10 Interesting Fruit Facts to Know ...

Also a member of the same family as the rose, did you know that there are more than 7,000 varieties of apples in the world?

Here in the States only a few varieties are commercially grown...

I wonder what some of the other ones taste like?

33 Foods That Should Always Be on Your Grocery List ...

Nuts are a wonderful source of healthy fats, fiber, magnesium, potassium, calcium, Omega 3 fatty acids, protein and zinc.

Eat a variety of nuts, but shy away from peanuts, which are actually legumes.

They can be problematic and cause allergies or joint pain in those sensitive.

7 Things I Love Getting in the Mail ...

Originally flowers were the only romantic gift to send to your loved one.

Today of course you can send a variety of things including chocolates and cakes.

Receiving a beautifully presented box with delicious chocolates, cakes and pastries inside is a wonderful experience, one that should be passed on if you get the chance.

10 Thoughtful ☺️ Gifts 🎁 Less than $10 💵 for Money Conscious 💰 Girls ...

An option for the senses is candles.

There are home decor stores where you can find wonderful candles for a low price.

You can also have fun mixing and matching different candles and candle holders.

Be prepared to smell a variety of options.

7 Best Protein Sources for Women Who Want to Lose Weight ...

Roasted turkey breast (not processed deli varieties) is a wonderful food for weight loss.

Lean turkey meat is another good option but stick to varieties with under 3 grams of fat and less than 250 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Turkey is high in tryptophan which fights stress and helps improve lean muscle formation.

7 Weird Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating ...

There so many varieties of squash, and spaghetti squash is a must try.

This works wonders for a swap for pasta that fills you up without the guilt!

Bake it in the oven for around 45 minutes then scrape out the insides.

You can then substitute it when everyone else is loading up on pasta!

76 Gorgeous Roses You'll Wish You Could Grow ...

Via fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net You have to wonder how they come up with these new varieties.

7 Reasons Why It's Fun to Raise Multi-Cultural Children ...

What maybe offensive to one culture might be acceptable to the other.

In our home, we learned to relax and to constantly ask each other for validation, affirmation and inspiration.

Included in this is our firm belief that beauty is a variety of colors and that the world is more wonderful because of the rainbow.

Fall is the Perfect Time to Try These Different Varieties of WInter Squash ...

Every fall farmer’s markets fill up with different varieties of winter squash, some of which look very unusual and intimidating to cook.

However, even the most intimidating varieties of winter squash have a wonderful taste, which is why you shouldn’t let the appearance of a squash get in your way of trying it.

While you may be familiar with butternut squash and acorn squash, there are so many more different types of squash to taste.

7 Foods That Are Natural Painkillers ...

I’m sure a lot of you know how many wonderful benefits ginger can bring you.

This is basically a wonder root which has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties that will help you fight pain.

It also combats nausea and motion sickness and it can be ingested in a large variety of ways from supplements to tea and cookies.

7 Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables ...

and flavorful produce.

You can go to the farmer’s market and buy delicious fruits and vegetables.

You can also get wonderful heirloom varieties that you probably can’t get any other time of year.

What heirloom fruits and vegetables are your favorites?


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Eating on the Wild Side:

The Missing Link to Optimum Health.

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7 Types of Rice That Are Much More Flavorful than White Rice ...

There are many different varieties of jasmine rice, and they are all known as aromatic rice because of their wonderful scent.

Brown jasmine rice is especially delicious.

It has a wonderful flavor that is nutty, but slightly sweet.

When you cook brown jasmine rice, your kitchen will smell wonderful!

7 Tomato Varieties You're Totally Missing out on ...

them, the following are the cream of the crop.

Campari tomatoes are one of the best-looking tomato varieties available.

Each is about the size of a golf ball and has one of the deepest and most beautiful colors around.

The hybrids have a wonderful sweet flavor that simply can’t be matched.

Look for the ones with firm skin for the best taste.

This is a great choice to chop up for salads or for slicing and putting on sandwiches and burgers.

7 Wonderful Foods to Eat during a Crohn's Flare ...

Many people don’t tolerate gluten at all if they have Crohn’s, but oatmeal is a wonderful choice for Crohn’s flare ups if you tolerate grains.

Some people find even oats won’t work, but for the most part, oats are a top choice to eat when you’re having a Crohn’s flare.

They’re incredibly high in soluble fiber, easy on the GI tract and as long as you avoid the instant varieties that have sugar, they’re aslo a wonderful healthy food to eat anyway.

7 Wonderful Summer Activities for Preschoolers ...

This activity can be done independently and it’s a wonderful way for your preschooler to work on their fine motor skills.

They can learn to create something from nothing and they will really be surprised by the results.

There is also a wide variety of sewing projects to choose from, so they will never be bored.

Summer is the perfect time for your kid to develop some new skills.

Do you know any other wonderful summer activities for preschoolers?

Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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🎨 Places in Paris for Art Lovers Other than the Louvre 🖼 ...

The Palais De Tokyo is immensely popular with both tourists and Parisian locals for its food, its stunning views and also the wonderful variety of contemporary art shows that you can enjoy inside the building.

The vast space of the place makes it perfect for wondering around, you never feel suffocated.

My personal favorite Parisian art haven is Musée de l'Orangerie – a museum dedicated to the works of Claude Monet – especially his Water Lilies works.

7 Whimsical Tips for White Nails ...

Another option to whiten your nails once they’ve already became discolored is this one.

Nail whitening pencils are very effective.

While nail whitening pencils aren’t used for your entire nail, they can do wonders for the tips.

Your nails will look so lovely that people will be asking if you’ve had them done.

If you can’t find them at your local drugstore, Amazon has several varieties you can choose from.

Eat Better to Sleep Better with Plant-Based Foods ...

Almond milk contains more calcium than dairy milk, so it’s a top notch food to consume at night when you need to sleep.

Okay, so technically it’s a beverage, but since it’s a wonderful source of potassium and B vitamins, I had to include it here anyway.

I do suggest buying unsweetened varieties to keep your blood sugar levels healthy though.

9 Utterly Enchanting Bars of Soap That You Can Make at Home ...

Activated charcoal is perhaps one of the more popular homemade soap varieties.

It's been known to effectively detoxify one's skin and is also wonderful for exfoliation.

For this particular recipe, several essential oils are mixed with the activated charcoal powder and soap base.



7 Summer Sleepwear Styles That'll Rejuvenate Your Wardrobe ...

Don’t want to give up your Onesie?

River Island has you covered with these Summery short onesies.

Made from the same easy-care jersey material, they feel exactly the same, but will keep you much cooler.

There’s a whole variety of designs, too!

My favorite is this cute pastel pink and Aztec design.