How to 📝 Shop 🛍 for Clothes 👗👠?

Use color analysis.

For example, there are winter, autumn, summer and spring categories of personalities.

Everyone falls into one category.

Search the internet and decide which color category is yours.

Or you can hire a professional who does it for you.

If you know your color, it makes your shopping very easy.

Color analyzation is extremely important.

Know your color and shop for clothes that suit you.

7 Things You Should Know about Spring Allergies ...

Most people assume that they are allergic to flowers and weeds in the spring, but there are many other things you can be allergic to.

When I first went to an allergy doctor, he explained that there are four main categories of allergies for those with cold-like symptoms:

plants/weeds, animals, mold, and trees.

Turns out, many people with spring allergies are actually allergic to tree pollen, and not flowers.

The Only Spring Style Checklist You'll Need This Year ...

When I think of spring, I think of flowy outfits and bright colors.

What’s better than a midi skirt when you’re looking for something that fits under both of those categories?

Midi skirts are so on trend this spring, so make the most of it while they’re still in style!

Add Some Fresh Fruit to Your Diet!

It’s Spring Season…so bring some fresh “spring fruits”

into your life!

Because, “The Spring Season”

carries it’s allergy drawbacks, it’s advisable to absorb lots of non-allergy foods…..such as fresh fruits.

Whether you are in a rush, or just in the mood of a “Healthy Drink”, grab your blender and prepare a delicious smoothie in minutes!!

Click on our “low calorie recipe”

category for delicious and nutritious drinks!

Suvi Says

** >>

Snejana** has some stiff new competition for the "skinniest legs ever"


and the "a little too skinny for my taste"


See Suvi Kuponen mock Snej in the February 2007 issue of Vogue Paris, shot by David Sims.


I'm really not liking this neo-sportswear trend that seems to be in all the magazines for spring.

Nike ankle socks with frilly dresses just doesn't do it for me.

10 Amazing Spring Fashion Essentials ...

Spring fashion essentials can either be staples or trend-based.

A spring fashion essential like a chambray shirt or blazer can come under the category of wardrobe staples, whereas other things like printed palazzo pants and clutches are more trend-based seasonal items.

If your wardrobe seems lacking this season, take some inspiration from the following fashion essentials for spring.

A printed wide leg pant is a must have this spring.

There are a range of prints you could go for, but scarf prints (à la Céline) are a super stylish choice.

If you’re on the shorter side, go for a pant with a higher waist and wear some platform shoes underneath to create some extra height.

13 Fabulous 👌🏼 Natural Oils ⚗️ to Use for Gorgeous 😍 Hair 💆🏻💆🏿💆🏼💆🏽 ...

Not sure if this one falls under the category of natural oils for hair but, hey, coconut oil happens to be of thick consistency too and it’s still technically an oil so I’m just going to go with the good ol’ “don’t fix it if it ain’t broken” and list it anyways!


Because it’s fantastic!

Simply warm it up to use as a hot oil treatment and you’ll be hooked!

7 Beauty Trends for Fall 2014 ...

While nail art is always lovely to wear, nails stay relatively simple for fall 2014.

While dark colors are always in for fall, nudes are the biggest trend.

Nudes are usually more of a spring and summer choice but they are big for fall 2014.

Neutrals such as rich chocolates and grays get an honorable mention, too.

As for me, I will be sticking to my favorite fall nail color which falls perfectly in the neutral category, Essie’s Chinchilly.

8 Brilliant Bag Charms ...


$24.00 at This donkey key fob either comes under the category of bizarre or brilliant bag charms, depending on your point of view.

It is made from baby blue leather and features a contrasting leather saddle, decorative stitching, and hook fastening.

Attach this to your handbag or luggage.

Banana Republic Releases Their Spring 2011 Dress Line!

No matter what you have planned this Spring, from semi-casual parties to a flurry of work-related meetings, you'll need a few versatile dresses to get you through it all with style, and this week, Banana Republic launched their Spring 2011 dress line-up in stores and online.

The dresses are arranged into helpful categories, like "Versatile

How to Dress 👠👖👗 like a New York Fashion Icon 😍 ...

@alexcloset $8.99 at Duh, what else would it go with?

8 Amazing Color Palette Makeup Pieces for Spring ...

Composed of nine shades grouped in three basic categories, Too Faced Boudoir makeup palette for spring is designed to help you look your best in every occasion, even if “experienced” is totally not the word to describe your relationship with makeup.

Three basic looks titled “Day,” “Classic,” and “Fashion,” a step-by-step guide on what goes where and tons of alternative looks for all of you experienced gals – I’d say this palette is worth checking out!

Not a classic brown shade in sight

Gucci Spring/summer Collection: 'Pelham' and 'Peggy'

Lately Gucci has been making rather too many appearances in the Ugly Accessories category, so I thought I'd redress the balance with these gorgeous bags from the label's spring/summer collection.

'Pelham 'on the left costs £750 and 'Peggy' on the right, £895.

Both come in "olive flora canvas with natural leather trim and light gold hardware

Come Party with Me: Baby Shower - Menu (Dessert)

A decadent dessert is a must for any all girl party and my baby shower definitely falls into that category.

After a soup, salad, and sandwich lunch, I want a light yet delectable sweet treat.

Anything that involves a lot of chocolate feels too rich and heavy, I prefer a dessert that screams spring.

A lemon cake with raspberry filling and smooth white frosting sounds divinely heavenly.

The cake can be sliced up after the presents have been opened allowing the mother-to-be time to meet, greet, and thank each of her guests.

For the recipe, read more

Your New Perfect Purse

Dear Ladies, the holiday season is over, but it is not a reason to stop spoiling yourselves, my dear beauties.

Besides, the spring-summer season is not that far away, so it is high time to start preparing "new stunning you", that will turn heads and break hearts in the streets filled with joyfull sunshine and scent of newly dressed in green trees.

Personally I began refreshing my armoire with a beautiful unique purse that will creat a mood for the rest of the spring wardrobe.

I came

7 Gorgeous One-Shoulder Dresses ...

I have a weakness for darling dresses and fetching frocks this spring.

Can you blame me?

There are so many of them to choose from, and they’re all gorgeous!

All of my favorite shops are filled with them, so I’ve had to start making my own categories and ranking them in order of desirability.

To that end, here are 7 gorgeous one-shoulder dresses.

Sweetees is Sweet Indeed but Not Just Tees!


. For Spring '07 expect bold colorul patterns, amazing cottons and light chiffons

.This line is so adored it was recently featured in an upcoming episode of America's Top Model (due to premiere at the end of February), all over Petra Nemcova's Exposed (TLC Summer '07) and was just seen on Desperate Housewives

. Available at Fred Segal, Barney's and Lisa Kline

7 Essential Ways to Wear White This Spring ...

Whether you’re looking for a new swimsuit or a new dress, this summer, the color to consider first is white.

It’s showing up all over the runway and in all of my favorite shops, and it’s so easy and fun and fresh to wear!

Here are 7 essential ways to wear white this spring, one piece from every wardrobe category… see what you think!

7 Fab 🤗 Trends to Try if You're Tall 💃🏼 ...

/ap6fqoyr588289d1a5fd1703653186.jpg" alt="black, clothing, footwear, fashion, spring," class="aligncenter size-full"/> These jeans look like you’ve just strutted off the runway, and that’s for a reason.

Only super tall women can pull them off, and you happen to fit into that category!

Not everyone can wear jeans that have a wide leg, because a lot of the time women that aren’t as tall just seem to drown in them.

These are the perfect jeans to look like you’re chic and completely on-trend!

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2008 Handbags Runway Review

View more designer purses from the Dolce &

Gabbana show Snakes, crocs, and color, oh my!

There was a lot of fun to be had at the Dolce &

Gabbana Spring 2008 show, where purses ranged from the sleek and sophisticated to the kooky and playful.

The former category included a sublime beige crocodile shopper with two front pouches, as well as a glam black croc bowler that oozed luxury