17 Step Makeup Guide for Girls Who Are Dying to Look like Kylie Jenner πŸ‘‘ πŸ’‹πŸ’„β€οΈ ...

Kylie uses Sephora's 'Colourful Face Powder' in the shade 'Passionate'.

It's a fairy warm shade that will add the perfect amount of shimmer to beautiful, glowing skin!

5 of My Favorite Plants ...

These shade-loving plants add a sense of elegance to any shade garden.

They are reliable bloomers and seem to look better every year.

My grandmother has a beautiful one in her shade garden that has been there since I was a small child.

This plant is a perfect centerpiece for your shade garden.

7 Little Known Tips on How to Apply Bronzer like a Pro ...

If you can’t find the right shade of bronzer for your skin, try mixing a few different colours together to get the perfect shade.

You’ll find that quite a few bronzers come in palettes with multiple shades.

If you have lighter skin, look for a palette with pink tones in it.

Those with medium skin tones can generally get away with most shades but golden and apricot shades are great for bringing out warmth.

If you’ve got darker skin then go for a rich, shimmery bronzer.

How Clown Contouring is Done ...

To get your blush just right for the clown contouring technique, all you need to be able to do is draw a circle.

Use a pinky shade and form a perfect circle on each of your cheekbones.

Make sure you choose a shade that complements your skin tone and won’t look garish once it’s blended.

Inspirational 🌟 Ways to Take Stress πŸ˜– off Your Mind πŸ’­ for a More Peaceful πŸ™ Existence 🌎 ...

There's nothing like retail therapy to take your mind off stress.

Hit your favorite beauty shop for a new mascara or a new of shade of lipstick.

This could be the perfect time to try that shade of red you’ve always wanted.

8 Essential Halloween Beauty Tips ...

Another makeup product that does double duty is eye shadow.

When it comes to Halloween beauty tips, matte eye shadow is perfect for creating those ghoulish Halloween looks.

Brown and purple shades can be used for bruises and dirt, and green and white shades can be used to create corpse-like skin.

The Best Make-up Tips for Brown Eyed Girls ...

A middle shade of brown eyes is the perfect backdrop for bronze eye make-up.

Try the shade in eyeshadow or eyeliner.

It’s a great way to make your eyes pop while also giving you the chance to try out the crazy hot metallic trend that’s sweeping runways right now.

17 Ways to Shake up πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Your Regular Beauty Routine πŸ’„ ...

Instead of using only one color on your eyes, lips and cheeks, try mixing a couple of shades to create the perfect new shade for you.

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17 Makeup πŸ’„ Products Every Dark Skinned Beauty πŸ™‹πŸΎπŸ™‹πŸΏ Needs in Her Supply πŸ› ...

Perfect color, perfect shade, perfect corrector!

Get it here:


Make Yourself Shine on New Year's with These Makeup Looks ...

Could you pull this look off for New Year's Eve?

This is the Secret for Bold, Beautiful Brows ...

I’m sure you have a handy eyeshadow with whatever colour you’re looking to fill your brows, and if not, that’s when the real fun begins by mixing/blending colours together to find the perfect shade!

These Pictures πŸ“Έ of Paradise 🏝 Will Give You #TravelGoals ✈️ ...

The perfect place for meditation.

Tiny Gardens That Fit into Any Space ...

The plants in this garden define the space while also providing shade.

9 Real, Yet Strange Dating Superstitions ...

I can't tell you how many times I've heard women panic because they can't find their special date lipstick.

Personally, I just wear the perfect shade for my outfit.

I'm a lipstick junkie and can't imagine having a specific shade just for dates.

Plus, if the date goes really well, he'll be wearing the lipstick anyway.

If you're guilty of this one, try to branch out to several different shades so you never have to cancel due to a lipstick crisis.

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These four fantabulous shades are the perfect stocking stuffer for fashionistas already looking forward to the lighter side of spring's fashion collections or if she's lucky...preparing for a holiday vacation somewhere tropical.


β€œIt's Not Red” Nail Color – This...

7 Most Common Foundation Mistakes ...

My mother always told me to test my foundation on the inside of my wrist to find the perfect color.

Turns out that it’s a horrible idea!

Greg Wencel, a Covergirl makeup artist, states to test your foundation on three areas of your face, not just the jaw line.

He recommends you test the shade of your foundation underneath your eyes, around your nose (or on it) and along your jaw line.

This way, you’ll be more positive that you’ve got the right shade!

The perfect foundation shade should "disappear" into your skin.

He also notes that if you’re unsure of the shade, always go darker – I was shocked by this fact too!

Apparently, going darker covers more skin blemishes and imperfections compared to a lighter shade.

Interesting, right?

7 Devastatingly Gorgeous Ways to Use Fall's Purple Makeup Palettes ...

or complexion!

The first step is picking out your perfect shade.

There are dozens of purple makeup palettes, some dark, some light, some in between.

Different shades will work with different skin tones, eye colors, and hair colors.

I think lighter shades look gorgeous on dark and honeyed skin tones, whereas a pale girl with a shade of dark plum is stunning.

Pick your color, but play around and experiment with different hues first.

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Nail Polish ...

Your skin tone has a lot to do with picking out the perfect polish.

You need something that complements the color of your skin.

If you're very fair skinned, lighter shades with pink or blue undertones are a good idea.

Dark skin looks wonderful with lighter colors as well, but also looks incredible with dramatic, dark shades.

Olive toned skin will look beautiful with gold toned shades of polish.

7 Pretty Lamps for Your Home ...


$18.99 at amazon.com Perfect for a jungle or India inspired room.

This lamp will add character to any decor!

The rich shades of color in the base of the lamp are dark and shiny and the shade is made of rattan.