a comb, don't brush it!

Also, it's super important not to sleep on your hair when it is wet, because it can cause your hair to break even more.

14 Tips for Straightening Hair ...

Whenever possible, apply serum to wet, freshly washed hair.

It will be much more effective on wet hair, and you’ll need much less of it.

7 Styles for Girls Who Want to Protect 💪🏼 Their Hair While 😴 Sleeping 💤 ...

It’s essential that you never go to bed with wet hair.

This will create more work for you in the morning since you’ll have a mess to style, but your hair is also more prone to damage while wet.

Rolling around on your pillow with wet hair creates friction, and that’s never good for wet hair.

So take the extra 15 minutes and blow-dry, you’ll be glad you did!

The Ultimate 💯 Hairbrush Guide 📖 to Tame 🙏 Those Locks ...

Used for detangling wet hair, it glides through and provides minimum hair breakage when combing through wet locks.

If you have curly hair, then feel happy for yourself.

Use the wide tooth comb in the shower when you use a conditioner to evenly distribute the conditioner in your hair.

8 Tricks Only Girls with Gorge Hair Know ...

Not surprisingly, your hair is fragile and weak when it’s wet and becomes very prone to breakage and general damage.

A hair brush is thought to be too harsh on wet hair, which will make these problems occur at a quicker rate.

To avoid this problem, opt for a wide-tooth comb which will be gentle and soft on your wet locks.

7 Splendid Tips for Brushing Your Hair ...

When your hair gets wet, the hair fibers fill with moisture and stretch This makes each strand of hair weaker, which means brushing wet hair causes a lot more damage.

Allow your hair to dry properly before you brush it, so that you don’t cause a large amount of unnecessary damage.

If you have to detangle wet hair, use a very wide toothed comb and do the very bare minimum.

It’s really worth waiting!

7 Things to Know before You Straighten Your Hair ...

Never straighten your hair when it’s wet, even if you’ve applied products!

Applying heat to wet hair damages the hair faster than anything else because not only is there direct heat being applied to your hair, but there is also heat being added to the water, causing steam – remember, you want to gently flat iron your hair, not steam it straight!

Plan well ahead so you don’t have to opt for straightening your hair while it’s still wet!

7 Splendid Tips on Blow Drying Your Hair ...

Trying to blow dry hair that’s too wet or even applying styling products to too wet hair is much harder to handle.

But hair that’s overly wet can also result in all the hair products “slipping off” the hair from all the excess water.

Save time and money by removing excess water from your hair before you get under the dryer.

13 Clever Beauty Products That You Need in Your Life ...

I don’t know about you, but my hair tangles SO easily.

It’s a real pain trying to detangle it after I wash my hair but I recently discovered the “Wet” Brush which was a game changer for me!

Normally I wouldn’t encourage anyone to brush wet hair, but this brush was made to detangle and massage wet or dry hair!

It doesn’t pull on my hair and feels great!

If you have hair that’s prone to tangles, you have to try this out!

Available at Ulta for $8.99.

7 Unhealthy 🤒 Hair Habits You Can't ❌ Continue Anymore 💆🏼💆🏽💆🏻💆🏿 ...

All of us want to have lovely locks but we could be sabotaging them by having unhealthy hair habits.

In order to have the best hair, you have to take care of it in specific ways.

These’re some unhealthy hair habits you may have.

The good thing about realizing you have them is that you can work on breaking them and go forward taking better care of your hair.

Unhealthy hair habit number one is brushing wet hair.

Brushing isn’t healthy for wet hair.

It’s much more likely to cause hair

Girls, These Tricks Will Keep Chlorine from Ruining Your Hair ...

It's incredibly important for you to wash your hair in the shower before you jump in the pool.

That way, your hair will already be soaked, and it'll be harder for the chlorine to be absorbed into your hair.

So get wet in the shower (or with the hose) before you get wet in the pool.

8 Helpful Hints on Hair Tools and How to Use Them ...

This next hair tool is best for use to comb wet hair, detangle hair or use in the shower to comb conditioner through your hair.

If you like to comb through your hair after you wash your hair, using this hair tool is a must!

If you’re not using another type of tool that’s designed specifically for wet hair, you can rip or do other damage to your super fragile wet hair!

15 Curling Iron Tricks to Try to Keep Your Curls Perfect ...

Finally, it is better that you don't curl your hair when it is damp or wet.

It can sizzle the ends of your hair and make it look like your hair is fried and unhealthy versus beautiful and shiny!

The same goes for straightening your hair!

You don't want to ever do it when your hair is wet or damp!

7 Hair Mistakes to Make Sure You Never Make ...

There are many hair mistakes that you can make but some of them are worse than others.

Some of them are mistakes in styling but some are more damaging to your hair than a bad style.

These are mistakes that can either cause great damage to your hair or will cause you a lot of regret.

Avoid these hair mistakes for healthier hair and a happier you.

It is not healthy to curl or straighten your hair wet.

You can absolutely fry it.

There are a few hair tools that are designed specifically for this purpose.

But if your hair tool is not designed for this purpose, do not attempt to do this.

It is one of the hair mistakes that can result in great damage.

8 Essential Hair Care Tips for Gorgeous Hair That Every Girl Should Know ...

If you weren’t aware of this next tip in hair care, take note!

Hair is very vulnerable to damage when it’s wet, so it’s a must to always be very gentle when handling it.

Only use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair and never brush it to prevent breakage, split ends and damage.

Pat wet hair dry and never rub it with a towel when you're removing excess water.

11 Tips for Getting Perfectly Wavy Hair ...

Another tip for wavy hair of your dreams is to braid hair and sleep on it.

Start with wet hair so that the waves set as the hair is drying.

When you wake up in the morning simply untie your hair, comb through with your fingers, and set with a light hold hair spray.

7 Helpful Tips for Healthy Hair That Shines ...

This healthy hair tip goes for both wet and dry hair, always brush your hair starting from the ends to the roots.

Brushing your hair from the roots on down can weaken your hair and lead to damage or breakage because you’ll be fighting through any tangles or knots to get to the ends.

If you like to detangle your hair while it’s wet, always apply a leave-in conditioner or hydrating detangler before you run that wide-toothed comb through your hair.

Crave Mermaid Hair? Here's How to Get It ...

Don't brush your hair too often because all that tugging will damage your hair.

Be as gentle as possible and start from the bottom when trying to detangle wet hair.

Remember, wet hair is more delicate and brushing can cause breakage.

Use a comb instead to detangle your wet hair.