25 Pieces of Wisdom πŸ€“ from Women in the Great Generation πŸ‘©πŸ»πŸ‘©πŸ½πŸ‘©πŸΌπŸ‘©πŸΏ ...

Save money, mementos, memories, stories – but definitely save money.

Characteristics πŸ’‹ of Women πŸ‘© That Men πŸ§” Are Attracted to 😍 ...

Men like women who spoil themselves with their own money.

This shows they are not after his money.

11 Hysterical Unanswerable Questions to Ponder about Life ...

You want to save money, not lose it.

That's why it's disconcerting that a man meant to help you with your money has the word 'broke' in his title.

Video 🎞 Inspiration 🌈 for Cool 😎 Money Saving πŸ’° Hacks ...

We all need some money-saving hacks.

I am always asked questions like how to start your own business, how to travel for 6 months.

I have just learned how to save money.

So I'm going to share some of my best money saving hacks with you.

Always ask yourself do I need or I want it.

How Relationship Lovers Can Enjoy the Single Life ...

Relationships cost a lot of money.

Whether you’re spending money on gifts, different dates, or just dinner, you spend a lot of money when you’re dating.

Now that you’re single, you’ll probably notice that you save a lot of money, and use that money for something fun, like something you’ve always wanted or a trip you’ve always wanted to go on!

11 Fantastically Creative Dresses That Will Blow Your Mind ...

The money dress is probably one of the more perplexing creative dresses.

It looks as though it feels like feathers and smells like ink!

If you need a pound or two, do you just yank one off and use it?

If nothing else, it could be an interesting way to "tie up" your money so that you don't spend it.

17 Life Choices πŸ€” You Can Make Every Morning 🌞 when You Wake up ...

You could either fill out applications for a high paying job, or you could waste money shopping for shoes.

The choice is up to you.

7 Tips for Mature Students ...

Keeping an eye on your finances as a mature student is also important.

It can be tough to go from earning money to earning pittance or nothing but managing money is vital.

Save money by taking lunches and snacks into college and take advantage of student discounts.

Experiences Everyone Who Shops at Costco Has Had ...

It's always so much.

So much money.

20 Reasons to Live a Healthy Life ...

Unhealthy people spend a lot of money on eating out, bad foods, alcohol, cigarettes, and medical care.

If you value your money and want to see it put to good use then change your lifestyle now.

A healthy life will leave more money in the bank for better things.

7 Reasons to Support Your Local Community ...

Supporting your local community helps keep your money in the local area and strengthen its economy.

If you only spend with national businesses, the money goes to shareholders and bosses.

Spending locally means that money goes to people who live and work in the local area and care about it prospering.

8 Characteristics of a Good Man ...

A characteristic of a good man isn’t that he makes a lot of money, but that he handles his money well.

Even a man with a fat pay check can be broke.

Take time to figure out how he uses credit cards and if he bothers to save money.

How to Successfully Deal with a Lazy Child ...

One way to motivate your child to work is to stop handing over cash.

Make them earn their spending money.

When they want money to buy something, think of some chores they can do to earn that money.

Reward is highly motivational.

If they want the object badly enough, they will be willing to work for it.

18 Facts about Stress ...

Did you know that money is the number one cause of stress?

It is true, and probably not really that much of a surprise considering the struggles with the economy.

Many people are worried about money, which leads to a large amount of stress.

7 Most Common Dreams 😴 and Their Meanings 🀷 That Every Woman πŸ’― Should Know ...

Money dreams in general express sexuality and love.

Searching for money in dreams is defined as a true urge to love and make love.

On the other hand, dreaming about giving away money means you’re pushing love away.

7 Reasons to Go into Engineering if You Are a Girl ...

I know they say don't go into a field just for the money, but if you are seriously considering engineering for all of its other benefits, the money is an added plus!

Those in an engineering field tend to make more money than those in many other fields, and there is the opportunity for growth within this engineering, as well.

3 Benefits πŸ‘ of Being an Entrepreneur πŸ’° for Girls Making Their Own ☝️ Start ...

There is money to be made when you have your own business and it can be very lucrative.

Of course you have to spend money to make a profit, but the most rewarding part is being able to call the SHOTS!

11 Fabulous Ways to Empower Your Daughter ...

Money can be a tricky discussion for many people – if you allow it to be.

As our daughters grown up, it is crucial that they understand how to manage their money.

A great way to begin is to give her an allowance.

She can’t learn about managing money unless she has some!

Once she has a little in her possession, take a finance class together to learn all aspects of money matters.

7 Necessary Things to Take to a Water Park ...

Don’t forget your money!

There are these little capsules to put money in that are waterproof that you can usually find at gas stations near water parks.

You never know if you’ll happen to need money, so consider taking some.

Maybe the park has extra fees for certain rides or games and you’ll be sorry you didn’t take the money.

15 Best Parenting Infographics ...

Money makes the world go round, unfortunately, so it's important that children learn how to manage money from an early age.

A child's exposure to money matters will have a profound effect on how they manage their financial affairs when they're old enough to do it for themselves.

This infographic gives helpful tips for teaching kids to be money wise.