7 Profound Quotes from Nelson Mandela ...

At times everyone feels like it is impossible to achieve something.

However, Nelson Mandela declared, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Sometimes it seems like a big project will never get finished or a goal will never be reached.

Yet, this quote is reassuring.

With patience and fortitude that project will get finished and that goal will be reached.

7 Reasons Why You Can't Achieve Your Goals ...

Another reason why you can’t seem to manage to attain your objectives is because the goals you set are impossible to reach.

First, try to realize your capabilities and judge your goals from there.

Just believe in yourself, set attainable goals, be optimistic and you will manage to fulfill all your dreams.

7 Ways to Achieve the Impossible ...

Why does something seem impossible?

Because it’s not easy to achieve!

This simple fact is so obvious that it’s easy to overlook.

Yet we only have to look at the example of people who refuse to be told that they cannot possibly manage something, and persist until they reach their goal.

Hard work is a definite requirement.

7 Reasons You Aren't as Successful as You Should Be ...

I know that big dreams might be intimidating sometimes because they can make you doubt your ability to fulfill them.

Nothing is impossible if you work really hard to achieve it.

You will never be successful if you think small and if you only look a day or a year ahead, because you will never get the courage to take some risks and do what you always dreamed about.

Dream big and never be afraid to take chances no matter how impossible your goals might seem!

If you work hard enough and if you have enough patience, you will achieve even the craziest dreams.

7 Warning Signs You Are in Bad Company You Should Know about ...

You should always do everything in your power to accomplish your dreams no matter how impossible this may seem sometimes.

That’s why it’s really important to always be surrounded by people who support and inspire you.

A friend who is constantly derailing you from your goals is definitely a bad influence.

One who understands how important your dreams are to you will make sacrifices in order to see you happy and will think about your happiness before trying to make you change your plans.

10 Steps to Reaching Your Weight Loss Goal ...

Losing weight can seem like a daunting process, especially if you don’t know how to reach your weight loss goal, or even where to start!

But like anything else worth having, a little planning and a lot of hard work will make you appreciate it even more when you finally achieve it.

Let me break it down a little for you, and make it less overwhelming.

Here are 10 helpful little steps, and tips, on how to reach your weight loss goal.

It’s not even a little bit scary… so let’s go!

7 Super-Important Tips for Girls Going to the Gym for the First Time🏋ℹ️ ...

If you want to see some results, then you need to make fitness a habit, just like brushing your teeth every morning.

Even if it may seem like an impossible task, especially when you are really busy and you don’t even have enough time to sleep, it’s essential to work out at least 3 or 4 times a week if you want to achieve your fitness goals.

7 Important Things You Should Never Regret if You Want to Be Happy ...

Never regret having big dreams!

Those big dreams, even if they seem impossible and crazy sometimes are the ones that will motivate you to reach your goals.

Don’t let people tell you what you can’t do!

Believe in yourself and dream big!

Shooting for the stars and landing on the moon is way better than aiming for a mountain and landing on its top.

5 🖐 Reasons You're Not 🚫Succeeding 👏 in Your Goals 🥇 ...

There are lots of reasons you're not achieving your goals.

We've all been there before.

Stuck in a rut that seems impossible to get out of.

Some of us are smack-dab in the middle of it right now.

Let me be the first to say, welcome to the Rut Club!

A place where millions of people stay before they realize that a change is needed.

The first step in fixing a problem is acknowledging that there is one in the first place.

Below is a compiled list of possible reasons

7 Tips to Turn Your "Impossible" Fitness Goals into Possible ...

We all need tips to turn impossible fitness goals into possible because we all make empty goals to ourselves.

"This year, I’m going to run my first marathon," or "Next month, I’m going to shave a minute off my mile," or even "One day, I’m going to climb Mt.

Kilimanjaro." We sprinkle ambitious goals into conversations with friends at parties and with colleagues at work.

However, it seems these deeds are much more easily said than done.

Year after year our ambitious to-do lists remain

7 Efficient Tactics to Fulfill Your Goals ...

! I would love the wake up one day and look like Rihanna but that’s just impossible

!Hell, no exercising could help me have Alyssa Milano’s body either because we just don’t have the same body type

.That’s exactly what I have in mind when talking about realistic goals

.You’ll have to be objective and see things the way other people see them, only then you will be able to set a realistic, achievable goal

.Don’t set the bar to high because you won’t be motivated to try for it and don’t set it too low either because, in that case, it just won’t seem worth it.

11 Inspiring Quotes That'll Get You to the Finish Line ...

Michael Jordan knew what he was talking about with this famous quote.

Think of an obstacle course for a minute.

The finish line seems impossible to reach, but when you find a way through each obstacle in your path, the finish line is suddenly right in front of you.

Every race and goal in life will be full of obstacles.

All you have to do is go through them to reach the other side.

Smart Girl's Guide 📙 to Being Completely 💯 Fierce and Untamable 🦁 ...

You can put this woman under tons of pressure and she’ll thrive.

Heap your piles on her and she’ll just shake it off.

She flourishes in the beehive and produces awesome work despite the distractions.

She likes difficult tasks and has no problem reaching what may seem like impossible goals.

Challenges like these burn like fire inside her, even though they bring more tame women to tears.

29 Deep Quotes 💭 to Have You Thinking about 🤔 the Meaning of Life 🌎 for Soul Searching 🔍 Gals ...


Wise words to remember!

Did any of these quotes about life really speak to you?

I hope you found them to be uplifting and helpful!

Whenever you feel like you're on the wrong track, you find yourself wanting to achieve a seemingly impossible goal or feel as though others are against you, keep these quotes close by.

Do you have a favorite quote that you like to read to yourself?

7 Very Helpful Tips on How to Accomplish a School Goal ...

As I’ve said before, if your goal seems too big and it’s starting to scare you, you could try breaking it down into smaller pieces, so you can work on one thing at a time.

This way, once you see that you can do it and that it’s not actually as impossible as you first thought it would be, you will be more determined to do everything in your power to reach your objective.

Also, you will be able to celebrate many small victories instead of just a big one and this will give you even more reasons to feel happy and proud of yourself.

7 Quick and Easy Workouts to Squeeze into Your Busy Day ...

If you are working multiple jobs, long hours or even just balancing school, squeezing in an hour of exercise can seem impossible.

Believe me I get this, as this is my life too.

And if you are an all or nothing kind of gal, you may feel like anything less may not be worth the effort.

By the way, so not true!

Do not give up on your goals of being fit and achieving your goal because your goal weight can be just around the corner of you work for it.

So set your priorities and start out

7 Most Common Lies You Will Hear before Starting Your Career as a Freelancer ...

you will hear before starting your career as a freelancer:

This is definitely one of the most common lies you will hear before starting your career as a freelancer.

A lot of people will just think that it’s pretty impossible to be able to support yourself by working as a freelancer.

The reason why some things might seem impossible to some people is the fact that they never tried to do them.

Of course, if you work hard enough and if you don’t give up too easily, you will be successful and will reach all your goals and fulfill all your dreams, no matter how crazy they might seem to other people.

9 Essential Habits for Success That You Should Develop Too ...

There are a few essential habits for success you’ll need to develop to reach all your goals and fulfill even the most impossible and craziest dreams you might have.

Even if it’s pretty difficult to define such a complex theory like success, there are a few things successful people share in all the aspects of their lives.

I really love this beautiful quote by Aristotle, who said that "We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." because it can really help you

7 Ways to Use Operant Conditioning Principles to Reach a Goal ...

Sometimes reaching a goal can seem almost impossible, but if you employ operant conditioning principles your goal will become much easier to attain.

Operant conditioning is a method that strengthens or diminishes behaviors using some sort of reinforcer or punisher.

It was developed by the famous behaviorist, B.F.

Skinner, who used reinforcement to train pigeons to walk in a figure eight and play ping pong as a way to prove that rewarded behavior will reoccur.

The operant conditioning

9 Healthy Habits to Adopt This Year ...

You’ve probably made your resolutions for the year but if you’ve found them hard to stick with, why not try some of these healthy habits to adopt?

These healthy habits can be incorporated into your life at any time and can make a huge difference in the way you look and feel!

Don’t pressure yourself with unrealistic goals that are near impossible to reach.

Try some of these healthy habits to adopt and do something good for yourself!

One of the healthy habits to adopt this year