Would You Ride on the Pedal Pub?

Looking for a unique way to go on a pub crawl and get a great workout?

Then next time you're in the Minneapolis area, you should look up the folks at the Pedal Pub.

It's a bicycle powered pub

7 Style Tips for Your First Date ...

Never underestimate the power of accessories.

They add personality and uniqueness to your outfit.

You can’t go wrong with one piece of bold jewelry or even something delicate if that's your style.

Pick this set on Asos.com

Saturn Speakers from Boynq

The Saturn speakers from Boynq is definitely a travel essential item for those who hit the road frequently.

This uniquely designed portable travel speaker looks like a Pokeball at first glance, with the red top and white bottom separated by the speaker mesh in the middle.

Completely bus-powered by any available USB port, you no longer need to worry about searching for a power outlet on your travels, and neither do you need to lug around yet another power adapter, freeing up space in your

Check out 👀 These 👉👇 10 Free 🆓 Food 🍕🍟 Games for Android 📱 ...

Match the toppings and watch your score rise in this colorful puzzle game, with classic match 3 style gameplay.

With over 100 levels and lots of unique power-ups, this game is sure to bring you hours and hours of fun.



58 Pop Culture 🎄 Christmas Gifts 🎁 ...


$25 at amazon.com This Is What People Say:

The design itself is unique - very solid and well constructed.

It should hold up well when carrying around in a backpack or purse.

8 Awesome Movies I Can't Wait to See in 2013 ...

youtube.com Another 2013 movie that I can't wait to see is Oz:

The Great and Powerful.

Now, I am a huge fan of the Wizard of Oz.

I think it's such a unique story and one that has been done up in so many ways, but this version touched me.

Is this movie on your list?

It's definitely a blockbuster for me!

59 Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything 🎁👌 ...

itself is unique - very solid and well constructed.

It should hold up well when carrying around in a backpack or purse.

A rubber "sneaker" tread covers two sides of the device, which adds a unique visual element and provides a nice, tactile feel.

7 Alarm Clocks That Will Have You Waking up in Style ...


$24.90 at shop.nordstrom.com What makes this alarm clock really unique is its energy source.

It’s powered by water!

How crazy is that?

It converts ions in tap water into clean energy, so no batteries or electricity is required.

This environmentally friendly clock is a definite conversation starter.

9 Powerful Women to Look up to ...

and always chased her dreams.

In believing in herself and in her work, she was soon noticed and made an appearance on the National Educational Television station of Boston, which later progressed into numerous TV programs in the 70s and 80s.

Julia is a great role model to look up to for encouragement and motivation to never give up, never stop trying, and always keep a positive outlook.

If it were not for this amazing group of women throughout our history, we would not be where we are today.

They are all special and unique in their own way and have left their mark on our hearts as well as in the world.

How will you leave your mark?

What do you want to be remembered by?

And which of these powerful women inspire you most?

7 Underrated Disney Movies to Watch Right Now ...

> This is definitely one of my favorites on this list and it is definitely one of the most underrated Disney movies.

The characters are so unique in comparison to those in other Disney movies.

There is a princess, but she doesn't want to be rescued and she's the strongest and most powerful out of the group.

It's a lot of fun to watch and is great because of how different it is.

11 Best Hair Removal Tools ...

Braun Silk Epil X’elle Body Epilation System is one of the most effective ways to keep your skin super smooth up to 4 consecutive weeks!

Believe it or not but it has the power of 40 tweezers that uniquely remove more hair in a more efficient manner without leaving your skin red and irritated.

So grab this system and put your hair removal problem at rest.


$65 at ulta.com

7 of the Most Visually Stunning PS3 Games to Be Released Soon ...

for exploration and side missions.

A unique blend of gameplay and storytelling opens up the game to new players, and it’s set to harness the full power of the PS3’s processor.

It looks like the most ambitious and graphically stunning game to be released by Rockstar Games yet!

9 Most Gimmicky Beauty Products Ever ...


$25 at sephora.com I like unique manis just as much as the next gal but when I first heard about this caviar manicure, I knew it would be just another beauty product gimmick!

The 3-D caviar beads look very chic and trendy but this manicure lacks staying power-many ladies reported losing most of their beads within 30 minutes of application and ended up finding beads in their hair, clothes and purse!

If you like the look of this mani, DIY it with craft beads at a much lower price!

10 Most Charmingly Memorable Scents for Men This Christmas ...

Treat a special man in your life with a gorgeous perfume this Christmas.

Ranging from a grandfather to a boyfriend, any man would love to have a charmingly memorable scent as a festive present.

Charming and memorable scents for men can be found within nostalgia;

the most popular perfumes for men are classics, scents that their fathers used to wear, stirring up memories of childhood.

Scent is a powerful trigger for memory, either because the scent is associated with other sensations

In Life & Style Now: inside Maddox’s Birthday!

When Angelina Jolie brought her oldest son, Maddox, with her to LA Studios on Aug.

3, it wasn’t just to give him the chance to see his mom at work.

Angie, 32, also wanted to spirit Mad away from the family’s Santa Barbara, Calif., home so that Brad Pitt, 43, could get the house ready for the action-packed weekend the couple had in store for their son’s 6th birthday!

“Brad and Angelina were heavily involved in the preparations,” says an insider.

“They set up everything themselves.” Brad did everything in his power to make his eldest son’s birthday special.

“Brad and Maddox have a unique father-son bond,” says a friend of Angie’s.

On Aug.

4, the gang

Unforgettable Alternatives to Boring Baby Names 👶 💝 ...

, it was the number one girl’s baby name for many years.

It is soft and feminine yet still very powerful.

A similar name is Seraphina!

Oh, I love this name too.

It has many of the same sounds and flow as Sophia, yet it is very unique.

Seraphina is a Hebrew name that means fiery-winged.

8 Tips to Buying Your Perfect Boots ...

obvious, but it’s important nonetheless.

In order to make sure you buy boots that suit your unique shape, you need to have a good idea of the length and proportions of your legs.

If you’re super petite, for example, experts suggest you might want to avoid the pirate-style over the knee trend, and it you’re blessed with powerful calves you’ll probably want to give ankle boots a miss.

9 of the World's Coolest Observation Decks ...

I love this!

Wind farms are a source of controversy (just for the record, I think the generation of green power is far more important than somebody’s back yard view!) but the Holtriem Windpark has given us a new way to appreciate those massive wind turbines.

In what surely must be one of the most unique lookout points, you can climb the 297 stairs up the 210 foot-tall towers to get your panoramic fix of beautiful Northern Germany.

Apparently, it’s an amazing sensation when those 100 foot long blades whoosh past (and somewhat noisy!)

Wii Crystal Cooler Lights up Your Life

While the Wii is the least powerful of all three next gen consoles when it comes to processing power, that drawback also means it won't run as hot as its competitors, which is definitely a good thing.

It doesn't need any third party cooler as well, but that has not stopped gadget masters Brando from offering the Wii Crystal Cooler.

This unique peripheral does not only act as a stand for your

USB Fairy Lights Bring Christmas a Little Early

Plan to spruce up your desktop but have no idea on how to go about it?

The USB Fairy Lights will be able to do just that, offering a unique method of decorating your computer or notebook.

It kinda reminds me of those long, tangled Christmas lights that make the entire home look warmer even during the coldest of winters.

The USB Fairy Lights feature a string of stars that emit a soft, blue glow to light up its environment.

Unfortunately, it looks as though blue is the only color available