7 Edgy Haircuts to Rock This Year ...

There are many edgy haircuts to try out this year.

If you are bored with the same old look you were sporting in 2013, why not consider something new and totally out there in 2014?

These styles aren’t for the timid as you’re sure to be drawing attention to yourself in these edgy haircuts.

One of my favorite edgy haircuts is the shaved side.

While this has been a popular

8 Neat Tricks for Dealing with a Bad Haircut ...

How to deal with a bad haircut is a question even celebrities ask themselves from time to time!

Now that right there is a great thing to remember in case you ever end up totally stressed over your bad cut!

It happens, it totally sucks and it still doesn’t give you the right to shoot the stylist who did it which, of course, leaves only one thing to do - find ways for hiding a bad haircut until your hair grows back to its normal length.

It’s time consuming and usually requires a bit more cash

9 Celebrity Haircuts for Summer Hair Inspiration ...

Looking at celebrity haircuts and styles is a great source of hair inspiration.

In fact, celebrities offer us so much fabulous inspiration when it comes to fashion, makeup, hair and so much more than we might realize.

I mean, who better to get ideas from than those who have access to the best of the best when it comes to style and beauty?

If you’re looking to find a new signature hairstyle or just want a new look for summer, browse these stunning celebrity haircuts for some of the best hair

I Bet You do These Things after a Haircut ...

A visit to the salon is always such a treat.

From the nice head massage you get from the shampooing process to the new cut or style that makes you look and feel good, it's a joy.

It's no wonder then that most of us leave the salon practically walking on air.

And we can't but help indulge in our experience - outwardly.

Here's how the love of a new haircut manifests itself.

I bet you can totally relate to this.

You just have to wonder why you left it so long to change the color / go short/ get a bob.

'Cos, dammit girl you look good,

Are You Feeling Friendzoned? Here's 9 Ways to Know for Sure!

Has he never noticed your new haircut?

Or how you dressed up in his favorite color?

If you’ve never received compliments for him on how you look or how awesome a person you are (in a ‘I totally have a crush on you, you awesome person’ kind of way), it is possible you’re friendzoned!

A lot of people start out as friends and then along the way realize they’re perfect for each other.

But sometimes you get so firmly friendzoned that it’s near impossible getting out of that corner.

If you like someone, know the signs so that you either avoid being friendzoned or at least have a fighting chance!

Do you know other ways girls get friendzoned?

Let us know?

7 Ways to Rock a Pixie Cut ...

The pixie is another one of my favorite haircuts, although I could never pull it off myself.

My cheeks are a little too round for that.

Still, I admire it on other women.

In fact, most of my girl-crushes have pixies, and on ANTM, I always find myself rooting for the girl with the androgynous pixie.

It takes a lot of figurative cajones to get this cut, and one of the reasons some women restrain themselves is because they believe they won't be able to do anything with their new short 'do

Haircut Time?


Anyway, it's grown out.

Thing is, that last cut was a really good one.

I've never had a haircut I was totally crazy about in every way, but this one comes close;

I rarely LOVE how my hair looks, but I'm satisfied with it every day.

Is it greedy to want more?

I feel like maybe it is.

Anyway, I'm unsure how to get my hair cut.

The shorter look was great, but it drives me crazy to have little wisps of hair touching my face.

That said, I hate the boring, plain look

7 Makeover 💋 Apps 📱 That Let You Try a New Look 👀 without 🚫 the Commitment 🔗 ...

Of all of the helpful and fun apps out there, I have to say that makeover apps are one of my favorite types!

Not only can you try a totally new haircut or color, you can try a certain shade or trend in makeup you’ve been dying to try all without leaving your bed!

If you’ve never tried using a makeup app before, it’s super easy, you just snap a photo of yourself and you can try out tons of new looks.

The next time you’re thinking about changing up your look or you just have

Do You like Mickey Rourke's New Haircut?...

Mickey Rourke debuts a new haircut while spending an evening out with girlfriend, Russian model Anastassija Makarenko, in the West Village.

They grab dinner and then frozen yogurt for dessert, and enjoy a moment of playfulness while crossing the street.

I think he looks great with the haircut and for once he isn't wearing

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Vivre Stamped Croc Travel Wallet Another super saver gift without compromising style is this stamped croc travel wallet to keep your man thinking of you when he's out of town.

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Live Blogging the 49th Annual Grammy Awards

with my cutie justin timberlake...

8.33pm and speaking of the cutie there's mr.

timberlake taking to the stage to perform what goes around...

which is such a total kick-ass song but the video left a lot to be desired (read my post from this morning) 8.41pm the always lovely pink who is rocking a great haircut (and dress) is up with