23 Reasons to Wear a Thong More ...

Most women hate their cellulite, so they don't want to be reminded of the fact that it exists.

When you wear other types of underwear, it can press on your cellulite.

However, thongs will never do that.

7 Types of Panties and when to Wear Each One ...

Girls either love or hate thongs.

It’s a panty that you usually have strong feelings for.

Thongs are great for when you’re wearing something that you know will show panty lines.

They’re an especially great choice when wearing polyester slacks, skirts or dresses since polyester tends to show panty lines quite easily.

It’s good to have a pair or two of thong panties tucked back for those times even if it isn’t your favorite type.

7 Undergarments You Need in Your Lingerie Chest ...

Several years ago, women did something entirely different than wearing seamless panties to avoid panty lines.

They wore thongs.

I hate thongs.

I have nothing against them for anyone else that loves them but they do not work for me.

Seamless panties, on the other hand, work well.

They give me the smooth look that I want without any irritation.

Why Being a Woman 👩🏻👩🏽👩🏼👩🏿 is so Dang Complicated 😖 ...

start in that department.

Our male buddies biggest concern in this choice is which option makes their package feel most comfortable, the tighty-whitey or the boxer?

Some will choose what looks better, but most men will ultimately go with comfort first.

Now our turn.

Underwear is one of the major reasons why being a woman is so complicated.

We walk through the lingerie store, through three different rooms, trying to decide if we should go with hipsters, thongs, bikini cut

A Short Story about Dating Red Flags ...

I had planned on visiting Mel later on in the day, but after she had went off about Jimmy, I was dying to see him.

Call it teenage rebellion.

I'd only arrived a good ten minutes ago, but Jimmy's lips were already skating over my neck, down toward my collarbone.

In between kisses, he said, "I don't get why you hang out with her.

What did you two even argue about?" "Nothing worth explaining," I said, not wanting my boyfriend to hate my best friend as much as she hated him