8 Tips for Dealing with Annoying Passengers ...

Unfortunately, this isn’t always an option.

However, when it is, I take it.

7 Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Wedding ...

Feature some of your favorite foods on the menu.

For example, if you really love hamburgers, serve them (perhaps a fancier option, but serve them), or if your husband’s favorite meal is fried chicken, have it as an option.

7 Positively Useful Tips on How to Flirt Online ...

How many of you have used the “poke” feature on Facebook, or the “wink” option on OKCupid?

These little options are a great way to start an innocent flirtation, especially if you’re just not bold enough to send a message yet.

Beginners Guide 📘 on Using a Crockpot 🥘 ...

A round shape is good for soups and stews.

An oval shape is good for more options, such as roasts or whole chickens.

Fab 👌 Ways for Ladies to Pull Themselves 💪 out of a Funk 😔 ...

This means no option to hop back into bed.

A neatly made sleeping space gives you a sense of control.

Never Order These Items from a Fast Food Place ...

"If you're trying to order a healthy option, don't order the Gourmet Veggie Club."

Is There a Direct Bus from Coimbatore to Namakkal?

If there is how long does it take to reach?

If not what are my other options to reach Namakkal?

Facial 👩 Thread Lifts 🤔: the Pros 👍 and Cons 👎 ...

That makes this an option for those who have health problems that make them unsuitable candidates for more major procedures.

The Best 👏🏼 Travel Sites 💻 for Millenials 🙋🏻🙋🏽🙋🏿🙋🏼 Who Want to save 💰 on Trips 🗺 ...

A really handy site that lets you enter your dates and destination and gives you great comparisons for different options in your price range.

8 Easy Ways to Add More Color to Your Wardrobe ...

Lipstick not only boosts your mood, it also brings a welcome touch of color to your outfit.

Just think of how striking red lipstick looks when paired with a black dress.

There may not be as many color options as with scarves or hats, but lipstick is still a great option.

Springtime Side: Sauteed Asparagus

I know it's still a few weekends away, but I'm a planner and not a procrastinator, and I've already got Easter dinner on my mind.

Asparagus is an excellent, seasonal option to pair with grilled lamb, roast duck or any meat option.

It works well as an appetizer, but I like to chop it up, lightly saut

The Trick to Keeping Your Make-up in Place ...

For some reason, experts say that a matte product stays in place better than other options.

Mineral based products are also a great choice as they adhere to your skin and are less likely to slide off as the day goes on.

Experiment with your options to find the one that you like best.

7 Top Tips for Taking Travel Photos with a Camera Phone ...

If your travel photos aren’t truly capturing nature’s wondrous colors, play around with your camera phone settings.

You should be able to adjust contrast and brightness.

Some camera phones also have options to change picture size and other options to improve quality.

Things 📖 That Will Make You a Better Person 😊 ...

Try to let your heart lead the way sometimes, even when your head is usually the final decision maker.

The most logical option isn’t always the best option for certain circumstances, so let your heart lead the way every now and then.

Girl's 👩 Guide 📖 to Traveling 🗺 Frugally 💰 ...

The sharing economy can help you to find cheaper accommodations, home-cooked meals, rideshare options, and quirky tour guides.

Try to find some of these websites to help you save on travel expenses.

Websites like EatWith, BlaBlaCar, Vayable, and Airbnb are great options.

8 Ways to Organize Your Desk ...

One of the key ways to stay organized and reduce the appearance of clutter is to be smart with your storage options.

Pen holders, drawer dividers, and multi-level paper trays are all perfect examples of clutter-reducing storage options.

7 Household Tips ...

Depending on the amount of grease spilled, there are actually a couple of options.

The easiest option is to sprinkle baking soda on the grease so you can scoop it up easier.

If you don’t have baking soda on hand, then rubbing ice cubes on the floor will cool the grease and make it easier to scrape up with a metal pancake turner.

7 Ways to Break That Frustrating Mindless Eating Habit ...

Sometimes you aren’t really hungry.

You just want something in your mouth.

For those times, try mints or gum.

Even a glass of water can quell this feeling.

Mints, gum and water are all low-cal or no-cal options.

Brushing your teeth is another healthy option.

30 Motivational Health and Exercise Quotes ...

"Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit." -- Vince Lombardi

8 Step Strategy to Lose Weight Quickly ...

Look for healthier snack options that you like and stock up on them.

When hunger pangs strike, you will have healthy food options at hand that you can eat without feeling guilty and without disrupting your plan.