15 Tips to Stop Overspending ...

Going to stores without a shopping list can cause you to overspend.

Think of your shopping list as your weapon against overspending.

List down what you absolutely need to buy and stick to that list.

Video 🎞 Inspiration 🌈 for Cool 😎 Money Saving πŸ’° Hacks ...

Don't stray from your list.

7 Tips for Kendall & Kylie's Game ...

Keep playing the Kendall & Kylie game to make your way to the top of the Most Followed List as an A-list celebrity!

Barbie πŸ’ƒ Flashback πŸ’₯ : Barbie through the Ages πŸ“† ...

This is probably one of the more disturbing items on this list.

8 Things You Should Feel when You Fall in Love 😍 ...

This list goes on and on.

The more you think about it, the longer the list becomes.

You want to tell everyone why you two are beyond perfect.

Thanks Yahoo!

Thanks to Yahoo for listing Oh Joy!

as a Pick of the Week!...

7 Things to do While Stuck in Traffic ...

Again, not using a pen and paper but using an the record feature on your smart phone, sitting in traffic can be the perfect time to brainstorm your to-do list.

I like to keep several running lists on my phone, that way when I think of something, I can easily jot it down or record it.

I keep a work to-do list, a home to-do list, a grocery list, a list of my short term goals, a list of my long term goals, and several other lists right on my phone for easy access and updating.

7 Best Secrets to Staying Organized in Your Day to Day Life ...

Lists will keep you organized.

You can make a grocery list to make sure you do not forget anything at the grocery store.

You can make a daily to do list to keep you on track with your time and goals.

You can make a Christmas list of all those you need to shop for and to help you keep track of your ideas for each person.

Lists can bring order to most any situation.

How to Calm and Declutter Your Mind in under 30 Minutes ...

I hate when my mind feels cluttered by all the things I need to do or deal with in my life.

When that happens to me, I feel better after making a list.

A to-do list is great for getting your thoughts organized.

But I’ve made other types of lists when my thoughts were weighing me down.

Listing pros and cons of a decision or good that will come out of difficult situations are both good lists to make.

Girl's Guide πŸ“˜ on How to Think πŸ€” Your Way Thin βš–οΈ ...

You can afford healthy food!

Clip coupons and shop grocery sales!

Make up a list before you go!

There are many healthy grocery lists that you can look up online and print-out, such as:


8 Ways to Cure πŸ™ Heartbreak πŸ’” Every Girl πŸ’― Wishes They Had Known πŸ’­ ...

This is not a to-do list.

I repeat.

This is not a to-do list.

It is a list of things you can look forward to in the near and distant future.

These should all be fun and rewarding.

There are a lot of things that don’t involve him and you need a reminder sometimes.

7 Helpful Tips for Shopping Addicts ...

Before you leave your house, make a list of everything you need.

This applies to general shopping, not just grocery shopping.

Need a pair of jeans and some socks?

Write it on the list and do NOT buy anything else.

Go directly to the aisles where those items are kept, then head to the checkout, don’t let yourself scope out new items because once you see all the awesome contraptions, you will inevitably find something you can’t live without.

Top 10 IPhone Apps ...

This is THE app for obsessive-compulsive list makers.

It allows you to tab out numerous categories to create lists with reminders, calendars, colors, and an assortment of handy ways of organizing your life.

My Ideal Man Checklist - 6 Revised Versions ...

When I was a teenager, I had this stringent list of what my ideal man should be:

handsome, well-off, caring, understanding, God-fearing, intelligent - " I could have gone on and on then about what qualities my partner should have.

However, as I grew older, I realized that I could never really find a real person who met all these sterling qualities.

Building a my-ideal-man-list is much like this e-mail that I received which made me laugh out loud, it's entitled "My Ideal Man Checklist

7 Ways to Teach Kids Responsibility ...

Make a β€œto-do” list for yourself and each child weekly.

When your list is complete, let your kids see you reward yourself with a favorite treat.

Determine what each child values and offer to reward them for accomplishing their list each week.

Bribery is a great motivator.

7 Steps for Making Your Will ...

Once you’ve had a few weeks to think about everything, make lists, and edit them.

Revise them for the next couple of weeks, and then start committing to a serious list more like a will.

6 Celebrity Tidbits to Sink Your Teeth into...


It's list time again!

Join us as we rate and rank the hottest blonde celebrities of all time.

Don't forget to add your own favorites to the list.

You know you want to!

10 Most Common Relationship Deal Breakers ...

Where does your relationship stand on your priority list?

If it’s after β€˜friends’, β€˜parents-in-law’ and β€˜neighbours’ then maybe you need to take another look at that list!

The Foolproof πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Way to Pick Yourself up ⏫ after a Sad 😭 Period ...

And refer back to the list when you are down.

7 Ways to Get Extra Motivation in Your Life, Today! ...

If you don't already make lists, it's time to start.

Making lists is a great way to get motivated, and it's really satisfying to tick things off your list as you go along.

I make lists for everything - due in part to my terrible memory - so if there's something I want to achieve that day, it goes on the list.

Of course, sometimes things get put off until the next day, but I always have a list on the go so that I know what I'm working towards as I find they help to give my day structure.