9 Simple Ways to Shake up Your Beauty Routine ...

Ever wonder what you’d look like with red hair, or with blue mascara?

Why not give it a go?

The goal of shaking up your beauty routine is to make a change, to do something different, so be bold!

Try a new color, whether it’s a new color raincoat (bright yellow!), a new color eye make-up (bright blue!) or a new hair color (sultry redhead!).

8 Ways to Make Beauty Products Last ...

Yet another way to create custom colors for yourself and how to make beauty products last longer is to mix up your remaining eye shadows to make a new color.

You can also mix leftover eye shadow with clear nail polish to make a rad new nail color also.

If you have polish that you love but it’s getting a little on the thick side and getting hard to use, invest in some nail polish thinner, add to your polish and it’s like new!

Follow These 7 Tips for Showstopping Eye Shadow ...

Many cosmetics manufacturers kindly imprint their eye shadow colors with handy directions that tell you exactly where to apply each shade of the color you’ve chosen.

If you’re new to eye shadow application, you will definitely love having one of these palettes in your makeup bag.


The new smoky eye for summer.It's a new way of doing it.

Think a bronze, warm brown, coppers.

And a new technique.

It's all about the crease and the perfect eye pencil.

The new smoky eye gets teamed up with a soft peach, watermelon or berry blush and lip to modernize it.

Vincent Longo Water Canvas Blush, Forever Flush Ramy Pure Color Blush For Cheeks, Alive!

Vincent Longo Lip Stain with SPF 15

15 Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes You've Got to Have ...

Finally, the last eyeshadow palette that we're going to talk about is Maybelline's super color explosion!

This eyeshadow palette is not only super affordable ($10.00 chicks!) but it's available everywhere!

I've seen it at Walgreens, CVS and even on Amazon!

These Gorge AF 👁Looks👁 Will Prove💄Makeup Art 🎨 is Real!!

Artist Tal Peleg uses eyes as the canvases for her art, and it's obvious she takes the title of "makeup artist" to a whole new level...

11 Ways to Start the New Year on a Positive Note ...

It doesn’t have to be something completely outrageous or out of your comfort zone, but a change in your makeup routine may add a new sparkle to your usual look.

Invest in a new lip color or eye shadow palette.

The Best Make-up Tips for Brown Eyed Girls ...

Unlike with some eye colors, brown ones are great for wearing silver eyeshadow.

It’s such a fun color and it makes brown eyes pop.

Combine it with a lovely shade of purple eyeliner and you’re ready for a night out.

Get ready to turn some heads because that’s what this look will do for you.

What shade are your brown eyes?

Mine are medium and I learned so much about make-up while researching this information.

Which tip is new to you?

8 Makeup Tips to Make You Look Prettier ...

Always, whenever you are looking for new ways to draw out your beauty, experiment with makeup!

Don't be scared to try new colors, girls!

Trust me, I never thought that I would like deep greens, but they really draw out the green in my eyes!

7 Makeup Terms to Watch out for ...

I recently did a post on how to use makeup pigments, but do you know exactly what a makeup pigment is?

Well, it's actually a very powdery substance that is super colored and that you can add to all kinds of things!

The more pigmented your eye shadow is, the better – it lasts a really long time!

I use makeup pigments to make up brand new eye shadow colors, lipstick colors and they can even be used as blush!

7 Ways to Transition Your Makeup from Winter to Spring ...

I love a smoky eye with a nude lip and I wear that look often in the colder months, but as spring comes along, I find myself drawn to paler, nude eye shadows and brighter lips.

I enjoy the swap out in colors and the new look.

This look goes with so many things and does not offer competition to your clothing like a smoky eye does.

I also love to shop for new eye shadow shades!

7 New and Hot Makeup Trends to Follow ...

We all know the smokey eye isn’t a new makeup trend, but what about trying a smokey eye in a different color.

The fashion runways have been using purples, reds, and greens to create a beautiful new look with this old classic.

The use of color makes the technique easier to manage, too!

Lustworthy Fall🍂🍁 Beauty Launches🚀 to Drool💦 over This Season💄🎨 ...


Is this not one of the best-looking palettes you’ve ever laid your eyes on?

Aside from that, this palette was created by plastic surgeons and each eye shadow contains anti-aging ingredients that your delicate eye area will love.

Another plus is that this palette contains eye foundation which is something brand new to the beauty game.

It color corrects, neutralizes, and smooths for easy application.

Available at ulta.com for $42

7 Beautiful Eye Shadow Shades for Brown Eyes ...

Eyes are one of the most beautiful features on a face, and I've got some eye shadow shades for brown eyes that will not only enhance them, but bring out a whole new you!

There are so many colors and techniques to choose from that these eye shadow shades for brown eyes will really be fun to work with.

Let's see which of these hues is just right for you.

Dark blue

Flawlessly Transition🔄 into Fall with These Hot X Beauty💋 Tips ...

Switching from summer to fall makeup is one of the best parts of the transition if you ask me!

It’s time to switch from bronze-y and shimmery shades to moodier colors that correspond with the new season.

Dark, matte lips and smoked out eyes in deeper tones are sexy and reminiscent of fall fashion.

If you have favorite colors that you just can’t give up, look for colors in a similar color family but in deeper hues.

7 Tremendously Helpul Tips on Finding the Right Makeup for Your Hair Color ...

in finding makeup to complement your hair color.

At first glance it might seem like your current range of makeup colors will work,and they might, but the new hair color can bring out certain tones in your skin that you didn’t notice before.

Your foundation, eye makeup and lip color might need some updating or mixing up so feel free to explore your options!

7 Makeup Ideas for when You're Bored ...

Most of us tend to grab the same black or brown eyeliner day after day.

But there are so many different colors to choose from.

Navy eyeliner is a great choice to brighten up the whites of your eyes.

A dark purple looks absolutely stunning on hazel or brown eyes.

Even if you don’t want to change your color, you might consider changing your formula.

If you’re a pencil girl, try a new gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner.

42 Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks to Try ...

There are so many ways to do eye makeup and I love how you can find so much inspiration on the internet!

If you’re looking for some new ways to wear eye makeup, new colors or color combinations to wear;

I found 42 absolutely stunning eye makeup looks you’ll want to try out.

Makeup should be fun so feel free to experiment and don’t let yourself be intimidated.

Even if some of the eye makeup looks look really complicated, don’t be afraid to try if you really love it.

Just put your own twist

7 Fierce Fall 2013 Beauty Trends ...

Color blocking was a huge trend in apparel and nails, but now you can enjoy wearing the trend on your eyes!

This is also great news for girls who like to rock cat eyes but crave a new way to wear the classic trend.

Achieve this look by pairing a soft cream pink or lilac eye shadow on the inner half of your eyelids and creating a bold cat eye in black.

Top the cream shadow with powder shadows to really set the colors.

Make sure you use different brushes for the contrasting colors so the colors stay sharp!

7 Colored Eyeliners That Will Make Your Eyes Pop ...

Stil’a Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liners are my new obsession.

They go on easily and dry instantly for a smudge-free look.

This eyeliner goes on easy enough for anyone to use, even a beginner.

There are 15 shades in the collection, but my favorite is the Turquoise featured above.

Turquoise is a great color because it makes all eye colors pop!

You can get this amazing eyeliner pen at stilacosmetics.com.