FOUND: '70s Style Belted Turtlenecks


'70s Style Belted Turtlenecks

SJ Replay: Hostess Gifts with Style

SJ Replay:

Hostess Gifts with Style

90 Reasons 📝 to Love ❤️ the 90s ...

Have these really gone out of style?

Haute Historian. Va-Va Voom Versace! Second City Style Fashion Blog

Stephanie Miller for Second City Style Magazine The Versace style is not about simplicity, minimalism or the understated.

It breaks the rules innovatively.

It’s flash and dash.

It’s the allure of sexy rock’n’roll-style glamour.

It’s classic design reinterpreted to bold,...

Get Halle Berry's Summery Sandals!

We always dig Halle Berry's style

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via The New York Times style section

Kelly Hu

Hairstyles Watch - Hair Styles › Edit — WordPress picture Beautiful, well cared for hair has the strength, the shine, and the elasticity to maintain its style...

Haute Historian. Bondage Babes: the L

Stephanie Miller for Second City Style Magazine Herv

5 Easy 👌 Ways to Get Natural Curls 🌀 ...

Your hair has to be clean before styling, so make sure that you wash your hair thoroughly and condition it afterward to make sure that your hair is free from tangles.

7 Expressive Quotes from Jane Austen ...

Style is something that people have been concerned with for many years.

Each person has their own unique style, and that is exactly how it should be.

Jane Austen agreed with this when she stated, “One man’s style must not be the rule of another’s.” Each person’s unique style is what makes them special!

7 Easy Ways to Accentuate Your Best Features ...

Your actual style is also crucial when it comes to accentuating your best features.

A style is different than a cut, of course, because you might have a long cut, which gives you dozens of ways to style it.

An open style, without bangs or with your hair pulled back, will accentuate the features of your face beautifully.

You can also choose a face framing style.

Part of the fun is experimenting to see what makes your favorite feature look its best!

DYK 🤔 There's a Right Way 👍🏼 to Put on Your Bra 👙 ...

Sometimes things like the style of a bra will stop it from fitting you properly, no matter what you do!

This is when you should start looking for a different style and try to avoid buying the style(s) that don't work for you.

Great Waistcoats for the New Season from Designer to High Street

Waistcoats, it seems, are here to stay.

They're a firm favourite with many of our homegrown celebrity style junkies and Kate Moss has even incorporated her love into her own collection for Topshop.

This style is perfect for this season's menswear inspired looks, featuring tailoring and suit styles everywhere...

5 Fab Things for the Budget-Conscious ...

Michelle Williams graced NYC with her casual and chic style, carrying a vintage bag.

If you want to copy her style, check out a similar (and most likely cheaper) bag from Old Navy.

5 Ways to Stay Beautiful ...

Thinking of getting a new 'do or styling your hair a different way for a night out with the girls?

We suggest that you look into a wavy style as seen on the red carpet recently.

5 Things to do when Bored...

Bored of your hair and bored of styling your hair in general?

What you need is a pixie cut!


Michelle Williams.

Here are more reasons for going for this style from A Mom in Red High Heels.

10 Tips on How to Cure Hair Loss...

When styling your hair, you should choose a style that is comfortable and easy to do.

Avoid using products that have alcohol and other harsh chemicals in it.

Those chemicals can harm your hair.

Streetstyle Ways to Carry around a Box Bag ...

Every girl needs at least one clutch style box bag.

ASOS Lace Back Courts

Apparently these are "in the style of" Victoria Beckham.

Well, I don't know about that, but they certainly do seem to be ever so slightly in the style of the All Saints

7 Life Lessons from Mindy Kaling ...

Whether she’s on screen, off screen, on the red carpet, or simply Instagramming her new sweatshirt, Mindy Kaling’s style should influence your own style.

I must say that my style has drastically improved since taking some tips from Mindy Kaling, and I’ve always been pretty stylish.

Both Mindy Kaling and Lahiri have drool-worthy style that we all can’t help but wish we could steal!