7 Must See Attractions of Liverpool ...

This gallery is home to one of the biggest art collections outside London.

The first 37 paintings were installed in 1819 and they were from William Roscoe’s personal collection that he had to sell after his bank failed.

Some of the most important works on display are Yeames' “And When Did You Last See Your Father?” along with works by Rembrandt, Degas and more recent exhibits by David Hockney and Lucien Freud.

For really recent additions there is a Banksy called “Cardinal Sin” which is supposed to be a reaction to the scandal in the church as it is a defaced statue of a priest.

🎨 Places in Paris for Art Lovers Other than the Louvre 🖼 ...

A very recent gallery opening in Paris, since its opening last year the Fondation Louis Vuitton has proved to be a really popular destination for art loving tourists in the city.

Along with displaying some of the prize possessions from the LVMH collection, the venue also showcases several high quality loan pieces from all over the world.

7 Places to Visit in Italy ...

The floating (or sinking) city, Venice is built on a lagoon and famed for its gondolas and its wild ‘carnaval’ festivities.

It’s another hotspot for arts and culture, and is stuffed full of galleries, architectural gems and museums packed with fascinating artefacts, both ancient and recent.

Be warned:

Venice is a major tourist attraction, and as a result is one of the most expensive cities in Italy.

If you’re keen to see the sights, you’re going to have to fork out of the privilege.

10 Music Festival Essentials ...

Photo Credit:

Cuba Gallery Most music festivals are in the middle of huge shade free open spaces.

Even on a day with decent temperatures you’ll feel hot after standing in the sun for seven hours.

It has recently become über chic to carry around an Asian fan.

Bring one of these to look and be cool!

Southern California Crustaceans: the Heiress Crab

The Heiress Crab is an invasive species of crustacean found in Southern California.

It can be spotted crawling around Barneys, Kitsons, the In-N-Out Burger and in various nightclub VIP rooms.

It has numerous natural enemies and can’t seem to hold on to any friends.

Cops enjoy pulling the Heiress Crab over not because it often breaks the law, but because they want to ask it out to dinner.

Recently the Heiress Crab was sentenced to spend time in a crab trap as punishment for it’s bad behavior and now it’s claws are out for vengeance.

(Via Gallery of the Absurd:

Southern ...)

8 Great Reasons to Visit Belgrade ...

For many tourists, one of the reasons to visit Belgrade is to simply to meander through the bustling streets soaking up the culture and for this, Savamala is perfect.

Savamala, which borders the right bank of the Sava River, is said to be Belgrade’s oldest neighborhood.

And, be prepared – it is very shabby in places, really showing sign of its age, but that just adds to the Boho feel because recently, the area has begun to reinvent itself.

It is now thought of as Belgrade’s creative hub, boasting galleries, exhibits, concerts and film screenings amongst a mountain of other artistic happenings.

8 Amazing Cities of Germany ...

The city of Frankfurt is a mix of old and new.

Gleaming skyscrapers are a relatively recent addition to the city’s 2000 year old landscape and sit alongside more traditional Gothic architecture.

There’s plenty to see and do in Frankfurt – you can visit one of its many galleries, spend big on one of its many shopping streets, or head out to its large variety of clubs and restaurants.

The city also hosts many different festivals throughout the year.

Dazed and Confused Vs Andy Warhol at the Baltic

The Baltic Mill have asked Dazed and Confused to nominate 10 artists who they feel have elements of Andy Warhol in their work for an exhibition.

Warhol is undergoing a renaissance -that is if he'd ever gone away in the first place;

the mystical artist was played by Guy Pearce in recent film Factory Girl which also featured Sienna Miller.

The piece above is called Reaching the Mountain Top by Matthew Stone and could almost be an image of hangers on from Warhol's studio.

The show will run at the Newcastle gallery from 16th May to 2nd September and will feature photography, performance and new media.

7 Places to Visit in the Cotswolds ...

There’s an arty kind of atmosphere to Stroud, which has earned it the nickname of “the Covent Garden of the Cotswolds.” In recent times it has attracted artists, musicians, writers and artisans.

It enjoys the stunning setting of the Five Valleys (made famous by Laurie Lee’s Cider with Rosie) and today, many of the buildings are occupied by tea rooms and bistros, galleries and boutique stores selling an eclectic range.

Hippies, Boho-chicks and new-age types find a spiritual home here and Stroud is also host to one of the best farmers markets in the country.

7 Celebrities Who Are Also Artists ...

Bob Dylan is a world renowned musical legend.

Not only that, he has been sketching and painting since he was a young boy and he first exhibited his work in 2011 in New York, debuting a series of paintings.

His most recent exhibition, "Face Value," opened at London's National Portrait Gallery in August of last year, and met with more favorable reviews than his first

Croatian Naive Art Galley & Museum Collection in St. Petersburg, Florida

Croatia was part of the political and cultural mish-mash of the former Yugoslavia, and for years toiled under a restrictive, and often punitive, dictatorship.

It’s hard to believe in such a closed and suppressed society, that art could flourish —

but it did, and recent years have brought both the art and artists to the attention of people around the world.

The Croatian Naive

How to Completely Revamp Your Room for under $50 ...

="http://img.allw.mn/content/gw/bq/i5r48x225584794a3b777375136548.jpg" alt="Get the Spray Paint out" title="" class="aligncenter size-full" /> You would be surprised just how easily you can give new life to a piece you already have in your room with a little bit of spray paint. I was recently redecorating my cousin’s bedroom, and we were creating a gallery wall in her room. She had a white sign that said “Love” that she wasn’t crazy about anymore. I spray-painted it gold, and it instantly became the perfect addition to her gallery wall. It’s crazy just how much spray paint can change the simplest pieces.

7 Places to Visit in Paris ...

>This labyrinthine art gallery is the largest museum in Paris and has to be number one on my own personal list of places to visit.

It is home to literally thousands of original works some relatively recent and some dating back to the middle-ages.

Included among the most prestigious pieces on display are, of course, da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, and the celebrated Venus de Milo.

Scott Storch Gets Artwork Repossessed

A MIAMI art gallery owner had to show up in person at music producer Scott Storch’s place to get back a painting Storch hadn’t paid for.

Last month, we reported Storch - who was so flush two years ago, he gave Lindsay Lohan a $1 million diamond “friendship”

ring - had his credit cards declined at a Miami club, and since then, Paris Hilton’s music-making pal has been paying cash for everything.

Now, South Beach gallery owner Dmitry Prut says he recently paid

7 Reasons to Move to Brooklyn ...

Sure Manhattan is home to an award winning theater district and world renowned museums, but if you’re tired of attending overpriced events, waiting on long lines and leaving unimpressed, this is another reason to emigrate across the East River.

Brooklyn is home to some of the most unique up and coming art galleries and music venues.

I recently saw a friend play at Spike Hill in Williamsburg and I was so envious of the fact that after the show she walked a total of two blocks down Bedford

Still Life NYC - Exudes Style and Originality with Classic Hats and Modern Twist!

With a mixture of hip-hop and jazz playing on the website (www.StillLifeNYC.com), customers have the opportunity to view the gallery of hats, a preview of the owners’ style.

The Coca – a strew equestrian cap with black leather trim and black grommets, the Garvey – a honey panama strew retro safari hat with yellow leather trim, black buckle and side grommets, and the Tommy Frenneli – a classic 40’s gangster fedora with center crease and front

10 Marvelous Moscow Attractions ...

Moscow attractions were not so very long ago, off limits to most of us.

Luckily though, the magnificent Russian capital is growing with the modern world, yet keeping its unquestionable uniqueness based on centuries of history.

Must-see Moscow attractions testify to the political, cultural and religious power of Russia from the past until nowadays.

Beside the world famous Moscow sights like Red Square, the city boasts some new art galleries opened in former warehouses and factories, numerous

7 Reasons Your Cat Won't Eat ...

/infection_7-reasons-your-cat-wont-eat.jpg" alt="Infection" title="" class="aligncenter size-full" /> Photo Credit:

Cuba Gallery When cats get sick, they don’t feel like eating, just like most humans.

They could have a sinus infection or some other type of internal infection that you aren’t able to see.

It’s hard to get excited about food when you don’t feel 100 percent.

If you suspect some type of infection that is severe enough to warrant antibiotics, be sure to make an appointment for your cat to see a veterinarian.

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prominently, and hysterically.

Other recent subjects have been Rachael Ray (which love her, hate her, or love to hate her, is spot on), and the celebrity adoption as accesory trend.

If you love reading celebrity gossip, or blogs that mock it...

if you love satire, and parody or if you read MAD, Cracked, or National Lampoon type magazines as a kid (or maybe you still do...nothing wrong with that) then Gallery of the Absurd is for you.

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Britney Spears Won't Need Sheryl Crow's Help...

SOURCE - GOSSIP ROCKSgood evening!

oh my gosh i'm still in shock over britney spears shaving &

tattooing escapade from last night!

she must have totally freaked out her two boys when she got back home!

either this is a cleansing and washing away of all her recent party &

puke energy or it's a total sign that she