12 Best High Fiber Foods ...

I’ve tried raw zucchini and it’s just not that tasty.

But grill it with a little olive oil, or sauté it with chicken breast, and it’s suddenly delicious!

9 Best Brain Foods to Help You Focus ...

The health benefits of olive oil are plentiful but it’s very little known that olive oil promotes good memory, clear thinking and more balanced moods.

Eating a low-fat diet is okay but we have to remember that our brains are made of fat, so they need regular doses of healthy fats to stay strong!

20 Best Foods for Weight Loss ...

According to research by the British Journal of Nutrition, olive oil is another of the best foods for weight loss.


Because it helps your body better absorb the antioxidants in the veggies you eat with it, so they recommend drizzling a little olive oil on your salad rather than fat-free ranch.


9 Best Ways to Remove Your Makeup Easily ...

If you are out of olive oil or can't find your baby wipes, baby oil is another oil that you can use to nix that makeup and to get rid of that mascara.

Mascara is by far the hardest makeup to get off, but with a little baby oil, it comes off in no time at all!

7 Tasty Sources of Monounsaturated Fats That Can Help You Lose Weight ...

Olive oil and olives are both fantastic sources of monounsaturated fats as well.

Olive oil is a very dense fat, but a little goes a long way, especially for weight loss.

Studies have shown that just one tablespoon of olive oil at a meal can reduce the appetite by increasing satiety, and even aiding in digestion and absorption of nutrients.

By obtaining more of your nutrients from veggies, olive oil can effectively help you get the most of them, especially ones such as broccoli, kale, carrots, onions, garlic, and spinach, which are full of metabolism-boosting properties.

7 Affordable Products for Curly Hair That Cost $6 or Less ...

The cost of olive oil varies widely but you need not worry, an inexpensive bottle of extra virgin olive oil will work just as well as an expensive brand.

Olive oil nourishes well and seals in moisture.

Olive oil is too heavy for daily use so use sparingly.

Olive oil works wonders as an oil treatment prior to cleansing - it adds a little extra shine later.

You can also mix together a little olive oil and conditioner to use as a deep conditioner!

It works really well and you can find olive oil anywhere!

20 Ways to Gain Weight Healthily ...

Another good fat is olive oil.

I love olive oil, I think that it is so delish on everything, especially veggies!

You can add it into everything from a stir fry all the way to just a little drizzle along some fresh veggies.

Add in some olive oil to your diet ladies as one of the top ways to gain weight healthily!

Nudo is Neato! Adopt an Olive Tree of Your Own!

There's a little olive tree in my mom's backyard;

the harvest isn't huge, but it allows her to create her own style of pickled olives and oils.

If her olive harvest has you feeling jealous, then listen up and adopt your own olive tree.

For £65 (~$130), the Nudo olive grove in Le Marche, Italy, lets folks "adopt" a tree for a year.

You can let them assign any tree to you, or you can choose

7 Unexpected Ways to Remove Water-proof Makeup ...

Olive oil is one of the more well-known ways to remove water-proof makeup.

Many people use olive oil to remove waterproof mascara but you can also use it take off blush, foundation, lipstick and theater makeup!

You can even take off eyelash extensions with olive oil after you’ve steamed your face, it’s a really versatile little oil that we should always keep in our kitchen!

Just be careful, if you have oily skin, you might want to head on over to coconut oil!

7 Unusual but Delicious Toppings for Frozen Treats ...

This combo would go particularly well with vanilla flavored frozen treats.

The rich, fruity, aromatic taste of olive oil ( not to mention all the wonderful health benefits of olive oil too) would lend well to the warm, sweet vanilla flavor.

The added lemon zest would give it a little zing and tang, which would prove to be a stellar balance of full flavors.

Can’t wait to try this one!

7 Tips for Calorie Counting ...

Before I started counting calories I would pour a generous helping of olive oil into every pan when cooking.

That was until I found out that a teaspoon of olive oil equals around 145 calories.

I now measure out my oils, salad dressings and sauces...

a little extra effort can save you a whole lot of calories.

7 Different Uses for Olive Oil ...

from it as well.

Our dachshund and my mom’s little Pomeranian/Papillion prince-mutt get really dry skin in the summer and the winter.

Adding olive oil to a dish of wet food for them help keeps their skin moisturized, and rubbing the olive oil right into the worst spots keeps them soft and hydrated.

8 Foods That Will Lower Your Cholesterol ...

While no one’s suggesting you should forego butter forever, or even every day, it’s a good idea to replace it when you can with extra-virgin olive oil, loaded with antioxidants and other chemicals that leave your HDL “good” cholesterol in tact but demolish your LDL “bad” cholesterol.

Swap the butter you use to baste your meat with a little olive oil, or use it as a dip for bread, rather than slathering on the butter.

That’s very Mediterranean – and heart-healthy!

7 Wonderful Tips to Soothe Your Aching Feet ...

Foot massages are nice too, and I promise your feet will love you after a good rub down.

The best massages include a little rubbing oil.

While something with a relaxing scent like lavender would be ideal, baby oil, mineral oil, or even olive oil will do in a pinch.

Remember a little goes a long way.

9 Essential Treatments That Will Keep You from Clawing at Your Skin ...

This is an entirely different kind of oil, by the way.

Before you climb into the shower – warm, not hot!

– rub yourself down with almond oil or olive oil.

You could use coconut oil too, but we're going to explore the mighty coconut a little later.

By oiling up, you'll create a barrier between your skin and the water, and you'll have an easier time shaving.

You'll also come out with much softer skin.

10 Budget Friendly Beauty Tips You've Got to Try ...

Makeup remover can be a little expensive.

If you already have baby oil or cooking oil at home you really don’t need to waste money on this beauty product.

Mix two part cooking oil, such as canola or olive, to one part baby oil and store in a container.

To use dab a little bit onto a cotton ball and wipe over your eyelids and lashes to remove makeup and mascara.

7 Ways to Use Olive Oil for Beauty Purposes ...

remover that contains no chemicals, and it's loaded with skin-nourishing vitamin E.

Just pour a little olive oil on your fingers or on a cotton ball and gently massage it all over your face.

You can then use a dry tissue or a wet washcloth to wipe it off.

You might also be surprised to learn that you can use olive oil as a cleanser even if you aren't wearing makeup — I've tried this oil cleansing method, and it's left my skin amazingly soft and blemish-free.

9 Delicious Tips for Eating out While on a Diet ...

On the topic of dressings, always opt for an oil based dressing over a cream based dressing.

Balsamic vinaigrette is also a great option too.

Italian dressing is usually safe, or better yet, just ask for oil and vinegar.

Both olive oil and vinegar are high on the satiety list and they help lower your blood glucose levels.

I also like to ask for a few lemon slices to add with oil and vinegar to squeeze over my salads.

It makes for a delicious dressing when combined with a little black pepper!

Super 🙌 Easy Ways to Use Olive Oil ⚗️ in Your Beauty 💋 Routine 📆 ...

If olive oil can moisturise your face and hair, then obviously, it is going to make a good body moisturiser.

It can be used on extra dry patches or all-over.

It can also be used in exfoliators.

One simple one which is nice for summer skin is to mix olive oil with a little lemon juice, and sugar for use on your lips, heels and elbows.

7 Foods to Put on Your Hair to Make It Shiny and Radiant ...

Olive oil is another fantastic product for your hair.

It is a little more tricky to work with since it requires specific even disbursement so you don’t end up with oily spots in your hair.

I find the best way to use it is to shake up olive oil with my conditioner so the two products emulsify together.

The olive oil helps enhance the effects of regular conditioner much more efficiently, and can be used in the same way you use your conditioner after shampooing.

Just rinse really well afterwards.