Lepaparazzi News Update: Angelina Jolie Demands

ANGELINA JOLIE hit movie bosses with a string of demands

7 Tips for Getting the Most out of Foreign-Language Books ...

Many movies are adaptations of books, so try reading books that inspired movies you have seen.

Even if the movie isn't a faithful adaptation (and they rarely are), by having seen the movie you'll be reasonably familiar with the story.

This makes it easier to understand the book that you're reading.

30 Things Many Children like ...

There are more and more 3D movies that are coming out just for kids.

Lepaparazzi News Update: Angelina Jolie Demands

ANGELINA JOLIE hit movie bosses with a string of demands

Lepaparazzi News Update: Angelina Jolie Demands

ANGELINA JOLIE hit movie bosses with a string of demands

8 Ideas on How to Celebrate Halloween ...

What are some of your favorite scary movies?

I love all of the Saw movies and the classic Scream movies.

When Halloween rolls around, all I do is turn the lights off, pop in one of those movies and I am all set for Halloween!

9 Cases of What the Experts Said That Proved to Be Oh so Wrong ...

This was actually a true statement, and was possibly due to the fact that most civil war movies were excuses to shoot fighting scenes and many of them held little interest for movie goers.

It was a quote from the MGM Executive Mr.

Irving Thalberg.

He made the statement to Mr.

Louis B.

Mayer as he was considering the production of the movie “Gone with the Wind.” The same movie that went on to massive success, partly because it was a civil war movie with a solid story to tell, where the civil war was in the backdrop and was not the focus of the movie.

7 Fun Activities to do with Your Daughter ...

Even though my daughter is only 8, she already loves watching chick flicks.

While I do try to choose movies that are age appropriate, we really love watching movies together.

Sometimes we watch movies at home, instead of going to a movie theater.

When watching movies at home, we usually watch two movies.

One that I've selected and one of her choice.

7 Gift Ideas for Someone Who is Hard to Buy for ...

These days, there are movies out at the theatres for almost everyone.

Instead of a gift of a movie on DVD or Blue-Ray that you think they might like, how about a gift certificate to the movie complex so they’ll see something of their own choosing?

There’s something about seeing a movie in the theatre that makes it a special event too!

Lepaparazzi News Update: Angelina Jolie Demands

ANGELINA JOLIE hit movie bosses with a string of demands

7 Facts on Miley Cyrus ...

Her favorite movie is Steel Magnolias.

Do you know something?

I actually enjoyed watching this movie and I'm not big on chick flicks.

7 Perfect Christmas Memories ...

My family has Christmas movies we dare not miss!

We have so many that we actually start watching movies in November.

They bring back memories, even though we practically have the movies memorized.

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie that you watch all of the time?

5 Horrible Horror Movies to Miss ...

I’ve seen many horror movies through my child hood and adult hood that some horror movies will leave you wishing you never spent time watching it.

I lost tons of time to horrible horror movies and would like to give you 5 Horrible Horror Movies To Miss… This movie was straight bad from the start.

They took a good idea and ruined the movie.

It was always focused where it shouldn’t have been, like the sex scenes.

This movie is all thumbs down by me.

12 Things Most Couples Argue about and Ways to Avoid It ...

Photo Credit:

joel.spitsnaugle Yes, many partners argue over which movie they should watch.

This is especially true if the girl likes

Finally a Chance to Be Discovered with Make'n Movies

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) July 10, 2008 Want the chance to get your movie ideas out there for the world to see and for movie makers to pick them up?

Then Make'n Movies is the site for you!

If you have ever had an idea of the type of movie you'd like to see in Hollywood but didn't know how to get the word out, you can now do so with this exciting new website.

You don't have to live in Hollywood anymore for your chance to make it big in the movies.

5 Cool Werewolf Movies ...

I have always enjoyed watching werewolf movies right along with vampire movies.

On my Netflix instant Queue, you are going to find a lot of horror movies that consist of werewolves, vampires, zombies, aliens and all kinds of other strange creatures.

Right now, I am going to tell you about 5 cool werewolf movies … This movie first came out in 1984.

This was a gothic horror film that was directed by Neil Jordan.

This was his second feature.

It tells of a young girl names Rosaleen and the tales that her Nan tells her.

The movie switches between Rosaleen’s dreams and her real world.

7 Ways to Host a Low-budget Party with Friends ...

With the average price of a movie ticket around $10, going to the movies might be too rich for your pocket.

Chances are that there are plenty of older movies that you haven't seen, and you might be able to stream these on Netflix, Hulu or Apple TV.

Host a movie party and pile friends into your living room.

Get some popcorn and enjoy a movie night without spending a lot of money.

7 Sure Ways to Have Fun without Drinking…

Photo Credit:

themacgirl* Set a night aside for family movie night!

You can tell your husband that you want to watch a movie and cuddle.

Watching a movie helps you rest your mind and relax with your

Gone with the Wind, Romantic Movie Review & Trailer

"Gone With the Wind"

DVD on Amazon.com This is by far the most classic romantic movie all times.

Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh will always be remembered for their amazing characters in this movie.

This great story actually won 10 Academy Awards and that's not strange at all

10 Tips on Falling Asleep Fast …

If you have troubles falling asleep, you should consider watching a bedtime movie.

You need to watch in on the couch and avoid watching it in the bedroom.

The objective would be to get tired on the couch from watching a movie and walk to the bed tired.

Always take a bath before the movie, in order to relax.