10 Things I Love about HairStyled.com ...

Are you invited to a wedding or better yet planning a wedding of your own?

Then you'll be thrilled to see the fabulous wedding hair styles at Wedding Hair Styles gallery.

I found the most amazing updo for my cousin's wedding I am invited to!

A Sea of Placecards...

While catching up on blog reading today, it seems as though everyone went to a wedding this past weekend!

I was in one wedding and then stopped by to see the set-up of another wedding of a couple I know...

Rumors a Swirl That Hurley Has a Baby Swell

Liz Hurley arrives for her Indian wedding

McQueen Designs Kate's Wedding Dress

Alexander McQueen to design £20,000 wedding dress for Kate Moss

Usher’s Canceled Wedding: What Happened?

Saturday’s canceled wedding of Usher and Tameka Foster

5 Things I like about Alice ...

She has really good ideas on decorating.

Bella’s wedding was beautiful, don’t you think?

What about Bella’s wedding dress?

Wedding Cake Idea: Luggage Theme

(Double click on image for larger version) Are you and your spouse-to-be leaving on a jet plane and migrating somewhere else after your wedding?

Why not include that in your wedding theme similar to the one above?

A Wedding cake of….luggages!

For the wedding favors/giveaways —

miniature luggages!

5 Nautical Notes on Style ...

A wedding with a nautical theme?


Check out Casa Sugar for ideas on centerpieces, wedding decor, and setting up a photo booth.

8 Things I've Learned from Pinterest ...

I’m not engaged, or even close to being ready for engagement, but my wedding is planned.

Bridesmaids’ dresses-check.

Wedding cake-check.

First dance song- check.

You name it;

I’ve already got it predetermined in my mind and online.

Not only that, but since I can’t plan any weddings just yet, I have to live vicariously through anything wedding related to get my fix for now.

TLC, bless you and your wedding related Fridays.


I'm too tired to write more, but I'll leave you with this...

My fabulous wedding hair, courtesy of my sister-in-law:

Niece #2's astonishing wedding hair:

My wedding outfit:

Yep, we're just that pretty.

Maybe I'll get a picture of the wedding hair in the wedding dresses later.

The girls, my nieces, are wearing formal gowns.

I feel slightly d

8 Misconceptions about Lesbian Relationships ...

A lot of people actually think that lesbian relationships have no dreams of weddings, flowers or even a deep commitment and that's just not true!

Girls in general constantly dream about their weddings and lesbians are no different at all.

We all have dreams of wedding cakes and what type of dress we are going to wear.

The Hottest Spots 🔥 to Meet Men as a Single Lady in 2017 📅 ...

Weddings are always full of single friends of the bride and groom.

Have a little drink, have a little dance, let the wedding atmosphere take over!

5 Pretty Posts to BlogStalk...

Turn to these photos for inspiration or a dash of pretty for your day.

But don't blame me if you accidentally get the wedding fever due to these lovely wedding dresses.

Top Image by:


Recycled Wooden Wedding Ring from Gustav Reyes

These wooden wedding rings are recycled from salvaged pieces of wood and crafted into unqiue wedding rings.

So, they aren't your standard gold or silver or with any fancy stones, but at least you've got a...

Themakeupgirl Whirlwind...

Okay so this weekend was so busy!!

I had a wedding Saturday morning and a makeup trial that afternoon.

Now that may not seem like a lot to you, but mama was TIRED!

The wedding I did was so much...

7 Reasons to Use Pinterest ...

The wedding ideas turn my heart into a squishy gooey mess, where I can’t help but begin to plan my own dream wedding.

The ideas don’t just stop at wedding dresses.

You can search for invitation ideas, cake ideas, aisle decoration tips and more!

The variety is enormous!

The Best 👏🏼 Hair Extension 💆🏿💆🏽💆🏻💆🏼 Looks from Instagram 📱 ...

Dress up your extensions with this wedding look.

7 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner ...

A wedding is a very special and highly anticipated occasion.

Many people dream about this day their whole lives.

Most people find it easier to ensure that they have a wedding of their dreams by one simple trick- they hire a wedding planner.

Here are some of the most important reasons to hire a wedding planner.

Image source:

7 Reasons to Have an Indian Wedding in December ...

While Indian weddings are always super fun no matter when they happen, there are several reasons to have an Indian wedding in December.

The colors, music and food of an Indian wedding are unique and so is the time of year when they can be enjoyed most.

So if you’re a bride-to-be (or family of a bride or groom-to-be) read on about the 7 reasons to have an Indian wedding in December.

One of the foremost reasons to have an Indian wedding in December is the weather.

Of the whole year

7 Trendy Wedding Themes to Consider ...

In the era of Pinterest, trendy wedding themes are plentiful and easy to come by.

An idea that you might think is fresh and unique has probably been pinned relentlessly at this point.

The good news, though, is that because of Pinterest, no two wedding themes are exactly the same.

Both rustic weddings and classic, old-Hollywood weddings are on trend right now.

Whether you’re thinking about a strict theme or just looking for a few ideas, these trendy wedding themes will definitely give you