Kind of Kooky & Kind of Cute...

...zid zid kids mini cushions...

15 Tips on How to Get Your Man to Marry You ...

If he makes comments that he loves kids, wants kids, or better yet, wants kids with you, at least he’s on the right path.

A few gentle nudges, and he may pop the question.

8 Things That Piss off Your Flight Attendant ...

This is another thing that flight attendants hate, girls – kids.

Now, they don't exactly hate kids, but they hate when the parents instantly believe that they are no longer responsible for their kids, therefore the flight attendants have to watch them.

Your flight attendant is not your babysitter, you've still gotta keep your kid in check.

7 Tips for Planning a Party ...

It’s always a good idea to have a “kids area” or at least activities that kids can enjoy.

It can be hard for adults to enjoy themselves if there is no entertainment for the kids.

A kids table is nice, since it puts everything on their level.

If the party is indoors, a few games, books, crayons, or other items will be good to set out for the kids.

If the party is outdoors and casual, water guns will make a big hit!

10 Simply Genius💡Business Plans 🤓 for All Work-from-Home Moms 🍼 📝 💻 out There ...

Are you the mom who always had to invent new stories for your kids every night?

Did your kids love them?

If it’s yes then you should definitely try your luck with other kids as well.

Do You Know What to do when You Catch Your Partner Cheating?💔 ...

It's not impossible, but make sure it is what YOU want.

Don't do it for the kids (because often times, older kids know, and you'd be surprised at how divorce won't bother them) do it in your best interest because you have to live with whatever decisions you make.

The kids will be ok.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself when Creating Your Wedding Guest List ...

It’s important to think about whether you invite children, since you may have to cater to them by offering kids food and entertainment.

If you’re close to your nieces and nephews, but are not exactly keen on having your friends’ kids there, you could choose to invite family’s kids only.

5 Interesting Things You Might Want to Know...

Ever see those kids with thick eyeliner and strange 'dos?

Well, you may be looking at what society calls scene kids.

Check out the link to know their identifiers.

9 Best-Ever Kickstarter Projects ... This is supposed to be for kids, but I want one of these for myself!

It's a wooden box with a printer that, every day, prints something cool for kids.

10 Perfect 👌 Ways to Stay Motivated 👏 through the End 📆 of Winter ❄️ ...

Play "Swap the Kids" with your S.O., grandparents, or another parent, so that you have a few hours to do something that’s just for you.

Next time, it’s your turn to watch the kids, so be prepared!

Dear Santa 🎅🏻 ...How to Write 📝 a Grown up Christmas 🎄 List ...

Have some fun and bring out your inner kid!

Adult coloring books, puzzles, and gadgets are just as good to give kids as they are adults.

There's nothing to be embarrassed about here.

8 Ways to Calm down Quickly ...

Another funding to do when you're upset and need to calm down quickly would be to play with your kids.

Kids always bring a lot of fun and excitement and besides they benefit from it too.

37 Celebrities Caught Smoking ...


7 Work Etiquette Tips ...

Make sure that you are not creating problems at work.

Remember the kid in school that would copy other kid’s answers just to avoid doing the work.

Do not be that person;

step up, contribute and be proud of your work.

13 Things to Be Honest about in Your Online Profile ...

If youhave kids, want kids, or loathe them, be honest about that, too.

This one can definitely come back and haunt you later!

Minti for Kids' in New Zealand

What cute kids.

I just love these images from New Zealand kid's clothes site Minti.

They do great products as well.

30 Things Many Children like ...

Children are full of innocence – they really are.

They also have a big imagination and like many different things because of that imagination.

I was told that 30 things may be too many things to list, but like I said, kids like a lot of different things.

I think 30 things aren't enough!

Let me give you those 30 things many children like … Yes, children tend to like these guys and girls.

Many kids have dreams of being one.

5 Healthy Posts to BlogStalk...

Researchers say that this is due to the kids being used to instant gratification.

Scary, right?

5 Helpful Posts to BlogStalk...

I'm not a kid but even I would enjoy coloring books during a very long flight.

Bruce Won't Stop Lovin' Demi

"It's hard for people to understand, but we go on holidays together, we still raise our kids together