Dishwasher Lasagna: Love It or Hate It?

Either the people at Part Select

Fab πŸ‘Œ Ways for Ladies to Pull Themselves πŸ’ͺ out of a Funk πŸ˜” ...

Hurting people hurt people.

Once you learn not to care what other people think, you'll have all the power.

$1.00 πŸ’΅ Makeup πŸ’„ Artist 🎨 Kit Items πŸ› from Dollar Tree πŸ’° ...

These are good so you can use the makeup on various people.

7 Secrets to Better Friendships ...

People are people;

they can and do hurt each other.

Friends are those who can forgive each other and let the relationship grow from there.

Perfect πŸ‘Œ Things to do πŸŽžπŸ“™ when You're Lonely πŸ˜” ...

Exercise is a great way to get yourself in shape and mett new people.

7 Things You Should do Solo ...

I love people watching.

It gives me a good laugh and teaches me what NOT to do!

At the same time, it can be interesting to see how other people act or respond to certain situations, or how available they are emotionally.

Facebook is a good place to people watch!

You'd be surprised at what people say and post on there.

It's a good idea to people watch solo though.

Your friends may view you as harsh or mean if you do it around them!

7 Factors That Contribute to the Perfect Kiss ...

Some people don't mind public displays of affection.

However, most people don't want to make-out when there are dozens of people walking around.

Make sure that you're in the privacy of your home, or somewhere where there's not an audience.

That way, the moment will be special, because it'll only be shared between the two of you.

Do These Things and Never Miss Another Deadline ...

Maybe this is a silly tip, but the truth is that many people cannot let go of their distractions.

The sheer amount of students that leave their phones on, social media profiles open, TVs and music on is staggering.

Some people seem unable to exist without some form of distraction, and there is a very strong chance that you are one of these people.

8 Emotions You Can Express with Your Eyes ...

Some people get moon-eyed, some people get cow-eyed, some people get starry-eyed.

There are thousands of ways to telegraph a look of love in your eyes.

No matter how you do it, however, it's an obvious thing – and a beautiful one.

7 Best Reasons for Starting Your Own Business ...

By becoming an entrepreneur you’ll be able to help other people too, especially in this economy.

Also, this is a good opportunity to choose the people you work with, so the best thing you can do is to surround yourself with motivated people who care about you and your success.

10 Things to Know πŸ—― about Collagen πŸ„ Supplements πŸ’Š ...

The thing is that collagen supplements might not be the key factor for people, especially if the people who are passionate about using them are people who look after their skin in general anyway.

Ideally, we need a study focusing on users who have done nothing to ensure the health of their skin in the past.

Fun New Blog: off the Rack

For those of you who love to follow celebrity gossip & fashion, Off the Rack is a great dose of daily reading from the people behind People Magazine.

It's a mix of shopping, celebrity news, and product reviews!...

Real People Real Stuff Website Lets You Flog Items through Videos

There's a new website out there called Real People Real Stuff, which is basically the lovechild of Craig's List and YouTube, which allows people to sell things and promote their businesses - all by video.

20 Girl Power πŸ’ͺ Quotes πŸ—― to Remind You πŸ“Œ That Women πŸ‘© Are Bad Asses πŸ‘Š ...

β€œI don't forgive people because I'm weak, I forgive them because I am strong enough to know people make mistakes.” - Marilyn Monroe

The Nothing Exhibition - People Turned up

Give me strength.

These people actually turned up at an exhibition in Germany to see nothing.

Come on people get a life.

Look at them standing around twiddling their thumbs.

Did they actually pay?

This insults people's intelligence and makes me furious.

7 Ways to Maintain High Standards and Still Find Love ...

If you hang out with people who are troublemakers, then you'll get used to people like them.

You want to associate with people you respect, because it will help you respect yourself.

If you're always hanging out with an unhealthy group of friends, try to expand your social circle.

8 Worthy Global Causes ...

This is an independent organisation that focuses on the provision of medical aid.

It works in areas that lack permanent health facilities or reacts to the needs of people following a disaster.

It’s also at the forefront of educating people in the developing world on health issues.

Sienna Miller Has No Pants, or Sense of Style

A lot of people say that Sienna Miller has a great sense of style.

Those people are wrong.

At least when it comes to this disaster of an outfit that Sienna Miller wore to the Factory Girl premiere after...

10 Things about Metabolism You Should Know ...

Okay, this is going to be confusing, but here goes:

heavier people may actually have faster metabolisms than skinny ones.

It’s true!

Because heavier people’s bodies have to work harder to do even simple tasks, their metabolisms tend to be faster than those of thinner people.

Weird, huh?

The Benefits πŸ‘ of Having No ❌ Friends πŸ‘«πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬ for Girls Feeling down πŸ˜” about It ...

In a world driven by labels, we often find ourselves stuck in one group that may not be truly who you are.

We get to find people who might just surprise us.